Sunday, March 29, 2009

This summer, drink Pinoy!

Yey! It's finally summer! One of the funnest season of the year! It's so hot though that these days, I've done nothing but drink. Yeah, drink! I've been grabbing any thirst-quenching liquid object in sight! hehe :) Well, my "need" got me browsing around bottled drinks in the grocery and guess what I found? The weirdest and coolest Pinoy drink on the shelves:

Presenting, bottled Sago and Gulaman!

Hihi :) It's so interesting right? Well, SNG Sago't Gulaman contains natural seaweeds which is good for your digestion. Besides, I'm really glad the gulaman is made from seaweeds because most come from animal parts. I'm not kidding with this! It's one of the things I learned from being vegetarian. Sometimes Gulaman comes from cow intestines. Yuck right? So knowing that the gulaman they use for SNG is from seawoods (sorry, I didn't get to note what exactly), was a big relief for me!

So how was it? Let me critique each flavor:

SNG Sago't Gulaman Original
Well, it tasted like... the original. Hahaha! Really! But it's a good thing right? It means, you won't get disappointed! I guess I just thought since it's bottled already, it would have something more to offer but I guess it was wrong for me to expect. hehe :)

SNG Black Gulaman
This one is my favorite. It's so much more tastier! I don't really know the difference between black gulaman and other types but I think it works for this drink! It's sweet and refreshing, just reminds me of my childhood days :)

SNG Sago't Gulaman Melon
Melon flavor? Hmm... Well, surprisingly, this one worked! The combination was not awesome but it was alright :) It tasted a bit like melon and smelled like one too but it was sweeter and had gulaman and sago. I don't know how to rate this, I guess like I said, it was okay :P

SNG Sago't Gulaman Apple
OMG! This one was total a disaster! hahaha! It was soooo weird! Maybe it was also because I already tasted the Melon and I was expecting the Apple to tasted good too but boy was I wrong! It was really weird, I didn't know what to make of it. I gave up after a few sips. Although when I gave it to my mom, she finished the whole bottle and got suprised it was apple flavor. She didn't notice! haha! :P

Well, well, well, I say you just have to taste this for yourself. I'm so torn on how to rate this. But I guess bottom line is, I'm just super glad that there's a uniquely Pinoy drink on the market today. GO Pinoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Three things I lalala-love are nuts, cheese and honey ham! So imagine how heavenly it was for me to walk into Santis Delicatessen at Corinthian Hills. Santis Delicatessen sells Euro-Swiss food which includes meat and fish, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fine foods, confectionery and baked goods.

I was first drawn towards the display chiller for the meat. After getting some honey ham, farmer's ham and turkey ham I checked the next chiller..and the gates of heaven opened! I saw cheeeese! Haha. They had various chunks of cheese that I couldn't wait to try. What was unique here (something we don't normally see in groceries) were goat's cream cheese and mixed cheese for fondue. Also, Santis has packaged nuts such as whole almonds, whole hazelnuts, almond flakes and almond chunks. 

I left Santis with a huge grocery bag. Happy, that I have finally found my almond flakes (and my other purchases, as well). If you want to try products with consistently good quality (and boy do I mean good),  go ahead and check out their site by clicking SANTIS! Better yet, go ahead and visit one of their 9 branches (Yakal, Forbes, Wilson, Alabang, Timog, Silang, Rockwell, Ortigas, Corinthian Hills, or Capitol Hills).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boot-y licious?

I've already told you how I've developed a fetish for beautiful shoes. Well, because of my craving for beautiful shoes, I got lured into the wonderful world of Balenciaga. The shoes are just killer!

For some reason, I am drawn to the eccentric and unique style of Balenciaga shoes, the most famous of which is last year's techno stilettos:

When I saw these last year, I thought it was ridiculous and a total waste of money but now... I don't know, I think I'm starting to appreciate the whole idea.

Balenciaga really goes all out eccentric when it comes to shoes. Here are some of the other styles ever released:

I think the tan boots at the right looks really fierce without the colored stockings. Think sexy feet!

For Balenciaga it's all about the weird silhouettes. Some of them don't even look like shoes at first glance. hehe :)

This is my favorite Balenciaga boots to date:

They look so prettyyyy! I could imagine them without the leggings and I'm sure it'll look really really sexy. Wow. This one is a show stopper! Just pair it with a plain colored outfit (err, for me it'll be a black and tan number), and I'm sure your boots will be turning heads! Waaaah!

Well, before I go overboard with showing you pictures and sharing with you my fanaticism, let me introduce you to Balenciaga's pre-fall offering: The scrunch chunky boots

Notice how the heel is so chunky and does not have a sexy silhouette to it. Here's more pictures of it:

Err? I honestly don't know what to feel about these boots. I love how eccentric Balenciaga is BUT these... hmmm.

I think I did a double take when I saw Jane of seaofshoes wear them with her baggy and "mysterious" outfit:

OMG. Okay, I'll be mum about it.

What do you feel about these boots PK girls?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The newest ipod

I thought this isn't out in the Philippine market yet, but it is! Maybe they weren't as 'all out' with presenting this as the Nano-chromatic. So, we'd like to take the opportunity to present the newest addition to the ipod family to you..

There are several differences (or improvements, depending on your perception) with the new shuffle and the old one. The most noticeable change is its shape. Next is where the controls are. Now, the controls are located on the right earbud's cord. It still has the clip but it is now made of stainless steel. The best change of all is this, the new shuffle now talks! Yes, you read that right, it talks! Since there's no screen for you to read what song is playing and since the shuffle targets the physically active ones, the new shuffle now has a 'talking option' which tells you what song you're about to listen to. It can also tell you who sang the song, and what playlist it's playing for you.

This new ipod is now the most handy of them all. Even if it still has 4GB memory, it's made  more affordable by Apple. I checked iStudio the other day, and if I remember it correctly, it's around P4,000. So what are you waiting for, go get one! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Heaven 'n Eggs Revamped

Do you remember that restaurant which sold pancakes and waffles with the country style interior? Do you remember that blue and white interior and that logo with a yellow chicken? Have you ever tried it? I like pancakes and waffles but I've never actually tried Heaven 'n Eggs and yes, I find that a bit weird. Now why am I discussing this resto? Well, they've recently had an interior revamp. I've seen the Glorietta branch and they now have a new color motif. The walls are red and the furniture are black. I think this change did them good. It definitely changed the ambience of the restaurant. Now, you'd get more curious to try their dishes (even if you know that it's good ol' pancakes!). I'm not so sure if they changed their menu as well, though.

Now I really can't wait to invite NJ on a PK trip and eat there with me! :D Why don't you try their resto too and tell us how your trip goes? We'd love to hear from you ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Healthy Alternative

I have been getting super addicted to salad lately that my salad phase has reached my online habits. I found a multiply site which offers healthier food alternatives. Check out: . I still haven't tried their food but with the looks of it, it seems like I've already found what I'll be eating for the whole summer! What's cool about them is that they deliver the food to you (as long as you order your food the day before and before 4pm) after you confirm through text or email. As of now, they only deliver in some areas in the following cities: Pasig, Mandaluyong, Makati, Quezon, and Manila.

Their menu has appetizers, sandwiches, salads, Pinoy salads, pasta, drinks, and dessert! If you're palate require more attention, then no need to fret, they accept menu requests! You're drooling to check out their menu, aren't you? Then what are you waiting for, click HERE!

photo courtesy of:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Team Gokey!

Are you a big AI fan? Well, well, well, you found your match! WE ARE TOO! And this year, we're all about Danny Gokey!

OMG! Did you see his performance tonight? His rendition of Jesus Take the Wheel was superb! I was teary-eyed just watching him! Gawd is he goooooood! Plus his personality is so cute too! I can't get his "air guitar" moment out of my head! "I wanna learn, I wanna learn!" hahaha! :P

Some of his most memorable songs for us is his version of Kiss from a Rose and I hope you Dance from Hollywood week *lovestruck!* We are so looking forward to seeing more of his greatness!

Go team Gokey!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New hotspots..

1. Glorietta 5
You know how Filipinos love to check out newly opened malls so one weekend afternoon, I decided to check this place out. Hehe. It didn't matter that I didn't know when exactly this mall opened, I know I just had to check it out. Apparently, Glorietta 2 is now closed so this is sort of the replacement wing. Most of the store spaces are still open for occupation. What I observed, though, was that the interior design of the ground floor was sophisticated but as you reach the topmost floor, more and more of the stores in it felt like it didn't belong there. Hehe. Sorry. However, Glo5 (as my friend calls it) houses several interesting restaurants. Watch out for my other post about the resto. ;) Anyway, if ever you're in the Ayala Malls area, go ahead and take the opportunity to check this place out.

2. Forbes Town Center's Forbes Town Road
There's a new fine dining and high-end fashion strip in town! Global City is home to the newly built Forbes Town Center. It would have a residential block and a retail strip, just like
 Singapore's Bugis Junction. As of now, it is still not so advisable to visit because there's still a lot of construction going on at the vicinity. However, there's something nice about knowing that you're one of the first ones to go there even before it was formally opened, right? Haha. How do you get there? It's the strip of restaurants and shops in front of UCC and McDonald's The Fort.

3. Eastwood Mall
Who hasn't been to Eastwood for a gimmick, right? But most of us don't know that there is a new mall in the area! The new mall is a bit hidden so it takes a good eye to notice that something great is cooking right across the street from McDonald's and GoNuts Donuts.

I've been to this mall for a number of times now. I am actually in love with its overall design. You'd feel like you're in a different place! The restrooms are really clean and well designed. Also, I can't wait for its cinema to open. I hear that they have Lazy-Boy seats that are covered with purple velvet! Hehe. I also enjoy going to this mall's Starbucks and Timezone with my cousins. I also appreciate how a number of stores here are seldom found elsewhere. However, one boo boo of this mall is that you'd have to cross the street (with no covered walkway) to reach most of the restaurants. But still, that's such a minor fact!

We know that it's almost summer time and you've got a lot of time on your hands. So why don't you ask your friends out and check these new places out? Don't forget to tell us about what you've noticed in these hotspots, ayt? :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Updates on the music scene..

1. Chris Brown and Rihanna
Our favorite R&B couple is back together! There are various speculations on why Chris Breezy and Ri-ri got in a huge physical fight but there was story that caught our attention. A word of caution though, this is not confirmed so might as well wait for their confirmation (if they do admit these kinds of news). One story said that Rihanna got a disease and she happened to have Chris infected too! We know, we know..Chris Brown still shouldn't have hit Rihanna. Ho-hum..

2. Miley Cyrus admits how hurt she's been.
The teen star is about to launch her second album..and it's in this album that she poured all her ill feelings toward her ex, one of the Jo Bros. She admitted how hurt she was when she and Nick broke up. However, she also said that even if Nick thinks that they could still get back together in the future, that is NOT what she wants. Miley said that she's perfectly happy with her new beau, Justin, and that for her "past is past" ;)

3. Master Rapper bids the Philippines farewell..
Last March 6, a Filipino music icon passed away. He died of a severe case of leukemia. The Philippines mourned for such a great loss. We give props to his family for being so strong and for holding on to their faith. Francis Magalona was not only a singer, he was also an entrepreneur. His clothing label, Three Stars and a Sun shows his love for the country. These shirts have been selling like hotcakes! The beautiful designs just want you to be super proud not only of FM but also of the Philippines. Here, click HERE to check out their multiply site. ;)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's your flava?

Tell me what's your flava, uh! hihihi :P Girls, girls, girls, CRAIG DAVID is coming to town! Yupee!

The man who brought you hits like 7 days, Fill me In, Walking away and my favorite lss, what's your flava? will be rocking Araneta on the 27th of March!

Patron (Reserved Seating) 4568
Patron Side (Reserved Seating) 3570
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) 3570
Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) 1943
Upper Box B (Free Seating) 893
Gen. Admission (Free Seating) TBA

Skip, no, run to Ticketnet now!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bakin' and Churnin'

I celebrated my birthday last week. And like last year, I wanted to 'discover' something new and unique for my special day. I was thinking of getting a really cool cake since last year, I bought myself these really cute candles (which you can read all about here).

Well, it was when we went shopping for groceries at SM that I found my perfect little unique cake (the PLU. hahaha :P) So where did I find my PLU? At Bake 'n Churn!

Bake 'n Churn is a line of ice cream cakes made affordable for everyone! It's a Filipino product which aims to bring ice cream cakes to the AB market. They even have a "scoop a cake" feature which lets people have a sneak preview of their ice cream cake line.

Basically, Bake n' churn tries to sell their ice cream cakes to unsuspecting customers @_@ And well, well, well, sell their ice cream cake to ME was certainly what they did! :P

I'm not a big chocolate fan so it was rather easy to pick out the flavor of ice cream cake for me: strawberry cheesecake, mango overload or ube supreme. One strawberry cheesecake please!

1. Packaging
I was pleasantly surprised to see that they used a box for the packaging. Most ice cream cakes I know put theirs in clear plastic boxes but Bake n' churn used the traditional thick brown box to put their cakes. It's interesting to see this because these boxes are actually more expensive packaging than the plastic ones but these are certainly more eco-friendly. So I definitely give them three stars for being so environmentally conscious!

2. Design
The design of the cake was simple yet sophisticated. It was also fully coated in icing which would make you excited to slice into it to see the layers inside. I think this is effective because I was so excited cutting into my cake that I didn't wait 'til my birthday. I just couldn't resist!

The inside was a gift! Can you see all the pretty layers? It looks so tempting and very "celebratory". It so girly too! hihi :P

3. Taste
Here goes the ultimate test! Taste! So how was it? The white part was the cake part which was basic butter cake. The cake part tasted very much like mamon even with it's softness. The pink part is the strawberry ice cream. The ice cream itself is not spectacular. Bake n' churn concocts their own ice cream so if you're used to the taste of Selecta, then you get would disappointed with this. It's just basic ice cream, nothing fancy or anything. Next layer is a thin layer of graham which you might find hard to find (it's there! it's the brown part). That layer is my favorite! It's soooo good! It has crushed graham, hard caramel bits and small chunks of cheesecake! Yum! When you eat all the layers together, your mouth would burst with flavor! It's truly magical!

4. Overall Appeal
I have nothing against the flavor of the cake because it's really good but I ended up eating one slice and gave away the rest of my cake to our neighbors because it was too sweet for me. To say it better, "nauta ako". One slice was enough for me. But that's just me. I'm not a big fan of anything too sweet anyway. But for those who love sweets then this ice cream cake would probably tickle your fancy. Take my word for it, it's good! There's no denying that. Just be warned that it is indeed sweet especially with all the different layers each being sweet on their own.

Tip: I hear their chocolate line tastes wonderful. Haven't tasted it yet but they say it's their best seller. Try it and share your story with us okay? ;)

*One whole cake costs 499php*

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Versace love

I am a huge sucker for designer gowns. I love admiring them and dreaming that one day I will finally get my own piece of haute couture. :) Well, while I was websurfing the other day, I chanced upon Versace's Summer 2009 couture collection and boy was I blown away!

The matrix

Pink Oracle


Neo Glamour

Purple Zion

Silk seraph

Take me to nebuchadnezzar

The Keymaker

Merovingian descent

The architect

Versace Choi

Morpheus' bride


Wow. I tell you, this is first class couture as we know it. Props to Donatella Versace! I guess she's decided to finally to come out of her brother's shadow. Great move girl!

So tell me, which gown blew you away? :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More than Pan de Sal..

If there's two things we like to drink combined, it'd be coffee and chocolate. This is why in my home, there are several types of coffee and chocolate to satisfy every craving. hehe. So, while I was searching our pantry for something to munch on, I came across a box my dad brought home. When I read what it was, I eagerly opened the box so I could try it right away. What did the box contain? PAN DE MANILA'S CHOCOLATE CON LECHE.

Yes, Pan de Manila offers more than pugon baked pan de sal for some time now. If I remember it correctly, my cousins buy a certain flavor of bread spread there but we use it as dip for tortilla chips. hehe. It's a good marketing move for Pan de Manila because it really is much more fun to eat pan de sal when you dip it in hot chocolate. So, back to the chocolate drink... After getting some hot water, adding the chocolate powder, and stirring it... Voila! Taste testing time.. It was good! It didn't taste like Milo (not that milo doesn't taste good.. 'cause I like that too). It tasted more like the traditional tsokolate. Because of the 'con leche' part, it was thick and creamy. What I enjoyed about it was the bits of chocolate that looked like chocolate syrup. When you sip, the chocolate syrup-y bits pleasantly surprise you with a burst of chocolat-ier flavor ;)

I saw another box yesterday..but this time it said Pan de Manila's Cafe con Leche. Don't worry girls, once I've tried that one, I'll tell you all about it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Are you a PK girl?

Hi girls! We have a new project in mind and it involves you! Yes, you! :)

If you're a certified PK girl and you keep a blog (or website, whichever), email us your best picture and your site url so we could add you to our PK girls blogroll! This is going to be a lot of fun! It would also put your beautiful faces on the site, making you a certified PK girl!

So what are you waiting for? Email us now! :)

P.S. We will be waiting the entire month of March for your submissions :)

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