Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sanitary pads for dogs

My toy poodle, Cookie, is having her menstrual period right now and as much as I'd like to play with her, she's on compulsory "dog house" arrest for fear of her leaving bloody skid marks everywhere.

I looked for sanitary napkins for dogs and found these:

Apparently, napkins for dogs is just an improved form of our local "lampins". It's very reusable, as you can simply put regular sanitary napkins instead just like we girls do. To illustrate, here's my friend's dog wearing a DIY lampin:

So cute! I'm currently sewing Cookie's own lampin for the next time she gets her period. Fitting her is such a pain co'z she keeps pulling the fabric. How big she has gotten is making it so much harder too! Ugh! Will show you all what it looks like after I'm done with it :)

Cookie Doll says Hi! :)

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