Sunday, August 7, 2011

Easy as 1, 2, 3 Kani Salad

We were in the grocery when out of impulse I decided to buy ingredients for Kani Salad. Keep reading to find out the ingredients and the easy peasy steps-to-follow.

What you need:
Julienned cucumber 
Shredded crab sticks
 Julienned ripe mangoes

Lettuce, Kewpie Japanese mayo (sold in groceries), Tobiko (also sold in groceries)

What to do:

1. Steam the crab sticks
2. Cut the cucumber and mangoes into short, thin strips (a.k.a. julienne)
3. Shred the crab sticks
**additional steps: if you wanna make your own Japanese mayo instead of buy one, visit this site for the Japanese mayo recipe
4. Plate the salad!

I forgot to buy mangoes for our salad but it still tasted sooo good. I know that buying Kani Salad from Japanese restaurants would be much easier and less costly but this is just in case you want to make a big batch of kani salad. Also, preparing the salad is a fantastic time to bond with your family/friends. :) I know I had fun doing the salad despite my lack of cooking skills. ;))

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