Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Restaurant Review: Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Last week, a friend of ours introduced me and 2 other friends to a yoghurt store in Glorietta. Tutti Frutti is unlike your regular yogurt place wherein you place your order and wait by the cashier. Here you:
Get your own yogurt cup
Fill it with your chosen flavor
Choose your toppings
Weigh it and pay

So what did my friends and I get?
Clockwise L-R: Death by chocolate yoghurt with almonds, Taro yoghurt with almonds,
Original yoghurt with almonds, chocolate syrup and marshmallows,
Original yoghurt  with hard shell chocolate sauce, almonds and walnuts

One of our friends appreciated the flavors offered by Tutti Frutti because she can't seem to like the taste of regular yoghurt (a bit sour). So, I feel that that is a plus for this yoghurt place...more people get to appreciate it! Also, another friend pointed out that their flat rate of 20PHP per ounce is good because you can control how much you get. So this is good for those on a diet and for those who are just craving for the taste of yoghurt. If you wanna try their yoghurt, visit them at Glorietta 4, 3rd floor (near Italliani's and infront of Bizu).

How about you, what flavor and toppings have you tried in Tutti Frutti?

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