Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting comfy at Ya Kun Kaya Toast

One weekday afternoon, we were waiting for a play to start. To pass time, we agreed to try food that's new to us. But it was raining so hard that it was challenging to decide whether to leave the car parked or use it and lose our parking slot but remain dry.

Of course, we deemed the parking slot more important so we ended up walking around the area looking for a restaurant or cafe that we haven't tried. We first agreed on trying the twice-fried-chicken place but it was still closed (at 6pm! they're supposed to open at 5pm.). Then I remembered reading about a Singaporean kopitiam (means coffee shop in English) found in the area.

So, to make the long story short, we went there and ordered the following:
Chocolate butter toast (Php 125) comes with milk tea/coffee and soft-boiled eggs
When I took a bite of this, I felt comforted. It tasted just like Crumpy/Nutella but after chewing a bit, it got saltier (in a pleasant way) due to the butter. Also, I liked how crunchy the toast was. I seriously loved that it tasted sweet and salty at the same time but after a few more bites, I noticed that I lost my appetite. No idea as to why. Maybe I wasn't that hungry...or maybe because I couldn't get enough of the soft-boiled eggs!
The soft-boiled eggs that ended up looking like taho
Funny but then again..eww. Hahaha.
We also ordered the Cheezy French Toast. I didn't get to taste the cheesiness of the toast but I'm guessing it was salty cheesy because they accompanied the toast with sweet jam. It's really fluffy and it fills you up easily.

Cheezy French Toast (Php80)
Overall, it was a comforting experience that I wouldn't mind repeating. I especially wouldn't mind bonding over toast, tea and soft-boiled eggs with friends (yoohoo friends, hint hint!)

If you're curious about Ya Kun Kaya, you can visit them at the G/F Fern Building, Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center in Pasig. Be careful though, I ended up craving soft-boiled eggs and chocolate toast for a few days. Hehe.;)


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