Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shoe-lution: Clear Shoeboxes!

My shoes used to be in a sad sad environment and I seriously thought twice about sharing this but sharing about it won. I'm waiting for my room to get renovated so while that hasn't happened yet, I've been storing some of my shoes like this...

I covered it with a wool blanket to keep the shoes clean and unexposed. Then I remembered something we shared to you guys a while back. Click here to read the old post. I checked the Clear Shoebox Project's website but it's still not updated. So I decided to try and text the number indicated in the site and luckily, the seller replied! Vincent still sells the boxes although the prices have increased a bit. Regular sized boxes cost Php80 each while large sized boxes cost Php100 each (plus delivery charge of Php50). But since I bought in bulk, he gave me a good discount.

Now I store my shoes in neat boxes like so...
Some great things about his products are that he makes them himself at home, and to quote him "may halong labor of love" and "it's a proudly filipino product". I totally agree with him. Although there are already existing clear shoeboxes in some local department stores and abroad (I checked online), I found that CSBP is still way cheaper!

If you're interested to buy some clear shoeboxes, feel free to contact Vincent at 09178811610. :)

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  1. Wow. Loved it. Fresh idea. Now you can easily identify your shoes AND protect them from gathering dust.


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