Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loca over cola

The weather lately has been going bonkers. So irritating because I'm always caught wearing the wrong shoes :| But as much I'd like to throw a tantrum, I am always reminded that life is beautiful and as my Coca Cola shirt says, Enjoy Life!
I wasn't thinking when I put this outfit together. All my mind kept telling me was "it's so hot! it's so hot!" Only when I put on everything did I realize that I was doing the denim on denim trend.
I found this shirt in random stall in the mall. I wanted it so bad so in literally less than a minute, I paid for it and went on my way. So far, I am loving it! This is my first "branded" shirt and I'm sure this won't be the last :)

denim vest - Next jeans
coca cola sleeveless top - random brand
denim skirt - Lee jeans
strappy sandals - People R People


  1. Cute top!



  2. cute top! :) when i was in highschool i had a lot of tees that said sprite, coke, and other food or beverage brands. now, i hardly wear shirts anymore. haha

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. love the shirt! the denim vest adds edge to the heels!

  4. i know what you mean about getting caught wearing the wrong kind of shoes on a rainy day. cute outfit! and it's got a beautiful message too. :-)

  5. Cute! I like your denim vest!


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