Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boot-y licious?

I've already told you how I've developed a fetish for beautiful shoes. Well, because of my craving for beautiful shoes, I got lured into the wonderful world of Balenciaga. The shoes are just killer!

For some reason, I am drawn to the eccentric and unique style of Balenciaga shoes, the most famous of which is last year's techno stilettos:

When I saw these last year, I thought it was ridiculous and a total waste of money but now... I don't know, I think I'm starting to appreciate the whole idea.

Balenciaga really goes all out eccentric when it comes to shoes. Here are some of the other styles ever released:

I think the tan boots at the right looks really fierce without the colored stockings. Think sexy feet!

For Balenciaga it's all about the weird silhouettes. Some of them don't even look like shoes at first glance. hehe :)

This is my favorite Balenciaga boots to date:

They look so prettyyyy! I could imagine them without the leggings and I'm sure it'll look really really sexy. Wow. This one is a show stopper! Just pair it with a plain colored outfit (err, for me it'll be a black and tan number), and I'm sure your boots will be turning heads! Waaaah!

Well, before I go overboard with showing you pictures and sharing with you my fanaticism, let me introduce you to Balenciaga's pre-fall offering: The scrunch chunky boots

Notice how the heel is so chunky and does not have a sexy silhouette to it. Here's more pictures of it:

Err? I honestly don't know what to feel about these boots. I love how eccentric Balenciaga is BUT these... hmmm.

I think I did a double take when I saw Jane of seaofshoes wear them with her baggy and "mysterious" outfit:

OMG. Okay, I'll be mum about it.

What do you feel about these boots PK girls?

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