Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Katy? Go here instead!

So Katy Perry's concert may be postponed but that doesn't mean you can't have a good time! Check out this benefit concert for Ondoy victims:

This is a really good way to give back while taking a break from the harsh reality for a while. Spread the word girls, some of your friends who aren't volunteering might want to go to this benefit concert instead. Let's do everything to help!

No Katy for us!

Because of Typhoon Ondoy, Katy Perry's concert on October 3 is postponed to a later date. Will keep you posted for updates :)

Sad news but Ondoy is so much more sadder so it's perfectly understandable.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's go Up, Up, Down, Down!

Listen to this wonderful song!

The first time I heard this song on the radio, I was awakened from my shallow slumber. It had such a nice melody that just had to pay attention!

I've been searching for the artist for weeks now, and it's only today that I found out who sang that glorious song: Krissy and Ericka!

I was really surprised when I found out they're both Filipinos! Whut?? And to think I was even looking at Marie Digby's album thinking it was her who sang it! lol! :P

These girls are great! They have such cute and relaxing voices! Their musical style is also very interesting! It's Lenka meets M2M :) On top of that, they're really pretty too!

One starry, starry night in July
Saw a shooting star fall from the sky.
Even the rain fallin' on my head
Wish you'd fall for me instead :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wait under the shed no more!

It started when my friend got me on the lookout for Ely Buendia's short-film Waiting Shed. Looked out I did and my search led me to the info that the 13-minute film will make its preview on Sept. 26, and will be shown as a prelude to the Eraserheads Reunion concert in SM Malls.

Suffice it to say we were both satisfied with that information. I, for one was already thinking of when I could catch a screening and how in the world I could manage to leave the house with the horrible weather we're having. But alas, getting "locked in" at home is a good thing after all!

Guess what I found?

Waiting Shed from Mackie Galvez on Vimeo.

Uh-huh! It's Waiting Shed! Thank you to Mackie Galvez who posted this on Vimeo. My friend and I as well as other Eraserheads fans are extremely grateful!

So go on girls, sit back, relax and let's all check out how Ely Buendia fares in film! Comments and reviews are loved :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A call to help

How are you guys holding up? We sure hope you're all safe and warm in your homes.

A lot of people are concerned and worried about their friends right now and who wouldn't be right? Let's do something for everyone who got affected by Ondoy. It's so tragic because it didn't choose a certain class, poor and rich alike were affected and at this time, every kind of help is appreciated.

Even our celebrity friends from abroad are trying to reach out:

This is just one of the reasons I love Demi Lovato, she is so nice! She is the only twitter friend I follow who posted this. We should all take inspiration from her and help out too. I mean, hey, she's on the other side of the world and she's exerting effort to reach us. We're already here, we could do more :)

Relief Aid and donations: (c/o sourpolitics.wordpress)

1. Victory Fort is opening its doors to those affected by the typhoon. Call 813-FORT.
2. NoyMar relief Operations: Clare Amador (+639285205508) or Jana Vicente at +639285205499). Drop off for relief donations is at Balay Expo Center across Farmers Market Cubao.
3. Miriam Quiambao drop off points: One Orchard Road Building in Eastwood, or message for more details.
4. Philippine Army Gym inside Fort Bonifacio or GHQ Gym in Camp Aguinaldo are now distributing donations for Ondoy Victims.
5. Team Manila stores in Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Jupiter Bel-Air and Rockwell shall be accepting relief goods (Canned Goods, Ready-to-drink Milk,Bottled Water and Clothes) for distribution by Veritas.
6. Caritas Manila Office at Jesus St., Pandacan Manila near Nagtahan Bridge (+632-5639298, +632-5639308)
7. Radio Veritas at Veritas Tower West Ave. Cor EDSA (+632-9257931-40)
8. Aranaz Stores in Rockwell & Greenbelt is accepting donations of any kind for Payatas communities affected by Ondoy
9. Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan Task Force Noah, a disaster response arm of the Jesuits, is accepting donations. Please drop it off sa Ateneo Cervini Dorm.
10. Philippine National Red Cross‘ different ways to Donate.
11. Red Cross Load Donations: Right now the easiest way to make donations from the seat of your chair is via mobile phone load. The Red Cross Rescue and Relief Operations. Text: RED(space)<AMOUNT> to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart)
12. Ateneo de Manila University is now accepting donations for the victims of Ondoy. Donations can be dropped at MVP Lobby. For those stranded/those who need help: To all students who need help or know of people who need help. Please text the name, location, and contact number to (+6329088877166). ATENEO, which is now an open shelter, accepts refugees. Call (+632917-8952792)
13. Papemelroti stores in 91 Roces Ave. / Ali Mall Cubao / SM City North EDSA / SM Fairview / SM Megamall / Glorietta 3 in Makati / SM Centerpoint / SM Southmall are accepting relief goods (canned goods / milk / bottled water / clothes – NO CASH pls.)
14. TXTPower now accepts donations via SmartMoney 5577514418667103, GCash 09179751092 and Paypal
15. Our Lady of Pentecost Parish (+632-4342397, +632-9290665) per Gabe Mercado, donations are very much welcome. The Parish is located at 12 F. Dela Rosa corner C. Salvador Sts., Loyola Heights, Quezon City.
16. Hillsborough Village Chapel – Water, blankets, shoes, and clothes may be sent to Hillsborough Village Chapel in Muntinlupa City. These will go to families whose houses were washed out in the nearby sitios.
17. Greenhills/Mandaluyong/San Juan Area, if you want to help out with the rescue and relief operations, you can drop off your donations (clothes, food, etc..) at La Salle Greenhills Gate 2 tomorrow or volunteer from 9am to receive, sort, repack the donations.
18. Petron: You may bring your relief goods to all Petron branches.
19. LUCA stores (Rockwell, Shang-rila, Eastwood, or GA towers): Send your old clothes & donations (no cash pls).
20. “LUZON RELIEF: Volunteer / Donate / Pray”: Donations can be brought to RENAISSANCE FITNESS CENTER, 2nd Floor, Bramante Building, Renaissance Towers Ortigas, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City starting MONDAY (Sept.28) / 9am – 7pm Contact Person: Warren Habaluyas (+632929-8713488) or email at
21. MOONSHINE boutique in Rockwell also accepting relief good to help Ondoy victims in Marikina and Cainta.
22. Katipunan Avenue. Contact Erica Paredes at (+632917-4741930) — they need bread, packed juice, sandwich filling (tuna, chicken, anything) You can help her make them, deliver the sandwiches to her house, or help her distribute! Call for more details.
23. Manor Superclub, Eastwood City will accept goods and other emergency items starting Sunday at 10 am.
24. Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC): Relief goods for typhoon victims being accepted at 72-A Times St., West Triangle, QC. Tel (+632-9299820/22)
25. MINISTOP IBARRA (Espana cor. Blumentritt, Sampaloc Manila) is also accepting relief goods, Food (non-perishable goods only) Clothing, Medicines, Beds, Pillows, Blankets, Emergency Supplies to help Typhoon Ondoy victims.
26. Whitespace 2314 Chino Roces Ave Ext as a Mkt drop-off for relief goods.

We highlighted the easiest way to send donations. Tell your parents about it too. Now's the time we come together as a nation and help out our fellow citizens.

Per request, here are some places you guys may want to volunteer:

1. ADMU is accepting volunteers at the college covered court, in three hour cycles from 6am onwards

2. Jiggy cruz at Balay Expo Center in Cubao, Edsa cor MacArthur, 8am onwards

3. sagip kapamilya #13 examiner st.,west triangle, qc oir sct. bayoran cor. tomas morato. look for girlie aragon or jet at 0916-7227806 or 0929-5348176

4. Poveda school (beside galleria) open for donations and volunteers starting 9am

5. Gawad kalinga in RFM Gym, in Pioneer

6. White Space in Pasong Tamo ext. / Chino Roces is in need of volunteers to pack goods

7. De La Salle Zobel donations/volunteers. Contact Ms. Angie Brazan at the Social Action Office 0917-8597602

8. St. James church, ayala alabang village. Help pack donations. starts at 10am

9. Volunteer at Red cross Alabang-ATC along Zapote Road in front of National Bookstore all 8097131 for info

10. Red Cross Port Area- Manila accepts volunteers

Saturday, September 26, 2009

DIY: sugaring

This may be the most stupid and most wonderful thing I have ever done: Do-it-yourself waxing-- or to be politically correct: sugaring.

It started with me staring at my semi-hairy legs. It doesn't really bother me that much especially since the hair is very fine anyway so it doesn't look ugly. I just get self-conscious whenever I get foot massages (the worst was when I was in China and it was a boy who massaged my legs. eek! embarrassing).

Somehow the idea of removing the hair appealed to me so I began researching about it. I went around different sites and I found out about the beauty of waxing. Says you won't have ingrown hair, the skin will be softer, it takes a while for the hair to grow back and when it does, it appears soft and thin, and lastly: in the long run, hair will disappear permanently! Wow right? I was immediately sold by the idea of waxing! Besides, celebrities wax all the time so I guess this really is the best method to use!

I opted for cold wax since a lot of people claim that it is less painful that hot wax. I ordered from Strip It co'z it says it's from natural ingredients and it's basically melted sugar so it's safer and hypoallergenic. After a few days of letting it sit in a corner, I finally decided to try it.

Here's the entire kit which contains the wax, applicator and cloths.

Just before using it, I popped it in the microwave for 12 seconds just to heat the wax a bit. It's a little tip I got from other users. I figured I had to do it too because it was too sticky, I couldn't even pull the lid co'z the wax was sticking to it.

I wanted to test it on a small portion of my leg. I've been preparing myself for the pain of waxing by practicing pulling band aids from my skin. I was expecting a lot of pain that when I finally pulled, I was so surprised that it hurt only a bit! I know I have low tolerance for pain so when I say it didn't hurt that much, it really means it didn't hurt that much!

After a while, I got a bored so I tried pulling more hair at a time and using a big strip of cloth, but boy did it hurt! lol! I realize it's less painful when you cut the cloth strips into small rectangles and doing small portions like I did:

Tips: Try getting extra cloth strips co'z even if the strips are reusable, you'd still find yourself short on cloth strips. I find it a little messy to reuse strips with wax on already so I say just get an extra pack. It's also best to have a place to put your used cloth strips co'z it's sticky and can create a mess. For me, I didn't bother saving the strips or the applicator, I threw them all out after using. Besides, I used up all the wax anyway. hehe :P

In less than an hour, I finally was able to get all the hair out of my legs. The amazing thing about it is how soft the skin on my legs was! I don't know if it's just because there's no more hair but I tell you, it feels so soft--comparable to that of a baby's!

I know what I did was stupid--having my first waxing experience at home but I tell you, it's the best stupid thing I've ever done! lol! I love it! Sugaring not only sounds sweet, it's effect is as saccharine too!

Buy at: Strip It

Friday, September 25, 2009

Have you tasted this? Bear Brand with Ginseng

My mom brought home these and it's been sitting around untouched for a while until today:

Bear Brand with Ginseng

Amazingly, it doesn't taste bad! It actually tastes like Vanilla Milkshake sans the thickness! Amazing grocery find! Tasty and healthy too!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feed a child through YOU

I won't lie, I'm not a big fan of KC Concepcion but I must say her new line for BAYO catches my fancy:

KC's line for BAYO gives back to Charity with every piece purchased.

The pieces in her collection are called KC, Kristina, Cassandra and Cookie! Hahaha :P Very KC indeed!

I have to admit, I am liking the KC hoodie. It looks really fashionable although I would have loved it without the hoodie. Hehe :) I also think KC did a good job modelling it (as seen in the teaser posted above), it looks very chic!

Kristina: 1595php, Cookie: 1195php, Cassandra: 1345php, KC: elusive design! (will post once we find one!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Naturally pink lips!

I'm a study of contrasts. I'm at extremes especially when it comes to makeup. I also go without and when I do put on some, it always ends up looking haute couture! (I love runway eye makeup!)

S' makeup artist mentor commented on how good my skin is and told me to NEVER put on makeup. Never? Alrighty! lol! Seriously though, what she said got me thinking. How do I go about not wearing makeup when almost everyone around me is wearing some?

After pondering on it, I realize I can always cheat! Lips! It's all in the lips! Know how when you put on lipstick, people immediately assume you're wearing full makeup? Hihi :P

Well, the idea of wearing lipstick still feels a little weird to me so I went for the next best thing: Lip tints!

I've been researching for months for the perfect lip tint. See, lip tints are the perfect things to use if you want to achieve naturally pink/red lips. The only problem with these is that they are often sold as lip/cheek tints. Why is it a problem? It's okay for the cheeks but it tastes horrible.

I've tried Ever Bilena's but I didn't last. The taste was unbearable! Next was the Face Shop's. The color was wonderful and application was so easy co'z it had an application brush but again, horrible taste! It's such a pain to lick your lips!

Well, for some reason, I found myself getting a tint from an online store. I know it's very risky co'z the brand is not famous but somehow, the "homemade" idea got to me and I wanted to try it!

Crushed Berry Lip & Cheek Tint in Peach berry Pink

I like this one co'z the seller says its basically gel with food grade color & flavor, fortified with natural lip plumpers. It has natural ingredients plus it has Vitamins A, C & E! And you know what's the greatest thing about it? It doesn't taste bad!

Here's my lips with the tint. The color is adjusted depending on how much you put. Just a tip: it's best to apply on your upper lip first then pucker up to transfer some color to your lower lip. Just adjust after. (I had to say that co'z I learned it the hard way: applied first on my lower lip, puckered up and got a lighter and uneven application on my upper lip! eww)

The only downside to this is that it doesn't have an applicator and you have to use your hands. I know it's for practical purposes because as indicated, it can also be used on the cheeks and we all know you apply cheek tints with your hands. Even so, I still think it's ugly and a little unhygienic.

I will be researching for a way to address this "scarlet pinky" problem. I mean, it's just a little boo-boo, I still think the tint is wonderful! And for its price, definitely a great deal!

Peachy berry pink (Strawberry flavor) - P100 / 20ml
Berry red-violet - P110 / 20 ml
Mini tints (pinky size) - P50 / 5 ml (trial size)

Buy now at: Strip it

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hooray for our homie!

Remember Justin Bieber? aka the new Aaron Carter as seen in this post below? (click to see the post)

Guess what? His video for One Time is now number 1 on Myx! Wow! I'm so happy for our boy! I'm especially loving the mileage he gets for One Time on Mtv and Myx! Just can't get enough of him. He is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

A toast to all of us and our boy! Cheers to discovering budding stars and seeing them make it big!

UAAP fever at Jollibee!

The cheerdance competition has ended but the UAAP fever is still blazing hot!

Jollibee jumps in the bandwagon by offering their Limited Edition Coke UAAP bottle! Let the poster do the talking:

(click for a bigger version)

My mom was nice enough to drop by Jollibee (considering I don't eat meat) just to get me the bottle! I didn't get to ask who got to chow down the meal but whoever it was, sure got full that day! Lol!

I keep staring at it co'z I'm not sure if it's okay to drink the content. But since there's an expiry date, I assume you can actually drink it.

The bottle is very simple, it' just covered with plastic material with the UAAP print but even so, it's a nice freebie. Pretty cheap but makes for a wonderful souvenir!

Monday, September 21, 2009

YM-like cell phone.

I love how YM shows the flow of conversation when you chat. So when I saw this really attractive-looking phone which has the same feature, I knew that I just had to get my hands on the LG KS360!

I'm a self-confessed kitiki-text (whoa, that's a term I haven't heard and used in a LOOONG time!) but I think I also often have short-term memory loss. That's why I really relish the fact that my new phone shows my replies and my friend's messages in a single window. I think it's perfect for me and it saves me some time. I used to go to my sent items and try my best to remember what my friends texted last because I've already erased their previous message.

Texting with my besti. Yup, you can add an image so it would really look like YM. Every message shows your picture or your textmate's. ;)

I also love how pretty their color combinations are. They have blue/black, gray/black, red/black, green/white, and pink/white. Below are three of the five available colors..

Blue/black, Pink/White, Red/Black
Top: Portrait view; Bottom: Landscape view
A downside to this phone is that there are only 3 useable themes in the phone. It was a bit sad that I couldn't find any theme to download from the internet for this phone, just wallpapers. But hey, the pre-installed themes are cute anyway (all three are animated).

QWERTY keys are for texting, touch screen is for calling when in portrait view. (Of course you can also dial numbers when in landscape view.)

It may look like a toy but isn't that where it gets its charm? :) Stay happy with its cheerful colors as you keep in touch with your friends and loved ones. So, are you gonna get one for yourself anytime soon? :)

*P.S. Sorry for the yellowish pictures. It's the lighting in the room. Tsktsk.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Basic Make-up Necessities

Hey girls! Some of you mentioned that you don't really use make-up but you want to know what products are necessary to jump-start your kits. We came up with a list which contains products that could help you create the natural look and is for everyday use. It is numbered according to the order of applying the products on your face. Hope this helps! ;)

1. Concealer
The most important thing to remember in putting on make-up is that you want to make your face look flawless. This means that your goal is to hide your dark under circles, acne scars, brown spots and redness. Concealing is all a matter of balancing the color of the flaw. So for our dark circles under the eyes (which has a bluish/purplish undertone), the salmon colored concealer works best - because of the pink tones it possesses. Avoid yellow concealers for dark circles because it would give you racoon-ish looking eyes. Some swear by the salmon colored concealer. They say that it also works when you want to conceal pimples and redness. I haven't tried that though (I've only used salmon-colored concealers for my dark under eye circles). What I've tried using are (1)green concealer and (2)professional grade concealer that is similar to or very near my skin tone.

Product Suggestions: Bobbi Brown's Corrector in Bisque, Mac Studio Fix Concealer in NC35/NC42 (depending on your skin tone), Make-up forever's HD Concealer in Beige Apricot, Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage in SC-03, Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer, L'oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Concealer in Light/Medium Warm, Skin Food Rice Concealer

2. Eye Products
A. Eye Shadow
If you're still studying or already working, then we're assuming that you don't plan to wear loud colored eyeshadows in school or work. Besides, all you need to achieve the natural look are 3 shades (which, again, look natural) - light, medium, dark. So let's say I'm getting pastel pink, gold or copper, and taupe or tawny. I can use one, two or three colors alternately. Try getting eyeshadows in matte or semi-shimmer to avoid looking O.A. during the day. However, if you are going to a party or a night-out, then that's the time for you to use color and shimmer shadows.
Tip: Shape your eyebrows! Make sure they aren't too thin or thick or sparse :) Blend your eyeshadow, we shouldn't be able to tell up to where you applied the color! Watch youtube videos on how to blend.
Product Suggestions: Mac, Max Factor, Make-Up Forever, Coastal Scents, Elianto, PAC
B.Eye Liner
If you want to make your eyes look bigger, then use eye liner. Opt for brown eye liners for a more natural look. Pencils are the easiest to use and the most natural-looking. But, there are gel and liquid eye liners.
Product Suggestions: Lancome Le Crayon Kohl, Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, Prestige Liquid Liner, Fashion 21, Ever Bilena, VOV Liquid Eyeliner
C. Mascara
Curl those lashes! Then make them look thicker by applying mascara. I can't believe how I've discovered the beauty of mascaras just now. I love how it makes my lashes look thicker and longer.
Product Suggestions: Lancome, Awake, Maybelline

3. Blush
There are a lot of blush options in the market. You can opt for the powder, cream, stain, or gel. I've tried all of these and all has it's pros and cons. So it is a matter of finding the right formula for your skin type (oily skinned should stay away from cream and opt for powder, etc.) . Just remember that your goal is to look like your cheeks are naturally flushed and not like someone b*tch-slapped both your cheeks! Some gels and stains leave more pigment on your fingers than on your cheeks. Powders are a bit inconvenient to apply (most don't have brushes that function well).

Tip: Blend the color to your cheeks so you won't look like you have a red or pink strip across your face! Asians have warm skin so opt for corals, browns, and warm reds.

Product Suggestions: Nars in Orgasm or Super Orgasm, Face Shop's Color Nuance, The Body Shop's Cheek Color, The Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Stain, Smashbox's O glow, Revlon Powder Blush.

4. Lipstick
The right shade of lipsticks for you are said to be the hardest to find. But Bobbi Brown (the well known make-up artist and make-up maker) said that your everyday lipstick should be 2 shades darker than your lip color. While Nude, should be 2 shades lighter. Red will depend on your skin tone. Find your shade of nude, pink and red lipstick to expand your make-up horizon. If you have the correct shades of these 3 for your skin tone, then you're good to go.

Tips: You can also try tinted lip gloss if you're a bit hesitant to use lipsticks. Also, you can try using a lipliner to prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

Product Suggestions: Mac, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, Avon; tinted lipgloss: Nivea, Mac, Elianto


1. Primer
If you have oily skin, use a primer! This also helps to make your make-up stay on your face longer. That means you won't have to keep on retouching after every subject (haha)!

Product Suggestions: Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot, Urban Decay Eye Primer, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, L'Oreal UV Perfect

When to use: Before applying anything else. Right after you tone (no need to moisturize if you're applying make-up - which are oil-based)

2. Foundation
Please please please choose a shade that is closest to your skin tone! Try different shades on your jaw and go to the part of the store where they have natural light (sunlight). Choose the one which 'vanishes' to your skin because it means that's the one nearest your skin tone. This is important because I'm sure you don't want to see your photos and look like you're a person who does pantomime! You can opt for a foundation which has sheer coverage (but don't expect that to fully cover your flaws,ayt?).

Tip: Try the tinted moisturizers. Some suggest that you go for this to save you a step but I haven't tried using one so I can't really comment on this product yet. Hehe.

Product Suggestions: Mac, Revlon Color Stay, Mary Kay, Max Factor, Clinique

When to use: After concealing
3. Powder
If your concealer is sheer and you only concealed a small portion of your face then you can skip this. But if you used foundation and/or if you concealed a big part of your face, setting it with powder will be a must!

Tip: Prioritize application on the T-zone. Whatever amount of powder that's left on your brush, apply it on your cheeks and neck.

When to use: After putting foundation.

4. Brushes!
You could either make do with whatever brush comes with the product you purchased but if there aren't any then you can get brush sets or individual pieces.

Tips: Clean your brushes with a brush cleaner after you use it and try to wash it with regular liquid soap (not dishwashing soap or fancy shampoo!) under running water once a week to prolong its life.

Product Suggestions: splurge with--> Mac, Smashbox; save with--> E.L.F., Suesh
To help you girls, we've listed products which are both expensive for those who are willing to splurge and are affordable for those who are under a tight budget. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

P.S. Some of the products in the product suggestions haven't been tried by the PK girls. Those were only researched and are loved by lots of people. So please be careful and if you can try the product before purchasing, we urge you to do so :)

So there, happy cosmetics shopping!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Restaurant Review: Bigby's

Every Wednesday, my sister and I get a chance to eat lunch out together. One Wednesday, we were going around SM Megamall's The Atrium and chanced upon Bigby's. I was craving for some steak that day, while my sister wanted anything as long as it's chicken.
So, what did we order? As usual, we started appetizer and a salad. For us, Tender Bob's has the best spinach and artichoke dip, while Cibo has the best spinach dip. But the interesting thing about Bigby's version is their take on the dip. They mixed some bell peppers in it. While the Caesar's salad is a must-try just because of the really flavorful chicken!

Blossoming Spinach Dip (P210)

Emperor Caesar's Salad (P229)

For our main course, my sister ordered some chicken, of course. The chicken was delicious but if you're not fond of ginger and/or coconut milk,then might as well try a different dish. I wanted steak but I can't eat at Bigby's without trying one of its signature dishes. Besides, it felt like an excellent compromise. I tried the baby back ribs and oh, was it satisfying! The meat falls right off the rib bone and the sauce makes you crave to eat more and more and more!

Pollo Saborito (P250)

Rock-a-bye Baby (around P300)

Honestly, I didn't love the food but I did like it. I guess I'm just a bit used to the concepts of other restaurants. Hehe. Although, I must say that I really appreciate the HUGENESS of the orders at Bigby's. Yup, that's why they named their restaurant as such. Bigby's for Big--orders, I suppose. It makes you feel like you get more bang for your buck. Also, the cozy interior and extensive international cuisine make my first experience at Bigby's really pleasant.

Why don't you try it? Who knows, you might love it, right? :) How about you girls, who among you have already tried Bigby's and what dishes can you recommend?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Play dress-up on Looklet!

Now, now, I say this is the next big thing in DIY online styling! It's Polyvore and Lookbook in one!

What it is? It's a virtual "dress-up" site! You choose a model, background/set and off you go creating styles! Here's some I made on the site:

Look no. 1: Party in NY!
model: Serena (haha, I named her after our favorite vixen, Ms. Van Der Woodsen!)

Wearing: Josefin Strid jacket, Topshop skirt, Ash shoes, & Gina Tricot clutch

Look no. 2: Classic Chic
model: Audriana

Wearing: Rita Saardi dress, YSL caged heels, Dagmar handbag, & Chanel eyeglasses

Look no. 3: Tshirt goes Glam!
model: Carrie (not Bradshaw)

Who said tshirts could only be paired with jeans? I glammed up this basic Nike shirt with classic and chic pieces!

wearing: Nike shirt, Manoush skirt, Prada handbag, vintage necklace and belts, & Hope heels

Gosh! Looklet is so addicting! I'm telling you, it's so much fun! There aren't a lot of pieces at this point (unlike Polyvore) but I'm sure they'll be adding more soon. I am so excited! I love it!

Go create your own accounts now!
Check out mine: Nj's looklet

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Solo's 'Discover you' postermaking contest

Ms. Carissa of Elite Garments sent us this email in case you guys might be interested in a contest SOLO is hosting:

Solo is launching its ground breaking online Old Manila Campaign Contest to celebrate its new website and the new Old Manila Graphic Tees Series!


SOLO wants you to "Discover YOU"! One can just join the contest, by buying any Solo Old Manila Tee and photograph themselves wearing the tee. Contestant can use their creativity and graphic elements using available vectors online, then upload it to the Solo website at As the contest progresses, anyone registering on the site can vote and even share entries on their Facebook walls. The winning submissions win cash, gift certificates, G-Shock watches from Time Depot and becomes the next face of Solo! To join, go to

To Join:

* Male or Female, at least 18 years old
* Residing in the Philippines
* Contestant can be an individual or a team which consist of a model and a graphic artist/stylist
* Individual entries can be both graphic artist/stylist and model, and if chosen will receive both prizes for winning model and winning graphic artist/stylist
* Have a remarkable/unique Solo Personality
* Doesn’t have a modeling/endorsement contract with a clothing line or competing label
* Images should be:
o 450 x 573 pixels, RGB format
o At least 72 DPI Resolution
o JPEG File
* Entries must be submitted between September 1 to November 30, 2009
* To see complete Rules and Regulations go to

This contest is fairly easy especially for amateurs and budding graphic artists out there! Don't miss out on this opportunity! Go, go, go! (a special shout out to our friends who do graphics, modeling and photography!)

Share my outfit day: Pussy bow

Dropped by Starbucks for breakfast. Was feeling very chic that day hence the more “serious” outfit. But of course, it needs something to spice it up, so on with the white stockings! I just feel incredibly disappointed with it because after a few hours, I found a small hole by the knee which in just a few seconds became bigger and bigger! Ugh! Nasty stockings, why do they rip so easily?? I then had to remove them. It was just too ridiculous! So sad about it though.

The star of this outfit would be my gem-- my treasure: the sheer pussy bow blouse from Robinson's! I swear, Department store finds are the best! There's always a rare gem among the racks, you just gotta find them!

Department store Sheer white Pussy bow top (basic spag strap underneath)
Squeeze Jeans black shorts with white button detail
MNG black padded quilt chain bag
Ohrelle black Mary Janes

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