Sunday, July 28, 2013

Random Things

Hello readers! Just wanted to share four other random things..
Bought this recently. I apply this to my face after I use the Cure Natural Aqua Gel. Its consistency is quite thick so I only use a pea-sized amount for the whole face.

Hoarded the nail polish station of Rustan's during its sale last June. Finally got a Deborah Lippmann in Happy Birthday! (the glittery one on the left)

Various scrubs I've collected. I reorganized my bathroom the other day and saw that I've amassed a number of facial scrubs. Aveeno was purchased from S&R; Reviva (small pot) is from Healthy Options; lip scrub from Tony Moly

I'm fond of lip tints. I like it more than lipsticks because even after eating there's still some color left on my lips. My officemates and I are fond of eating out for lunch. So most of the time we can't reapply lipstick after eating. We have to wait until we get back to the office. So this really is a lifesaver. What I usually do is I first apply lip tint on my lips then I apply the lipstick on top.

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday. :)

1 comment:

  1. loving the items :))
    anyway, i have an on-going blog giveaway and i hope you can join and win!



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