Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lapTOP. topSHOP.

Laptops are becoming more and more a student's staple. Almost everyone has one! Well, getting that 12 inch Mac book is not the end of your purchase! You have to make sure you have a great laptop bag to put your new baby in! I mean, hey, you wouldn't want to put a 60-thousand worth of gadget in a horrible and unpadded case right?

So to help you in looking for that ultra cool laptop bag that would soon be housing your baby, we have here a couple of sites that sell the cutest laptop bags and sleeves!

Bags in the City
The laptop bags here are ultra young and hip! They look like mailman bags but with funkier colors! What I love about these is the fact that there is an additional/optional strap so you can carry your bag both ways: either as an across the body bag or a simple handbag! Each bag also come with a free laptop sleeve so on days when you don't want to bring your laptop bag, you can just use your sleeve instead! Each bags costs php1850 :)


Sacs n packs handbags
Sacs n packs offer the "traditional" laptop bag styles but with funkier colors! They look chic and formal but with a splash of color for an "unboring" look. Their style is perfect for college girls who are in limbo from being a teen to becoming a woman. So here goes your compromise!

quilted bag- php1250 ; striped bag- php2250


This one's my personal favorite. Their designs are unique and very funky. It's like one of those shops that only the "it" crowd knows of as the bags are exclusively distributed through posh and "cool" stores in the country. I also love the fluidity of the designs which makes it look very elegant and chic. My money's definitely on these.

laptop bag w/ sleeve- php2500 ; sleeve- php850


Go on girls! Time to give your cute laptops their own cute homes :)

p.s. Don't forget to add the delivery fee to the amounts indicated. Shipping rates apply per region :)

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