Saturday, April 16, 2011

A bite of Hong Kong

I steer clear from restaurants which has "seafood" in its name. I mean, it doesn't take a genius to realize that the resto specializes in seafood. Vegetarians? not so welcome. So it took a lot of prodding from my cousin for me to try dining at Emperor Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant. Well, well, well, thank you cous, because I now have another resto to add to my list of favorite Chinese restos in Manila! :)

I just love the high ceilings at Emperor. The chandeliers add a touch of class and glam! So pretty!
Honestly, the interior of the restaurant is actually one of the things that kept me from eating at the place (aside from the seafood in its name). It looked so posh, it is so easy to assume that the food is expensive. Well, well, well, looks are deceiving! The food was actually decently-priced!

So what did we eat?
For starters, some shrimp dumplings!

Followed by the main course:
Vegetables with two kinds of egg
Can you guess what the eggs were? Nah, I'll just tell you: Salted and Century egg! Interesting right?? I've never had a dish like that before! And how was the taste? AMAZING! I've also never tasted anything like it! It even had cloves of roasted garlic in it. You'd think biting into a whole clove of garlic would be the worst thing you'd ever taste, but N-O! It was the exact opposite! The roasting gave it such a nice flavor and after a while, you won't even realize you're eating garlic! I never eating garlic could be so enjoyable!

Herbed Tofu in XO sauce
Another amazing dish! I love how the tofu was crispy on the outside but soft and mushy inside. I particularly like how the XO sauce clinged to the skin of the tofu, and in parts, turned it crispy and extremely tasty. Love this dish!
Of course, what's a Filipino meal without rice? Here's Emperor's special fried rice

Yum-o! Really, really tasty rice! It was unbelievable! How could every single dish be so tasty?? LOL. So okay, they've just turned me into a big fan. Ack! :)

Seriously though, you girls have to dine there (if you haven't yet). It is one incredible dining experience! Take my word for it!

Emperor Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant is located at:
 2/F Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia

...and oh, their small plates, were actually BIG and are already good for 3-4 people. We ordered everything in small, and paid around Php1,200.00 for all the dishes you see above. Not bad for a group of 3, ey? We even went home with leftovers :)


  1. VAH I died looking at the food. I miss Chinese food so much!!!

  2. Hahaha! why? where are you currently at? I have this belief that chinese restaurants are EVERYWHERE in the world. But yeah, the food at hongkong chef, Manila is different one of a kind!


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