Friday, March 25, 2011

Yoghurt for your cereals!

I've been obsessing over frozen yogurt lately but since I can't have it ALL the time, I had to made do with what's available.

So for breakfast, I decided to recreate my favorite frozen yogurt mix from White Hat:

Baker's Hat: frozen yogurt + blueberries + almond clusters + cheesecake bits

My take:
Nestle Almond Clusters + Dutchmill yogurt drink + Macalauan farm Blueberry yogurt
Add a little bit of dutchmill blueberry yoghurt drink
Top it with blueberry yoghurt
Tadah! The perfect spoonful!
I often eat my cereals with soymilk just because drinking milk in the morning makes me acidic but now, I see I can use yoghurt instead! I am so happy with this discovery! haha :)

How 'bout you girls, do you like yoghurt?


  1. i love yogurt too!! never thought of combining it with cereals for breakfast! thanks for the idea ;D

  2. i love yoghurt because of the yoghurt craze that has hit the Metro. I found out that it's delish pala! haha.

  3. hahaha! yes, yoghurt is yummy! I'm glad to know you girls like it too :)

  4. I like Nestle's Fruit Selection yogurt esp. the melon nata, buko nata, strabwerry and ube-langka flavors! I haven't tried mixing it with cereals but I like munching on cereals but without milk. :D


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