Friday, July 12, 2013

Go Centerstage

There's nothing like a mid-week karaoke session to reenergize you in the midst of a hectic work week. So what karaoke place did we raid? Centerstage in SM Mall of Asia!
I was very excited to check out CenterStage because I've heard good reviews about the place. Sophia and I were actually invited to the opening of CenterStage MOA but as usual, our work schedules did not permit us to attend. It was 5:30 pm on a Wednesday so as expected the place was not packed.

We got a room for 5 people and because we were very hungry, we opted for their karaoke + food package. We got the barkada package worth Php2,000 which included 3 hours of videoke session (regularly charged at P250 per hour), 4 snack foods and 10 drinks.

Since we were hungry, we ordered additional rice and two more viands.

Much to the delight of our grumbling tummies, the food arrived fast and was surprisingly tasty. I say surprisingly, because I didn't expect it to taste exceptional but the food items were rather delicious. So thumbs up for the food!

Photo credit: Centerstage website
In between chowing down food and washing it down with ice cold drinks, we belted songs to our heart's content!
CenterStage does not have a printed out song book and instead has its selection on screen which you can pick from using a remote. To be truly honest, we found this really inconvenient. Since we had to rely on arrows, the task of choosing songs became tedious. Like the example above, you have to go through all the songs that starts in "S" to find your choice. The process was really time consuming and can be confusing for others. Also, is it just me or does the song selection at Centerstage a bit too small?

Minor complaints aside, we still had a grand time at our karaoke session!

Our three-hour session cost us 2,800php and I think that's not bad for a group of 4, we even had an extra drink left over ;)

Taking a break from a stressful environment really is the best cure for grumpiness. We were back to our jolly selves the morning after, thanks of course to the great time we had at CenterStage :)

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