Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dark choco & cherry

I remember sharing in another post my issue with my upper lip. Haha. A portion of my upper lip is still lighter (think: i-just-got-scared paler) than the rest of my upper lip despite the use of a lip scrub. Although, the lip scrub did help to dramatically soften my lips and remove any trace of dry and cracked lip skin.

I've been doing a little research and found several possible reasons why my upper lip keeps getting chapped. It could be any of the following:

1.Cold weather or dry air
I stay in air-conditioned rooms all day (well, almost), so I figured it could be due to that. But then, that has been the case for years now so why did the condition just manifest recently?

2.Nutrition deficiency
This could be the reason too but I don't want to think that it's THE reason. But yeah, I'll visit the doctor soon.

3. Spicy and acidic food
I've been eating lots of spicy food lately. And I've been drinking lots of lemon juice/ lemon water too. Oh, and yeah, I don't stop eating or drinking even if I feel my lip burn a bit. Hehe.

4. Allergy
The brand of lip balm I use changed its packaging (and ingredients too). So it's possible that my lip gets inflamed and eventually dries up because of the new ingredient.

Anyway, the reason I made this post is to share with you one great discovery! (Haha. OA)
Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter (PhP 175)
I've been in love (yes, in love!) with Palmer's cocoa butter products! Whenever my skin feels a little dry, a drop of Palmer's Cocoa Butter does the trick! So when I saw that they have a lip butter, I just had to buy it. I forgot the scent of the other tube but this one really smells like dark choco with cherry. I almost licked it off my lips. Haha.

Anyway, I really wish this works and I hope that this evens out my upper lip's color :)


  1. I wish you good luck with that beauty find! Let us know if it works for you :)

  2. Babe, I bought my shorts at st. francis square, ganun na talaga print nya as it is :)


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