Saturday, March 21, 2009

Heaven 'n Eggs Revamped

Do you remember that restaurant which sold pancakes and waffles with the country style interior? Do you remember that blue and white interior and that logo with a yellow chicken? Have you ever tried it? I like pancakes and waffles but I've never actually tried Heaven 'n Eggs and yes, I find that a bit weird. Now why am I discussing this resto? Well, they've recently had an interior revamp. I've seen the Glorietta branch and they now have a new color motif. The walls are red and the furniture are black. I think this change did them good. It definitely changed the ambience of the restaurant. Now, you'd get more curious to try their dishes (even if you know that it's good ol' pancakes!). I'm not so sure if they changed their menu as well, though.

Now I really can't wait to invite NJ on a PK trip and eat there with me! :D Why don't you try their resto too and tell us how your trip goes? We'd love to hear from you ;)

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