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Virgin hair no more: Digiperm at Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio

Finally stopped being indolent and resolutely decided to write the long overdue post about my digital perm experience. Don't get me wrong, I was über excited to get my hair digipermed and share my experience to you but I don't have photos because my designated photog (my sister..haha!) was too busy having her nails done at a nearby spa. Hence, me getting discouraged (and lazy) to do a decent post. So, again, sorry for the lack of photos. If you wanna know more about digital perm first, then go and check our other post here. Okay, enough with the disclaimer..let me start sharing with you my wonderful digiperm experience.

Online American articles say that it’s a bad idea to 1.go to a salon on a Saturday morning and take the first appointment of the day, late for that appointment and unsure of what you want done to your hair. I was all of the above one Saturday in June. I was expected at 10.30 AM (although I had no idea what type of curls I wanted, how high the curls should start, and what type of bangs I wanted) but I arrived at the salon at 11.30 AM. Yes, it was a major YIKES moment for me because I was an hour late (if you know me, I’m rarely late for appointments)! However, I’m so happy how all the SALON DON’Ts didn’t apply to my experience with Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio.

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122 Doña Consolacion Bldg., Jupiter St., Makati

 When I got to the reception, I asked them if they could still accommodate me and it was such a relief when they cheerily said, “Yes po Ma’am! Shampoo na po tayo.” And so, my attempt to have my hair baptized into the chemically treated mane world began. After having my hair shampooed, they asked me if I brought a picture with me. Since I didn't, they gave me several Korean/Japanese magazines full of images of ladies with digipermed hair. While I was looking at the pictures, Mr. Shin (the owner and sole stylist) approached me and checked the condition of my hair and asked if I've ever had it chemically treated. After our short discussion which transpired through his assistant-slash-translator, he proceeded to trim my hair. He then spoke in Japanese to his staff and they instantly knew what to do. I literally went back and forth the shampooing station from hereon. A solution was applied to my hair and was told to wait for 20 minutes, after which they rinsed off. Another solution was applied and then Mr Shin started prepping my hair and attaching it onto a machine which seemed like a hybrid of a robot and an octopus.

photo source: (sorry I forgot!)
Digiperm machine!

 Mr. Shin suggested medium sized rollers for me, instead of large ones, because (a.) my hair is thin and (b.) it was my first time to have my hair treated therefore chemicals might not easily settle into my strands. The assistants told us to call them if you feel uneasy or a little warm. I felt the heat on my scalp and it was a good thing that I felt a bit scared (Hey, be lenient. It was my first time! Hehe) and informed one of the staff. She checked and added more tissue for padding. She told me that it is important to tell them if you feel even the slightest discomfort to avoid having your scalp burned. 20 minutes later, they removed the machine and applied neutralizer on my hair. Mr. Shin then checked the curls, applied treatment to my scalp, blow-dried my hair and taught me how to style it.

Whew! After almost 3 hours of transferring from a salon seat to a shampoo station, I finally had curly hair. Promised Mr. Shin's assistant to come back after 6 months (okay, I'll come back after 9. alright?) and seriously got dubious if I should give a tip to the stylist (er..coz he owns the salon too) or not. I ended giving him a hefty tip because I LOVED HOW IT TURNED OUT.

As I've said, I love how it turned out but I still wonder if I should take Mr. Shin's advice and have my hair colored so that the curls would be more prominent. I'm having second thoughts because of the" more chemicals applied = bigger possibility to have damaged hair".. Also, I fancy some bangs to go with the curls.

Anyway, I managed to take pictures before and after I had my hair digitally permed. Just scroll down to see my hair transformation..

From straight to digiperm curly!
Plus: How my then 2 month-old digipermed hair looked like after a bath

Wanna have your hair digipermed at Beauty Brick too? Give 'em a call already! 473-5108. I tell you, you won't be sorry especially because Mr Shin and his staff are professional and exceptionally nice!


  1. How much did it cost you? :o

  2. Hi! If I remember correctly, their digiperm costs around Php2500-Php3500 depending on your hair's length and quality. Sorry, I don't really know how much mine cost because the digiperm was a friend's treat. :)

  3. hi there! how many months did the curl last and was it hard to maintain?thanks!!

  4. hi anonymous, sorry for the late response. mr shin mentioned before that perms usually last 4-6 months but mine lasted for 8 months. although, it looked wavy/messy instead of curly.hehe. that's when i decided to have my hair permed again ;) it's not hard to maintain, but you have to condition your hair daily so it won't be frizzy and tangled and deep-condition every week (or every 2 weeks if you're too busy). :) you can read our other posts on digiperms if you like. just click this and this.

  5. I also wanted to have my hair permed at Beauty Brick... I actually went to Tony and Jackey and got disappointed on how they treated me. So I cancelled my digiperm plan for the moment. I think I'll have it after the swimming and all... :)


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