Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vegetarian Kung Pao

Lately I've been on a "pasta phase". All I wanted to eat ALL the time is pasta. It would have been easy to get through the "phase" with all the fast food joints offering spaghetti except, I'm vegetarian. If I were to eat pasta, I'd have to go to a more expensive restaurant. If not for my budget, I would gladly troop to Italliani's for lunch everyday but I'm broke so I'd have to make my own pasta instead :( -- Good thing there's Clare Ole!

I've been obsessed with Clara Ole's Kung Pao sauce that I think it's only proper to do a post about it just to give the brand the recognition it deserves :) Normally, Kung Pao is done with chicken chunks but I made mine with Tofu instead. Here's the fast recipe:

I tell you, it is so yummy!-- and very easy to do! If you have peanuts, you may add them in for a more authentic Kung Pao! Also, you may opt to use Spaghetti instead of Angel Hair pasta. I chose Angel Hair because it resembles chinese noodles and I think it's weird to use "italian" pasta for an eastern dish like this.

Clara Ole offers more "instant" pasta sauces, but this one is my favorite-- it helps too that one pack only costs around 30php! Super cheap right?? (Still fascinates me. But this is how much I bought mine at Shopwise. Error in price?--nah. Let's hope not)

Thank you Clara Ole for making my life so easy! I can now satisfy my pasta craving in a few easy steps!


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