Sunday, October 24, 2010

Share my outfit day: Sailor girl

Striped dress - cherryfloat; Denim lace up booties - Parisian; Denim Bag - random from Vietnam

 She drives through highways in a truck-like Honda.
The wind in her hair, and the sun on her back.

She throws all care in the world,
and stands tall in her heels. 

This is her world. And this, her weekend.

She is Miss Sailor Girl.

Saturdays to me should be spent going on lazy drives and impromptu casual dining with your favorite friends. Well, that "Saturday" feeling is translated to this outfit which is both comfortable and fun. I'm not normally matchy-matchy although I have to say most of my outfit posts do say otherwise. I try very hard to add ONE unique item in my outfit--something a bit off but gives that trademark "Ninin" vibe to the entire ensemble. The bag from Vietnam is that one unique piece. On its own, the dress, the shoes, the belt spell trendy but the addition of the fun bag makes this outfit a bit relaxed and unpredictable. That alone makes me LOVE the look so much more!

I debuted this outfit in time for the launch of my friend and I's online shop, cherry float :) The dress is from that brand although it didn't get to be part of the first collection. Show us some lovin' by checking out the site (and hopefully, getting yourself some items!)

click here: Cherry Float Shop


  1. i love your shoes. :) i have the same one but in black. fabulous pair!

  2. love! i want the dress you're wearing! Can it by any chance be ordered through your online shop? If so, that would be the first item imma buy. :)

    More power! Love you!

  3. @lizzie: hooray for us! I actually had a very hard time choosing which version to get: denim, black w/ lace, or black with zipper but because I already had a couple of black shoes, I chose the denim :)

    @kaye: really?? it made me regret not adding this one to the collection! don't worry, next time, next time! thanks a lot for the support love!


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