Thursday, April 28, 2011


Saw this ad somewhere and decided to confirm by browsing online. You guys might be interested too..

Also saw this and it sorta confused me.. Hasn't it always been like this in Starbucks? Is it just now that people can customize their frappuccino? Hmm..

Shout out to my officemates and fellow SB lovers, JM and Ms Elma. Let's get ready to rumble! Hehe.


  1. wow! this is their way siguro to attract customers in this hot summer days.. instead of icecream, drink coffee haha :D

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Would definitely avail this haha! :D

  3. Hi guys! Hi Hazel and Tricia, thanks for the comment! I hope you haven't forgotten to avail their promo. :) I have ;) Heads up though, my sister told me that in one SB she went to a customer can order up to 2 frappuccinos only. Don't really understand why..


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