Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rizal so cool

I am personally very proud of our National hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. He is a great role model especially for the younger generation. I like that he valued education above all and used this as his main tool to effect change. He proved that indeed, "the pen is mightier than the sword".

I was passing time at the Cultural Center of the Philippines when I got excited to see a wall mural dedicated to Dr. Jose Rizal:
The Mural was entitled, "Ang Gig ni Rizal" (Rizal's gig) by Pilipinas Street Plan
The entire mural was so striking and "young", I felt gravity pulling me towards it. I took small steps as I tried to absorb every detail and interpret (in my best ability) what each caricature represented. Everything was beautiful but I have to say, the "ladies" in Rizal's life literally stopped me in my tracks:

So maybe I have a thing for "geishas" but don't you agree that she looks bee-yoo-ti-full?
Oh my! Now this sexy.. and provocative! See the "Noli Me Tangere" tattoo on her cleavage which in Spanish means, "touch me not". So apt!
Seriously, I cannot get enough of how cool the mural is! The Pilipinas Street Plan crew did an amazing job interpreting "Rizal". Now, this is my kind of art-- well thought of and incredibly executed! *clap, clap!
Awww... I like that. I too, "shall die happy"
Despite the controversy CCP is facing with their "Kulo" exhibit  I still believe that CCP is the home of the greatest Filipino art. There are so many things the CCP has done for Philippine art that it saddens me how people are seeing them now in a bad light.

I am very proud of our local artists and this mural on the 2nd floor of the CCP is one testament that Art in the country is alive, thriving, and truly one that any Filipino can be proud of :)


  1. I agree, the mural is just breath-taking! I love art too, and this one is just beautiful. Thanks to The Pilipinas Street Plan :) Thank you for sharing this. It's really awesome!

  2. you're welcome maria! PSP is amazing! they are sooooo good!


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