Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More than Pan de Sal..

If there's two things we like to drink combined, it'd be coffee and chocolate. This is why in my home, there are several types of coffee and chocolate to satisfy every craving. hehe. So, while I was searching our pantry for something to munch on, I came across a box my dad brought home. When I read what it was, I eagerly opened the box so I could try it right away. What did the box contain? PAN DE MANILA'S CHOCOLATE CON LECHE.

Yes, Pan de Manila offers more than pugon baked pan de sal for some time now. If I remember it correctly, my cousins buy a certain flavor of bread spread there but we use it as dip for tortilla chips. hehe. It's a good marketing move for Pan de Manila because it really is much more fun to eat pan de sal when you dip it in hot chocolate. So, back to the chocolate drink... After getting some hot water, adding the chocolate powder, and stirring it... Voila! Taste testing time.. It was good! It didn't taste like Milo (not that milo doesn't taste good.. 'cause I like that too). It tasted more like the traditional tsokolate. Because of the 'con leche' part, it was thick and creamy. What I enjoyed about it was the bits of chocolate that looked like chocolate syrup. When you sip, the chocolate syrup-y bits pleasantly surprise you with a burst of chocolat-ier flavor ;)

I saw another box yesterday..but this time it said Pan de Manila's Cafe con Leche. Don't worry girls, once I've tried that one, I'll tell you all about it.

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