Monday, March 14, 2011

Beauty Brick Digiperm, the repeat!

Last Saturday, not only was I tired of my hairstyle, I was also very very bored. So aside from having my hair colored at Straight and Smooth Salon (click here for my INOA hair coloring post), I also headed to Beauty Brick to have my hair digitally permed again.

I tell you, this day was filled with luck. After my hair coloring treatment at another salon, I impulsively went to Beauty Brick even if I did not have an appointment. When I arrived there at around 2:30 PM, the salon was packed! I approached the reception area and asked if they can still accommodate me. She was about to tell me that they were fully booked but then she recognized me.She asked me if I've already had my hair done there. I cheerily said yes, and just like that, she told me that I just have to wait for a few minutes for them to be able to accommodate me.
Here's a picture I got while waiting for the treatment to do its magic to my hair. That's the waiting area, I tried to exclude the seated people from the shot. Hehe, fail.
The process actually felt like a breeze but in reality, I spent 3 hours in the salon. The only thing dissimilar to my last experience was that I literally had to transfer to different chairs per treatment. But like before, the first thing they did was shampoo my hair. I waited for Mr. Shin to check my hair's condition. Fortunately, after all the things I've done to my hair, he said that it is still as healthy as ever. So he then asked me what I wanted for my hair. I asked for higher curls with the same tightness as before (medium). He agreed and also suggested a new hair part for me but instead, I asked for bangs. He laughed a bit. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad sign but as I remember, the first time I had my hair digitally permed he asked if I wanted bangs. He proceeded to trim my hair after which he called his staff to apply the first treatment.
Had to wait for 20-30 minutes under this machine: the ionic processor.
One of his staff checked on my hair and set the timer to 7 minutes more, I have no idea why. Hehe. After that, they rinsed the treatment and applied the second treatment. Mr. Shin then came back to prep my hair for the digital perm machine. I heard him say that the roller sizes to be used were 15,15,18,15 (if that matters to anyone reading..haha). I'm guessing that that's the level of tightness of the curls per layer. From the last time I went here, I can safely say that the staff has already mastered their craft. They now wrap the prepped "hair-on-rollers" with towelettes so that you won't feel the heat on your scalp or nape. After 20 minutes of waiting (yet again) for my hair to cook err curl, they applied the 3rd treatment. And yes, I had to wait for another 20 minutes. Afterwards, they rinsed my hair, applied a scalp conditioner of some sort, blow dried and styled the hair. Mr. Shin finished trimming the bangs and focused more on teaching me how to style it. What perfectly capped off my experience was when Mr. Shin kept smiling and saying kawaii. Aww. Jeez, thanks! :">
Please don't mind the facial expressions :)

Now all I can hope for is to be able to maintain my new curls (and color) as long as possible!

Wallet damage: Php3,300 for digiperm for super long hair (includes free haircut which supposedly costs Php600!)

Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio is located at Unit 103, 122 Doña Consolacion Bldg, Jupiter St., Bel-Air Makati City (beside Red Ribbon and Frank Provost). Give them a call (and book an appointment!) at 473.51.08

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  1. I love your hair! I've been wanting to have my hair curled but I'm too scared that it'll not look good on me. :)

  2. I've been meaning to comment since forever but I never get the chance to! love your curls S! You've transformed into Ariel! haha :P so pretty!

  3. Ishna, thanks!! Try virtual makeover sites such as and see if curly hair looks good on you. Or you can also try curling your hair with a curling iron first. But you know what, I think curly/wavy hair would look great on you too! ;)

    Ninin, Aha! So that's who/what inspired me! People have been asking about my inspiration for the semi-transformation and I couldn't think of anyone. Now I know, the answer is Ariel! :D

  4. In your opinion... Which is better in terms of Digiperm.. T&J or Beauty Brick?

  5. In your opinion... Which is better in terms of Digiperm.. T&J or Beauty Brick?

  6. Hi anonymous! I really can't say. Soan and I went to different hairstylists and we were both satisfied with our curls. Maybe if I tried beauty brick too, I'd be able to compare it to my T&J experience. With that said, you won't go wrong with any of the two ;)

  7. From your experience which is better? Beauty brick or T&J? I 'm thinking of haveing my perm digipermed but I can't choose between T&J or beauty brick. HELP!

    1. Hi Sharm! I'm not sure how to answer your question co'z Sophia went to Beauty brick and I went to T&J and we were both satisfied with our curls. But for the sole reason that Sophia has been going to Beauty Brick repeatedly and has never been disappointed (compared to me, who've only gotten a digiterm ONCE), I think Beauty Brick is a good choice :)

      Good luck!


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