Monday, July 25, 2011

Soi Yummy!

The rainy weather has got me craving Thai food. I couldn't take my mind off the sour/spicy taste of Tom Yum. I HAD TO HAVE THAI!--else I'd die (haha, pun intended)

So the first chance I got, I dragged my mom to Soi, this cute Thai restaurant with the most comfortable chairs:

I love the purple velvet couches. They are so regal!

The place is very cozy but the black tables and chairs with the purple made everything look so posh

Complimentary appetizers were served while we waited for our orders. The peanuts and chips were really tasty we even asked for a refill
Tom Yum Gung!
 Aaaaah, finally! Tom Yummmm! My first spoonful took me back to Bangkok. It was so good! It was sour --and spicy--and fresh at the same time. It was a total explosion in my mouth!

We were actually staring at these two large Middle East-erners in the adjacent table co'z they ordered one bowl of Tom Yum each. Imagine a bowl is ordinarily good for 2-3 people! Funnier because they didn't even transfer the soup to the smaller bowls provided, they ate it in the "palayok"! The two were sweating buckets after finishing. It was so hilarious!
Tofu and vegetable curry
Everytime I go to Thai restaurants, this is my "default" order. It is everything I love in a dish: tofu, vegetables, coconut milk and spiciness! This one from Soi is a bit more spicy that what I'm used to and the tofu is "softer" but it was good nonetheless!

One of my most favorite things about Thai food is Thai iced tea. The one from Soi (left picture) is a bit sweet but I like that it's not filled with crushed ice like in some restaurants. The drink on the right is called roselle iced tea. It's supposed to be from a flower extract. It was sour and sweet and reminds me a bit of watered down cranberry juice. Not too appealing to me-- I'd rather stick with my Thai iced tea, thank you very much :P

The best thing I love about Soi is the fact that everything tastes so authentic. They don't skimp out on the ingredients so you'd really feel like you're in Bangkok. So if you're craving for the taste of Thailand, head over to Soi and have a feast for your taste buds! ;)

Soi Thai Restaurant
G/F Robinson's Ermita


  1. I'm not a big fan of thai food. but these look really delish! :)

    melai of style and soul

  2. Great review. Now I'm actually hungry! Missing Asian cuisine big time. :)


  3. Not the biggest fan of Thai food, but the decor of the restaurant is the most stylish Thai resto I've ever seen!
    And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. :)
    Btw, I'm following you girls via bloglovin now.

    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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