Monday, August 1, 2011

Holy moly we have Tony Moly!

While I was walking to meet my sister for dinner, I chanced upon Tony Moly! Apparently, the store has been open since May but since I rarely go to Mega, I only saw it last week.

I've read lots of online forums wherein ladies rave about the Tony Moly products. Before they opened a store in Manila, a lot of the ladies would order the bestsellers (lip care products) in online multiply shops. So, that's what I decided to check first. The accommodating SA showed me their lip products such as balms, lipsticks and lip scrub.

I decided to try the lip scrub because a part of my upper lip keeps getting chapped. (Side note: I've been using it daily, and so far, my lips are chap-free!) Anyway, as I was about to pay for the item I got distracted by these:
nail polish!!
I was checking the bottles but since we were in a hurry, I just asked the SA if they have crack nail polish. They do have one but it wasn't the color I was looking for so I just got something else. I feel that I must reiterate that we were in such a hurry to explain why I wasn't able to take any other picture of the store. I did, however, get to take a picture of my purchases:

Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub (Php348), Clear Glitter Nail Polish (Php128), Tomatox face pack (freebie)
Also, here's how the glitter polish looks like with a purple China Glaze base color:

Well, what are you waiting for? Dash to the nearest Tony Moly branch! Feel free to check their site or FB page for their branches and products ;)


  1. Aww I would love to have that lip scrub! it's beyond cute :"> Followed you! :D

  2. Hi Stephanie! Aside from looking cute, it smells great and works really well too! :) Thanks for following us ;)


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