Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buzz about BonChon Chicken

I've seen several posts and tweets raving about Bonchon Chicken months ago. So when my sister asked me to try BonChon Chicken with her, I eagerly agreed.

When I got there, I was surprised to find that it's a fast food restaurant. I don't know why but I pictured that it would be a sit-down restaurant (meaning a waiter will approach you to take your order and you'd pay for your meal after eating). Anyway, here's a snapshot of their BonChon Chicken sets. Don't worry, they also offer individual value meals.

My sister and I ordered 2 pieces of legs each. Here's what an individual meal plate typically looks like:
Drumstick Ricebox (Php 145)
When I tasted the chicken, OMG I understood why people kept raving about the chicken. The chicken are twice fried, making it extra crispy. I loved that the chicken skin tasted of soy garlic. It tasted salty, garlic-y, and slightly sweet all at the same time. We were both so pleased with how good it tasted that we didn't mind the queue to order (again) some chicken to go. We ordered some to bring as pasalubong for our parents and sister. (Haha, I felt the need to explain.)

Aside from the resto set-up, another not-so-good thing I can say about dining in at BonChon Chicken Megamall is that you'll end up smelling like fried food. So I suggest that if you'd rather not smell like fried chicken while you shop, put Bonchon at the last of your to-do list or order it for take-out. If you wish, you can also call ahead so your order will be ready for pick-up. Now if you still don't want to do that, you can have it delivered to you.

BonChon Chicken is available in 4 areas. (1)SM Megamall A UGF (2)Ayala Triangle Gardens (3)Greenbelt 1 level 1 (4)Acropolis Libis. You can check out the menu below if you wish to try them too:

Ack..just looking at their menu is making me want to eat some BonChon Chicken again..hmm...maybe I should try their Libis branch this time.. :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

On a rainy night, a dreamer

There's something so endearing about eating out on a rainy night-- especially when you're alone. It sounds peculiar but let me set the scenario: you're alone, it's raining, you go to a quiet coffee shop, order a sandwich and coffee then read a good book. To me, that scene is perfection-- it's simple, romantic and nostalgic :)

Well, I had the pleasure of (again) experiencing that kind of night. On this particular instance though, the feeling was elevated a notch because I chose to go to one of my favorite cafes of all time: Seattle's Best Coffee.

I have very fond memories of Seattle's because it was in that cafe that I learned to dine alone. I think I was in the 5th grade then. I enjoyed every moment I spent there that eventually, the practice grew on me and up to this day, hanging out alone in coffee shops is still one of my favorite activities.
One of the things that makes me go back to SBC is their pesto, tomato, and mozzarella panini. It is so good! SBC actually tops my list of BEST pesto panini/pasta of all time! It's just one of those "best kept secrets" of SBC aficionados.
Another of my most "memorable" drinks is SBC's Almond Mocha Joy. It is so distinct and unique that I feel like it holds the true "SBC" trademark. I tried to recreate this at Starbucks by ordering white chocolate mocha with almond and coconut syrup but it didn't work. Ha!

I really had the most wonderful time at Seattle's Best Coffee tonight. It's the rain, wonderful food, amazing coffee, and great read that made the moment perfect :)

How 'bout you girls, do you like dining out alone on rainy nights?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vegetarian Kung Pao

Lately I've been on a "pasta phase". All I wanted to eat ALL the time is pasta. It would have been easy to get through the "phase" with all the fast food joints offering spaghetti except, I'm vegetarian. If I were to eat pasta, I'd have to go to a more expensive restaurant. If not for my budget, I would gladly troop to Italliani's for lunch everyday but I'm broke so I'd have to make my own pasta instead :( -- Good thing there's Clare Ole!

I've been obsessed with Clara Ole's Kung Pao sauce that I think it's only proper to do a post about it just to give the brand the recognition it deserves :) Normally, Kung Pao is done with chicken chunks but I made mine with Tofu instead. Here's the fast recipe:

I tell you, it is so yummy!-- and very easy to do! If you have peanuts, you may add them in for a more authentic Kung Pao! Also, you may opt to use Spaghetti instead of Angel Hair pasta. I chose Angel Hair because it resembles chinese noodles and I think it's weird to use "italian" pasta for an eastern dish like this.

Clara Ole offers more "instant" pasta sauces, but this one is my favorite-- it helps too that one pack only costs around 30php! Super cheap right?? (Still fascinates me. But this is how much I bought mine at Shopwise. Error in price?--nah. Let's hope not)

Thank you Clara Ole for making my life so easy! I can now satisfy my pasta craving in a few easy steps!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loca over cola

The weather lately has been going bonkers. So irritating because I'm always caught wearing the wrong shoes :| But as much I'd like to throw a tantrum, I am always reminded that life is beautiful and as my Coca Cola shirt says, Enjoy Life!
I wasn't thinking when I put this outfit together. All my mind kept telling me was "it's so hot! it's so hot!" Only when I put on everything did I realize that I was doing the denim on denim trend.
I found this shirt in random stall in the mall. I wanted it so bad so in literally less than a minute, I paid for it and went on my way. So far, I am loving it! This is my first "branded" shirt and I'm sure this won't be the last :)

denim vest - Next jeans
coca cola sleeveless top - random brand
denim skirt - Lee jeans
strappy sandals - People R People

Monday, July 25, 2011

Soi Yummy!

The rainy weather has got me craving Thai food. I couldn't take my mind off the sour/spicy taste of Tom Yum. I HAD TO HAVE THAI!--else I'd die (haha, pun intended)

So the first chance I got, I dragged my mom to Soi, this cute Thai restaurant with the most comfortable chairs:

I love the purple velvet couches. They are so regal!

The place is very cozy but the black tables and chairs with the purple made everything look so posh

Complimentary appetizers were served while we waited for our orders. The peanuts and chips were really tasty we even asked for a refill
Tom Yum Gung!
 Aaaaah, finally! Tom Yummmm! My first spoonful took me back to Bangkok. It was so good! It was sour --and spicy--and fresh at the same time. It was a total explosion in my mouth!

We were actually staring at these two large Middle East-erners in the adjacent table co'z they ordered one bowl of Tom Yum each. Imagine a bowl is ordinarily good for 2-3 people! Funnier because they didn't even transfer the soup to the smaller bowls provided, they ate it in the "palayok"! The two were sweating buckets after finishing. It was so hilarious!
Tofu and vegetable curry
Everytime I go to Thai restaurants, this is my "default" order. It is everything I love in a dish: tofu, vegetables, coconut milk and spiciness! This one from Soi is a bit more spicy that what I'm used to and the tofu is "softer" but it was good nonetheless!

One of my most favorite things about Thai food is Thai iced tea. The one from Soi (left picture) is a bit sweet but I like that it's not filled with crushed ice like in some restaurants. The drink on the right is called roselle iced tea. It's supposed to be from a flower extract. It was sour and sweet and reminds me a bit of watered down cranberry juice. Not too appealing to me-- I'd rather stick with my Thai iced tea, thank you very much :P

The best thing I love about Soi is the fact that everything tastes so authentic. They don't skimp out on the ingredients so you'd really feel like you're in Bangkok. So if you're craving for the taste of Thailand, head over to Soi and have a feast for your taste buds! ;)

Soi Thai Restaurant
G/F Robinson's Ermita

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Doggie's day out

Hi ladies! Sorry for being M.I.A. these past few days. I've been working nonstop since last week. I've had tons of presentation materials to prepare which meant I either stayed at the office working late or I brought work home and slept late.

I'm so bummed that I wasn't able to see any Cinemalaya entry film this year because of the workload and because I got sick (migraine and colds, both of which are probably stress-induced) :(

Anyway, I still managed to bring the dog to the groomer one weekday and here's what I wore...
Cropped Dolman-sleeved top // F21
Patent clutch with detachable straps // Zara
Bow metal ring // Yhansy

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When at Cinemalaya

You must NOT miss out on eating this:

Victoria's Empanada, original. This is the only one I get to eat co'z the rest has longanisa in it.

This one from Vigan is one of my motivations to go to CCP. The greatest come on is the fact that they don't have a booth anywhere in Manila. The only time you get to taste their empanadas is when they attend trade fairs or festivals (like Cinemalaya).
Look for the booth with a lot of "orange". You won't miss it!

They're often at CCP events so I suggest you check out CCP's calendar of events too! :)

I'm on my 6th Cinemalaya film now. So far, so good! My favorite is still Isda (even if it's not a competition film). I sure hope you get to catch even one screening. It is a one-of-a-kind experience!---and don't forget, drop by the Victoria's empanada booth too to complete your Cinemalaya experience ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday at Cinemalaya

...and because I can never get enough of Cinemalaya, I dragged my cousin and a couple of officemates to go watch Cinemalaya with me on a Sunday
We watched Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank and Bisperas. Not particularly raving about either one but I'd have to say I enjoyed Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank more because the film was well made and the cast was amazing! As expected, Eugene Domingo was phenomenal but I'd have to give special commendation to newbies Kean Cipriano and JM de Guzman, you guys are masters of the "no acting" acting. Congrats!

The crowd today was not as much as yesterday's but I would have to say it was still pretty decent. Shows were selling out like pancakes!
Can't wait to see more films! I'm hoping work/school won't keep me from catching screenings this week *fingers crossed!

maxi dress - Redhead
lace up boots - Parisian
brown bucket bag - Bayo

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It all ends

Off to see the last Harry Potter movie..I hope I don't burst into tears in the cinema. Hehehe.
 Denim top // Topshop
Shorts and bag // Zara
Heels // Parfois
Necklace // Forever 21

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What time is it? Cinemalaya time!

It's Cinemalaya season once again and I couldn't be happier!
There's just something about Indie films that appeals to me. I can't get enough of 'em! My friends and I have been present at all Cinemalaya seasons that I found it so interesting to realize we've been trooping to CCP for 7 years now. Has it been that long already? So cool!

My friend and I were talking and we realize the reason we love Cinemalaya so much is because even after all these years, the experience itself hasn't changed a bit. It's still so raw, so fresh, sometimes weird, but always, always memorable.
We watched I-libings and Isda today. Both films were good but I have to say, Isda impacted me more. It was just so fantastically disturbing! Very indie to the core!

I am extremely satisfied with the film selection this year. A lot of promising flicks! It's only been the 1st (full) day of screening and already I'm raving about it like mad! Lol!

Hope to see guys tomorrow!
Top: Bench
Shorts: Squeeze jeans
Wedges: Wade

For more information on the films, click here

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Juju Cleanse

I remember doing a post about trying to follow a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, I still haven't lived up to what I preached. But at least I think I got a step closer to living a healthier life through Juju Cleanse.

Since I've been feeding myself junk food and processed food most of the time, I felt that it was high time to cleanse. A friend mentioned that I should try drinking laxatives to cleanse my system but my brain told me not to take that approach. Luckily, I saw another blogger's post about her Juju Cleanse experience. I eagerly visited the site and texted my inquiries and order to the owner, Kat Azanza.

I ordered Juju Cleanse Level 1 for 1 day cleanse duration, which is an intro level to the world of detoxification..perfect for a newbie like me! One cleansing kit contains 6 detoxifying drinks that will serve as your nourishment for the day. The drinks contain all-natural mixtures of fruits and vegetables.

If you're wondering how my Cleansing went...feel free to read my Juju-journal. A little warning though, I might be over-sharing at some points:

1st Drink: Green Bomb
Ingredients: Several green, leafy veggies (not sure what veggies)
Reaction: I was super excited to start my cleanse so even though this was challenging to drink I finished the whole bottle. Don't get me wrong, I eat veggies but I'm not a fan of raw ones. Hehe. The green bomb is aptly named as the distinctly green-veggie taste explodes and stays in your mouth. Seriously, when I burped I still tasted the concoction. (Haha, sorry TMI?)
As I've mentioned, it was challenging to drink it but I liked that the juice seemed like it was carbonated. I'm not sure though if they used carbonated water for the drink (I'm guessing they didn't). The smell and taste made me cringe and undergo a regurgitative spasm for a bit. When I finished the bottle, it felt as if I defeated someone until I realized I had to drink another green bomb later in the day.

2nd Drink: Spicy Limonada
Ingredients: lemons, cayenne pepper
Reaction: I liked this a lot. It was delicious. If not for the super hot cayenne pepper, I would've finished this half the time it took me. I think I also drank an equal amount of water along with this bottle. :)) I'm now wondering if I can request for less heat next time.. Hahahaha.

3rd Drink: Red Giant
Ingredients: beets, andIdontknowwhatelse
Reaction: Whoa. I couldn't defeat this giant. After 2 big gulps, I.GAVE.UP. :|

4th Drink: Alkazest
Ingredients: grapefruit, pineapple, coconut
Reaction: I feel ashamed to admit that I don't eat fruits. I taste (more like take an itsy bitsy bite of) certain fruits, I drink fruit juices but I don't eat/devour/get to finish fruits. However, there are also some fruit juices that I don't drink. Grapefruits, pineapples and coconuts are some of the fruits that I don't like to eat nor drink. So it was a surprise that I liked loved the 4th drink. I finished the drink in one minute. :) The next time I cleanse, I'd probably request for 2 bottles of alkazest (and hold the red giant).

5th Drink: Green Bomb
Ingredients: green leafy vegetables
Reaction: Drinking this was not as difficult as drinking the 1st bottle. Maybe it was because I've already tasted the wrath of the 3rd drink, the Red Giant? Hahaha. Also, I found myself craving the green bomb the day after I cleansed. Weird, right? I guess my body wanted to have more of the healthy drink. 

6th Drink: Salaba't Lemon
Ingredients: ginger, lemon
Reaction: I've tasted 2 types of salabat (ginger tea) before. The first time I had ginger tea was at a spa where the tea was yummy, slightly spicy with a hint of sweetness. The second time was at our caf and the tea tasted blech and too spicy. Fortunately, the 6th drink fooled my taste buds and tasted like dalandan soda (sans the carbonated water).

To sum up my experience, I think I've found the detox that's almost perfect for me. Perfect would be if they'll allow me to change the 3rd bottle to a second serving of the 4th bottle. I can say that it did help me feel lighter and cleansed. Its impact was still visible even after a few days because I was craving and opting for healthier food choices such as veggies, fish and not-so-oily food. In fact up to now it still has some effect on me. I'm thinking of doing the cleanse for a longer period like 3 days, perhaps? Or maybe I can modify the level 1 for 1 day cleanse and convince my parents to try the Juju Cleanse too.

Interested about the Juju Cleanse? Feel free to drop by their website by clicking this link.

Monday, July 11, 2011


So, here's what I wore yesterday. It was another typical Sunday made extraordinary by the Native American-ish poncho-type top I found. you can see, I was in the mood to play and take silly photos.

Top // Forever21
Turquoise bracelet // Liz Claiborne
Red sandals // T
Suede Bag // Mango

My accessories + eye-catching crack nails
Oh, in other news, I'm happy to report that I've finally bought a few mustard-colored items :) I will share those items soon..stay tuned :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Korean cuisine first-timer tries Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood

I've been pestering my sisters to try Korean food with me since forever. It's ironic that they got to sample the cuisine before I did. In fact, they were the ones who brought us to Eastwood's Kogi Bulgogi.

Complimentary appetizers
Since my sisters have already tried Kogi before and since I have no idea what the English translations of the Korean words are, we left the food decision making to them. They ordered Chicken Kalbi for starters. The chicken was so tasty that we finished the dish before I even remembered to take a picture of it. Dad also ordered a spicy seafood soup (no idea what its Korean name is), which I also failed to take a picture of. The waitress mentioned that we can set the spiciness level to our liking (spiciness level of 1 to 10). What I remember of the dish is that it had clams, crabs and a whole lot of kick!

Aside from the dishes that I forgot to take snapshots of, we also ordered the following:
6 pieces fried dumpling (2 missing. LOL)
Look at how miniature the dumplings are. These pint-sized vegetable dumplings are perfect, taste-wise and texture-wise. The wrapper, fried perfectly, was crispy and it managed to leave the filling soft and flavorful. The sauce also matched the dumpling well.

Korean Fried Chicken
This won my youngest sister's heart probably because it tasted just like McDonald's chicken. What differed was the sweet and tangy dipping sauce. This was also fried to perfection.

I didn't get to enjoy the Bibimbap because my other sister sorta hogged the dish. Hahahaha. She did say that it was worth coming back for. So I'll take her word for it and order this the next time I visit Kogi Bulgogi. 

Mom also ordered a Korean ice cream sandwich. I forgot to take a pic of it, AGAIN. It wasn't the fish-shaped one that Nin made me try years ago. This one had a chocolate sponge cake and a dark chocolate filling. If you're a fan of thick, dark chocolate I think you will like this.

Oh yeah, one thing we forgot to order was Bulgogi. I'm thinking their bulgogi's their must-try especially since they named their store after the dish. Any idea if it's good?

If you're drooling over the dishes right now, drop by their restaurant at 2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, Libis Quezon City.

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