Friday, July 8, 2011

Korean cuisine first-timer tries Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood

I've been pestering my sisters to try Korean food with me since forever. It's ironic that they got to sample the cuisine before I did. In fact, they were the ones who brought us to Eastwood's Kogi Bulgogi.

Complimentary appetizers
Since my sisters have already tried Kogi before and since I have no idea what the English translations of the Korean words are, we left the food decision making to them. They ordered Chicken Kalbi for starters. The chicken was so tasty that we finished the dish before I even remembered to take a picture of it. Dad also ordered a spicy seafood soup (no idea what its Korean name is), which I also failed to take a picture of. The waitress mentioned that we can set the spiciness level to our liking (spiciness level of 1 to 10). What I remember of the dish is that it had clams, crabs and a whole lot of kick!

Aside from the dishes that I forgot to take snapshots of, we also ordered the following:
6 pieces fried dumpling (2 missing. LOL)
Look at how miniature the dumplings are. These pint-sized vegetable dumplings are perfect, taste-wise and texture-wise. The wrapper, fried perfectly, was crispy and it managed to leave the filling soft and flavorful. The sauce also matched the dumpling well.

Korean Fried Chicken
This won my youngest sister's heart probably because it tasted just like McDonald's chicken. What differed was the sweet and tangy dipping sauce. This was also fried to perfection.

I didn't get to enjoy the Bibimbap because my other sister sorta hogged the dish. Hahahaha. She did say that it was worth coming back for. So I'll take her word for it and order this the next time I visit Kogi Bulgogi. 

Mom also ordered a Korean ice cream sandwich. I forgot to take a pic of it, AGAIN. It wasn't the fish-shaped one that Nin made me try years ago. This one had a chocolate sponge cake and a dark chocolate filling. If you're a fan of thick, dark chocolate I think you will like this.

Oh yeah, one thing we forgot to order was Bulgogi. I'm thinking their bulgogi's their must-try especially since they named their store after the dish. Any idea if it's good?

If you're drooling over the dishes right now, drop by their restaurant at 2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, Libis Quezon City.


  1. Hi Sophia and Ninin! Thanks for the heads up on this place. I love Korean food and I guess I should ask my family to give this a try. I love the pictures you posted. Any idea as to the price? - Mar

  2. Me and my sisters are huge fans of korean food! We will definitely try out this place! :)


  3. such a great these pics and location..nice blog lady!!;)
    Would u come and follow mine if u like it??i'd be very happy if u do so..i wait u!
    kiss from Milan!

    Patchwork à Porter

  4. Hi Mar! If I remember correctly, we spent around 1,300-1,500 :) I read somewhere that Korean food newbies and lovers find something to love about Kogi Bulgogi. ;) Enjoy!

    Hello Nix! Yes, should! Update us if you, Nina and Pat like their food. ;)

    Sabrina, you're so sweet! Thanks for leaving a lovely comment ;) By the way, I already dropped by your blog and left you a message. :)


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