Monday, March 7, 2011

Go with the flow..

Since it was a day of spontaneity for us, I felt that it was appropriate to wear something that would go well with our go with the flow attitude.

I wore this low-cut winged top just because it's flowy and comfy. Oh, and because I'm attracted to weird silhouettes as of late.
I sensed that we'd be doing a lot of walking so I wanted to wear comfortable 'everything' hence the wedges and jeans. Would've loved to have worn shorts but no shorts for me that day as I had to ride a cab. We were being truants, remember? :)
The top's weird print and my favorite long necklace.

Top: Secret Paris
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Aerosoles
Elephant necklace: Forever 21
Pink faced, black strapped watch: Nike

photog: Ninin!


  1. I have this weird thing for elephants! I love elephants. :)) Heehee. I have the same necklace. :P

  2. comfy outfit :) perfect for strolling! and i love that elephant necklace!

  3. thanks for the comment ishna and hazel. since i love that elephant necklace so much, it's my go to accessory! i wear it even at work! hehe :)


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