Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tribe vibe

 Black corset camisole worn as top // Wacoal
Harem striped pants // Nullah
Beaded necklace // Accessorize
Feather necklace // Cubao X


  1. Cute pants! I think i have something like that :)
    Have a great weekend babe!


  2. I really like the's so comfy and stylish.
    btw, i like your curls! is it digiperm? I am planning to have one next month but I can't decide where.

  3. @Maria why thank you :) it's really comfy too! happy monday ;)

    @Abi thanks dear! yup, i had my hair permed at BeautyBrick. you can read my post about it here.ninin had her hair permed at Tony&Jackey, you might want to read her post too. here's the link. hope we helped. do tell us where you're getting your hair digipermed ;)


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