Thursday, September 11, 2008

Restaurant Review: Flapjacks!

Clap clap for Flapjacks! One fine afternoon, we were so hungry because we still haven't eaten breakfast. We saw this pancake resto and we instantly thought.."Perfect for Brunch!"

And yes, it was indeed perfect for brunch. Although their specialty is pancakes, we decided to try their rice meals instead. But you have to know that it was hard for us to resist ordering the "Eat all the pancakes you can" Promo they had cause the fillings/stuffings were all exposed to us. There was marshmallows, almonds, fruits, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, whipped cream and many more!

So, back to our scrumptious meals..we ordered the following:

vegetarian omellette p295.00
(the serving was really huge!)

crispy chicken with cream sauce p365.00
(delicious delicious delicious! crunchy chicken, soft rice, creamy sauce, buttered corn..yum!)

grilled chicken tocino p225.00

(grilled to perfection! simply divine!)

Their cuisine is a mixture of American and Filipino, so if you feel like eating a heavy Filipino rice meal or eating bread ala Americana then Flapjacks could surely satisfy you. Wanna try their meals? Then what are you waiting for, head to Greenbelt 2 or Robinson's Midtown now! ;)

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