Sunday, October 17, 2010

`Tis the season to be browsing..

Since I spent my bonus on one gadget (will share about this on another post!) and I have to save the rest of my dough for Christmas gifts, all that’s left for me to do is… drool over the bountiful supply of wonderfulness in the internet.

Ideally, I’d go buy all..but in the real world, I’ll probably settle for..3..okay 2.. okay, fine fine, 1. Hahaha.

This one I really can’t buy on my own yet. So to get one, a lot of PR (to the ‘rents) will have to occur.

Towering nude heels
I’m actually looking for a (nude with a pink undertone) Mary Jane platform pair of heels but I haven’t seen any in stores yet. I did read in the sites of other bloggers that they have their shoes custom-made for them but I have no idea where they go for that.

Yellow shoes

I think the ‘red shoes paired with a neutral palette look’ is worn-out already. Why not try wearing the sunshiny color instead? Not only will it brighten your outfit, it will also help you ward off the gloominess of the rainy season.

How about you girls? What have you been ogling for the holidays?

photo collages:


  1. Nude heels are a staple for me. :-) They really really make my short and pudgy legs look better. Boo to my genes.

  2. If only money isn't an issue, I'd buy all those pretty things!

  3. those Hermes are beautiful! :)


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