Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wide Leg

My Sundays are usually spent with la familia. We celebrate mass, eat out, do some errands, shop a bit (sometimes shop a lot..hehe.), watch a movie every now and then, and drop by mama's (paternal granny) resting place at times. Last Sunday was no different, except for the rainy weather. But that didn't stop me from wearing the new pair of floor-grazing denims I got.
I used to wear wide leg jeans when I was a freshie in High School. Back then, the wider the jeans the better. Jeans were so wiiiide that people called it Elephant pants. Now, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing those. Hahaha! I dread thinking about the pictures my friends have of us wearing those in na in jeans. Anyway, I think the new pair of wide leg jeans I have are just the right width for me. The length and width makes me look waaay taller than I really am. Hehe. That's why I'm looking forward to wearing it again and again and again.
Top // Gap
Wide-leg jeans // Plains&Prints
Tribal bag // Lulu
Tribal necklace // Forever 21


  1. love the outfit and I have been searching for the perfect wide-leg pants but haven't seen one pa rin huhu. I guess will go check Plains and Prints. :)

  2. Thanks Denise! You can check out their FB page or site too if you want to check their other denim. :)


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