Monday, September 29, 2008

Hair ala koreana

If there's one thing I am very picky about, it would be my choice of hairdresser. Years of experience has taught me never to trust just anyone with my hair. Because of that, I've become this kind of girl that would go only go to ONE hairdresser for all my hair needs. I cannot go wrong with it especially now that I'm grown up.

Well, in a sudden pang of decisiveness, I went ahead and entrusted my beautiful locks in a Korean's hands. Yes, you read that right. A Korean's hands!
This is my great Tony and Jackey experience :)

I went into the Tony and Jackey store with much apprehension and excitement. Everything looked foreign to me. I didn't know who to approach and what to do. I was also deliberating whether I really should go ahead with it or now. I was scared! Good thing that the man behind the counter was really nice and gave me a price list immediately. Apparently, the store was on a promo then! Wow! Well, it was because of that that I finally decided to just go with it! Ohmy! hahaha! :P

So I had my hair shampooed by this Pinay with fabulous locks. She was not minding me and was chatting with another girl but it didn't bother me. The way she shampooed and massaged my scalp was so relaxing! I totally love the scent of the shampoo as well. It's unlike anything I have ever tried before. Hmmm.. must be Korean made.

After my shampoo, I was seated in front of the mirror. It was then that I started to get scared. I motioned for my friend to hand me the "hair catalog" but another girl was browsing then. Shoot, I haven't decided on what kind of haircut to get yet! Oh no! Well, I didn't get to think too long as a Korean hair stylist suddenly approached me. Then the guy from the door came too. He asked me what I wanted and then translated it to the Korean. So what did I get? Haha, "same style, just shorter please" Haha. Told you I haven't decided yet!

So the Hair stylist got to work! He had this unusual technique that looks scary because he pulls your hair and then sort of "bluntly" cuts it. It was weird because you'd feel like he was doing "boxed" layers of your hair. Nyay!

But after a while, things started to look better. I finally saw how his technique was working for my hair. After a few more snips and fixing my straight bangs, it was done! Oh wooooow! Fabulous!

Sorry girls, can't show you YET. We haven't done the great reveal so maybe next time. Hehe! ;) Just take my word for it, okay? But to give you an idea of the styles they do, here's a sneak peak:

The cool thing about them is how "soft" your cut will look. I mean, just stare at the girl at the right, the layers on her face are soft and not very "pointy" like that of Japanese girls. They give you soft bangs, soft layers, even soft flyaways! haha! They just give you that "sexy" hair! :)

I totally love their perms too! While I was there, a girl was getting her hair permed and it looked fabulous! It was not kinky at all! I think that's the overall appeal of Korean hair care. It's like everything's so delicate that it would not ruin your hair. I mean, just take the Koreans as perfect examples. They change their hair everytime but it shows no sign of damage. The girl washing my hair said it was because Korean hair products are just light so it won't damage your crowning glory.

As for the price, well... I can't exactly say it's cheap because it's not. A haircut will set you back 500php while a perm will burn 3,000-5,000php in your pockets. But don't fret! There's hope! Tony and Jackey has a promo right now!
Woman's haircut - 300php
Rebond- 1500php
Perm- 3000php

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out! I won't be saying this is my GREAT Korean experience if I wasn't satisfied right? right! :)

For more information, go to their site at:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Got nano?

Apple never fails to come up with new suprises for its ipod fans! Now, the nano gets vamped up again and what great modifications they have introduced!

Omigosh. Is it just me or are the colors of the new nano simply divine? Appropriately dubbed as nano-chromatic, this new generation of ipod nanos mixes the best of its old and new tech and design. For one, its style is reminiscent of the 2nd generation nanos which basically looked like a smaller version of the ipod classic. The new additions?

Genius Feature
This finds the songs in your library that go great together and creates its own playlist. Genius!

Shake technology
Reminiscent of the Ericsson technology, the nanos now has the shake feature that lets you change songs with a simple "shaking" of the gadget itself. It's pretty much a simpler version of the shuffle option. Very, very cool! :)

Screen power
The new nano screen is ultra flexible! It lets you view album art, photos and videos in landscape or portrait orientations. What this does is it gives you a bigger screen to work with especially when viewing your videos in landscape mode. The nano really does have the biggest small screen on earth!

Now isn't the new nano simply amazing? I don't know about you guys but I think the improvements on this one is really great especially for a mere 16gb ipod. So what are you waiting for girls? Time to head to your nearest Apple store and score yourself a chromatic!

For more information, check this out:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lapTOP. topSHOP.

Laptops are becoming more and more a student's staple. Almost everyone has one! Well, getting that 12 inch Mac book is not the end of your purchase! You have to make sure you have a great laptop bag to put your new baby in! I mean, hey, you wouldn't want to put a 60-thousand worth of gadget in a horrible and unpadded case right?

So to help you in looking for that ultra cool laptop bag that would soon be housing your baby, we have here a couple of sites that sell the cutest laptop bags and sleeves!

Bags in the City
The laptop bags here are ultra young and hip! They look like mailman bags but with funkier colors! What I love about these is the fact that there is an additional/optional strap so you can carry your bag both ways: either as an across the body bag or a simple handbag! Each bag also come with a free laptop sleeve so on days when you don't want to bring your laptop bag, you can just use your sleeve instead! Each bags costs php1850 :)

Sacs n packs handbags
Sacs n packs offer the "traditional" laptop bag styles but with funkier colors! They look chic and formal but with a splash of color for an "unboring" look. Their style is perfect for college girls who are in limbo from being a teen to becoming a woman. So here goes your compromise!

quilted bag- php1250 ; striped bag- php2250

This one's my personal favorite. Their designs are unique and very funky. It's like one of those shops that only the "it" crowd knows of as the bags are exclusively distributed through posh and "cool" stores in the country. I also love the fluidity of the designs which makes it look very elegant and chic. My money's definitely on these.

laptop bag w/ sleeve- php2500 ; sleeve- php850

Go on girls! Time to give your cute laptops their own cute homes :)

p.s. Don't forget to add the delivery fee to the amounts indicated. Shipping rates apply per region :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Restaurant Review: Flapjacks!

Clap clap for Flapjacks! One fine afternoon, we were so hungry because we still haven't eaten breakfast. We saw this pancake resto and we instantly thought.."Perfect for Brunch!"

And yes, it was indeed perfect for brunch. Although their specialty is pancakes, we decided to try their rice meals instead. But you have to know that it was hard for us to resist ordering the "Eat all the pancakes you can" Promo they had cause the fillings/stuffings were all exposed to us. There was marshmallows, almonds, fruits, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, whipped cream and many more!

So, back to our scrumptious meals..we ordered the following:

vegetarian omellette p295.00
(the serving was really huge!)

crispy chicken with cream sauce p365.00
(delicious delicious delicious! crunchy chicken, soft rice, creamy sauce, buttered corn..yum!)

grilled chicken tocino p225.00

(grilled to perfection! simply divine!)

Their cuisine is a mixture of American and Filipino, so if you feel like eating a heavy Filipino rice meal or eating bread ala Americana then Flapjacks could surely satisfy you. Wanna try their meals? Then what are you waiting for, head to Greenbelt 2 or Robinson's Midtown now! ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

face your manga

i know some of you might say that you're too old to enjoy sites like this..but hey, come're never too old to have fun! if you have free time and getting artsy fartsy is your kind of relaxation, then why don't you go visit THIS?

i had fun creating my manga and i'm even planning to make one each for my friends! hehe ;) here, check out my manga.. ;) don't you also wonder how you'd look like in 2D? :) well, i do.haha. that's also another reason why i tried it.

come on, try it..if you enjoy making your own manga and you want to share how yours look like, then leave us a comment!

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