Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tony and Jackey Digiperm experience

I am an extremely spontaneous person.
Boredom makes me want to explode.
Impulsive is my second name.

With all of those traits at play at an unusually uneventful Saturday, I found myself sitting at Tony and Jackey to have my hair curled. Talk about instant makeover!

So okay, you've seen how great S' curls are and how it is desirable to have your hair digipermed at Beautybrick but Makati is too far from me and somehow the thought that I've been to Tony and Jackey before makes me a bit more confident to "experiment" without thinking. haha!

I've always been a pin-straight-hair-loving-girl so going the curly route is alien to me. I've had my hair relaxed a number of times before with my last treatment about a year ago. I'm so used to the procedure for getting straight hair that I found myself completely blank during the whole perming period. I basically let the stylist do whatever she wants with my hair.

For ease of storytelling, let me enumerate the steps my stylist, Julia took:
  1. Cut my hair straight and trimmed my bangs
  2. Washed my hair and applied LPP which is supposed to protect the hair from damage, put on the heating machine and set the timer for 10minutes.
  3. Applied the perming solution for 10minutes, rinsed it off and prepped my hair to be attached to the "octopus" digital perming machine.
  4. Applied another solution which is supposed to be the keratin to lock in the shine.
So okay, that was fast! Well, it was actually! I could have had everything down in two hours except after step 3, my hair didn't curl. Que horror!

To be honest I wasn't really alarmed when I saw how the curls didn't look too obvious. I think I was just so naive with the whole process, I was expecting my curls to "appear" after they blow dry it. But with just one inspection, Julia turned to me and motioned for her assistant to tell me that she had to repeat the procedure. Gaaaah, WHAT?

I interviewed her assistant a bit and she told me it was natural for perming to not work on previously straightened hair. I get it, I've also heard of similar stories but what bothered me however was the fear that even after repeating it, the curls still won't stick.

For the "repeat procedure", Julia used a different machine with smaller hooks. You can see that in the picture below. It's those last two on the right. Smaller machine, same concept and procedure. I think maybe this time, she picked smaller rollers.

I used the leftmost machine during my first session and the one in the middle during the "repeat"
After going through steps 3 and 4 again, I was done! Finally,curls!

The curls look so tame and loose here but a few days after, my hair was all over the place! Curls, ringlets and whatnots were going haywire on my head!

I know I should feel a bit of irritation/dissatisfaction with the whole "repeat procedure" thing but no, I actually feel grateful that Julia repeated the procedure when she saw the curls didn't stick. Like what her assistant said, Julia could have easily told me that it was because my hair was previously straightened but she didn't do that. She didn't wait for me to scream at her or turn into an irrate customer, she immediately remedied the problem without any hint of arrogance or denial. I admire her for that.

To be truly honest, I can't say I'm not satisfied with how it turned out because I am! I'm really enjoying the curls especially how my look varies depending on whether I twirl it into chunky ringlets or run my fingers through it for that boho vibe. It's nice to feel like a different you once in a while :)

The next couple of weeks is the real test of how long my curls would last but I'm praying for the best! I mean hey, I did wait almost four hours in the salon chair and paid a hefty amount for it so it better be worth it! (wait for my update in two weeks!)

The Tony and Jackey Digiperm package costs Php3,000.00

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  1. Yey! You're also "digiperm curly" like me, finally! Hehe.

  2. hahaha! yes! we've become the two curly miss fits.hahaha

  3. hi, what's the updated look :)?

  4. hi! you can check it out here:

    not really a "hair" post, but that's what my two-week hair looks like :)

  5. Hi there. Got my hair curl in T & J. But after 3 days curled hair loosen. Did u think i can get it back to them. It cost me 6k for my digiperm. :-((

  6. What do u put in ur hair to keep the goodness. Did u comb it after u take a bath?? Thanks

  7. Hi anonymous! sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, you should go back to Tony & Jackey. That happened to my friend too and she went back to have it done again. Prob with this is, she had to pay an additional 2thousand :( try going back though, might depend on your stylist whether he/she would re-do it with no additional fee.

    as for post-curling products, I put gatsby's british wave style wax on my damp hair and hand-comb it. At times, I don't even comb it at all or if I do, I just use my fingers

  8. hi!!..i've got my hair rebonded 8 months ago..having a straight hair for a long time got me bored...i decided to have may hair curled just this friday in the salon near our area...the stylist curled my hair using the old fashioned way of a hair was u think T & J could still digipermed my hair?and the fact that it was rebonded?

  9. Just the fact that it was rebonded before, I think it would be nearly impossible to have it digipermed (basing it from my experience).

    My advice to you is to not do anything to your hair for now. Since you said it was damaged, it would be best to lie low on the treatments and focus on saving it and having it back to its healthy state. If you could, try deep conditioning it every week


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