Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When at Cinemalaya

You must NOT miss out on eating this:

Victoria's Empanada, original. This is the only one I get to eat co'z the rest has longanisa in it.

This one from Vigan is one of my motivations to go to CCP. The greatest come on is the fact that they don't have a booth anywhere in Manila. The only time you get to taste their empanadas is when they attend trade fairs or festivals (like Cinemalaya).
Look for the booth with a lot of "orange". You won't miss it!

They're often at CCP events so I suggest you check out CCP's calendar of events too! :)

I'm on my 6th Cinemalaya film now. So far, so good! My favorite is still Isda (even if it's not a competition film). I sure hope you get to catch even one screening. It is a one-of-a-kind experience!---and don't forget, drop by the Victoria's empanada booth too to complete your Cinemalaya experience ;)


  1. Woah, I didn't know cinemalaya offers different Filipino food as well! Will definitely check it out now. Hehehe :)


  2. Oh my, that didn't quite come out right. Victoria's Empanada is just one of the food stalls there. The others don't exclusively serve Filipino food (think: Shakey's, Zagu, etc.) Sorry if that confused you, but I still hope you'd watch :)


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