Friday, April 8, 2011

School requirement: see a play

Last Saturday, I was "tasked" to watch Caredivas the musical at PETA to assess whether we can fund and stage the project at the Department. I have little background on the show itself, except for the fact that a) it's a musical and b) it's a comedy.
 Truth be told, I am not fond of comedies-- especially in theater. I just prefer dramas with twisted plots than light funny plays. So I really was not expecting to be amused (at all) by Caredivas. Well, surprise, surprise! The show was actually very good! I can't say my opinion on musical comedies have changed, but to be fair, the production was excellent! It was perfect from the cast, music, down to the set itself. Congratulations PETA for another masterpiece!

Since I was to go to watch the play on "official" business, I decided to dress a bit more appropriately-- not too casual. Found this old checkered skirt at the back of my closet and decided it was about time to take it out for a spin. Grabbed a basic polo top, slipped on my trusty sandals, accessorized a bit and voila! :)
White polo top: Jatujak, BKK
Red checkered skirt: hand me down
Transparent strapped sandals: Skechers


  1. Yiiiheee..I see the red ice watch! :) Hehe. I used to want to get one but decided not to. :-S

  2. W-H-Y?? ice watch(es) are love!

  3. There's something I noticed just now... you look like Ashley Dy of hmmm.. I'm not sure her blog is Candy Kawaii i think! Both of you looks so cute :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. thanks Melai! I don't know Ashley so I googled her, and I think I kinda see the resemblance but I think she is so much more chic-er and cuter!


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