Friday, February 29, 2008

Another kind of sweets!

Before the love month finally ends, let me push the mushiness to the limit and give you the last sweet treat for the month! But let me go beyond the ordinary and give you instead the unconventional kind of sweet treats that you and your girlfriends would definitely love! Presenting, the unedible desserts!

Soap Cupcakes by Milk and Mixture

If you're a big fan of cupcakes (like me and S), then I think you would love, love this sweet find! These little soaps are designed to look like cupcakes and even come in great cake flavors! There's cherry, mocha creme, peppermint frost, strawberry, tropical coco pandan, mint chocolate and chocolate! I am rather excited to try the mocha creme and mint chocolate because they just sound (and look) really, really tasty! -- err, not that I'm going to become a soap-eater anytime soon! They're just so lovely to look at that you would easily mistake them to be the real thing! Also, they smell as good as they look too! So using these soaps would make you smell as sweet as they are! Cool, cool, cool!

The fun thing about these too are their packaging! You may buy them by 1's and boxes of 3's and 6's that come in these really cute cupcake boxes! I tell you, they really look like real cupcakes fresh from a bakeshop!-- and for the price of 75php each, these cupcakes are sure to be big hits for you and your girlfriends!

Fudge Bucket soaps by Milk and Mixture

Here's one for the chocoholics! If those cute cupcakes didn't tickle your fancy, then I bet these chocolate soap shavings would make you wish you were munching on a huge bar of Hershey's! Much like the cupcake soaps, these little treats smell as good as they look!

They are placed in tall microvable containers that were made to resemble buckets. Sooo cute! It even includes a loofah inside for exfoliation.

The makers of this product says that anyone who uses these cute choco savings would leave the shower smelling of fudge, almonds and amaretto combined! Now, doesn't that tempting? But if you do not want to use these soaps in the shower, you could always put them inside your cabinet or in the bathroom as they could double as air fresheners too. Wow, the air smelling of chocolates all day long? That would be heaven to me!

Lipglosses from Charmcandy

Since I bought my Cappuccino flavored lipgloss from Watson's Beijing, I have been on the look out for food flavored lipgloss like that in the Philippines. And alas! I found finally found them!

Charm candy offers a variety of food flavored lip glosses that would really whet your apetite and make you feel like you have just eaten one of those delectable treats! My personal favorite of the lipglosses is the Reese's peanut butter lip gloss because I just love, love Reese's! Too bad though that I wasn't able to buy one because it's already sold out! Yes, even these unedible treats sell as fast as their "real" counterparts! So if you plan on buying girls, I suggest you act fast!

Desert Body Splash from Charmcandy

Now you can smell of your favorite dessert all day long! Yes girls, here's a line of dessert-inspired perfume for you that would make you smell sweet whatever time of the day!

These sweet smelling liquids come in the most delectable scents like cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate chip cookie, vanilla and chocolate! Yum-my! You can use these anytime although you should use them sparingly as you wouldn't want to smell TOO sweet as well especially in Manila's hot weather because the smell of something sweet mixed with your sweat is NOT GOOD.

Dessert Jewelry by Angeli

Since clay art has made waves here in the country, our resident clay artists have become very creative in coming up with dessert inspired pieces! --and the Mother of all these? The Bead Lady, Angeli.

The Bead Lady offers clay jewelry of all shapes and sizes but I believe the greatest and most popular of them is her dessert line which features cupcakes, baked treats and even frosties! These little pieces can either be used as a pendant or as charm for your bracelet. Intricately done, these little treasures resemble the real thing to the letter! I tell you, you and your friends would suddenly be drool-worthy when you sport these stuff! (pun intended. hehe.)

The Love month may have finally come to a close but that doesn't mean the sweets, roses and mushiness must disappear with it too! Like Christmas, why don't we make everyday Valentine's? That would surely create a lighthearted and love-filled world! Now, who wouldn't want that, right? *wink!

Milk and Mixture


Angeli's art beads
also available at Peppered Cherry
2/F Serendra, The Fort, Taguig

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sexy Coffee!

Coffee ain't a man's drink anymore. It has suddenly turned more feminine. Sexier. Naughtier.

Yes girls! That's the image Delifrance is trying to create for their new line of coffees which unbelievably contain alcohol! *gasp!* Alcohol in our coffee? Hmm... that's something I didn't imagine possible! But yeah, Delifrance did the unthinkable and came up with that unlikely combination! It's now up to us girls to find out if that combi actually works or not! -- and Delifrance has made that easier for us by giving away free coffee!

Yes, yes, free coffee! From March 3-7 at 5-7pm, Delifrance is giving away free "spiked coffees" to their dining in customers. The only thing you need to do is give the barista the password when he asks for it. The password being... *drumroll please*, "naughty with my coffee". Oooohh.. cool line! It actually makes me want to go there just to say the password more than tasting the spiked treats. Haha! Baaaad.

Anyway, S and I are huge coffee drinkers so news like this excites us! We are already very excited to try our these new treats! The only thing hindering us from getting these glorious cups of caffeine is the time. 5-7 pm at Delifrance? Hmm... let's see.

Schedule of FREE spiked coffee:
March 3: Mayan Passion Kahlua
March 4: Irish Kiss Baileys Iced
March 5: Sputnik Vodka Expresso
March 6: Mayan Passion Kahlua Iced
March 7: Irish Kiss Baileys

This promo is available at ALL Delifrance branches in the Metro. For the full list, check out their site at:

Update us if you get to try it okay? We'll do too if we get our hands on one of those interesting cups of caffeine ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

PK girls adore musicians and vice-versa

Are you excited? They've added a new date for Ne-yo's concert here in the Philippines. Originally, they've set Feb.29 for Ne-yo's Araneta performance but because the tickets were sold out early, the producers agreed to hold an extra concert night - March 1!

Now, now girls...who's watching? I am! I have a few tips for you to remember in watching a concert.. You know we PK girls still have to prepare for our encounter with our favorite star, right?

Before the big event!

1: Don't forget to brush up on your knowledge of your favorite star's song lyrics. You wouldn't want to be merely humming the whole time would you? (haha!)

2: Fix your bag the day before. Don't forget your tickets and your camera! A word of advice: don't bring a lot of stuff, you'd want to keep your bag very light because your stuff should be the least of your worries during the concert.

3: Try driving out to the concert venue if you can. It's good to be familiar of where the concert will be held because you wouldn't want to be late just co'z you lost your way, right? Also, take note of which gate you are supposed to go through. Most concert venues have separate entrances for different seats so try to find out which gate you are to enter because again you wouldn't want to be late for the show just co'z you got lost.

4: Find out if there are any rules in the concert venue. Sometimes there are arenas where a couple of rules are set for the audiences such as no cameras allowed, no bringing of ballpens, no wearing of metallic bangles, etc. Research on these kind of rules because I tell you girls, they actually exist! Try finding out about whether the concert venues have rules like these to save any hassles on the day itself.

5: Create a banner or sign. Yes, going to your favorite artist's concert would be amazing enough but wouldn't it be even better if he/she actually notices you through your banner? Who knows, your favorite artist just might read your banner's message out loud! This is one sure fire way of catching your favorite artist's attention in a sea of faces!

6: Leave for the concert at least two hours earlier. Expect that a lot of the concert goers would be bringing their own cars. Expect that all of you are excited and would want to park at a good spot. Expect really heavy traffic. Allot time for these things. A little time allowance won't hurt anybody. Besides, it's better to be safe than sorry. We don't want to miss our rockstar's grand entrance now, do we?

7: Wear comfortable clothes. Although it's a concert and flashy outfits are a surefire way of getting noticed in the crowd, you would still want to put comfort top priority when choosing something to wear. Go for sneakers and flats and try to stay away from open sandals much more slippers because not only would you risk getting stepped on by the dancing crowd, you also risk playing Cinderella (if you know what I mean. haha!)

8: Come in your prettiest!-- not that you're not pretty already but I tell you, concerts are also one of the few venues you could actually go all out with prettifying yourself! Wear makeup because the venue is very dark so you'd want to look pretty even with little light. Also, try to tie your hair in a bun or up in a ponytail because I tell you, even if the venue is airconditioned, you'd still be sweating bucketloads from all the people and of course with the dancing you'll do! Another reason you should come in your prettiest is because there is a very, very huge chance that a celebrity or even one of your favorite local artist (think: Yael Yuzon, Champ Lui Pio, Miggy Chavez) would be watching the concert too so you better come prepared!

During the big event!

1: Survey the audience before sitting down! Yes, you're in the concert to see your favorite star but you should still take a little time and look around the audience to see if there are any familiar faces in the crowd such as celebrities and even rockstars themselves. Who knows, you might even get the chance to have a picture taken with one of your favorite local artist!

2: Maintain eye contact with the artist especially on a sweet song. Err, that is if you're close enough to do that! Well if you are, then do it! When you keep on trying to catch the artist's eye, it's most likely that he would soon catch yours too and once you get his gaze fixed you, I tell you girl, he wouldn't take it off! This works perfectly along with songs that are ultra sweet. Try it and I tell you, he would be dedicating that song to you already! And if you're really lucky, he might even go down the stage and take your hand! Now, wouldn't that be the greatest??

3: Wave, wave, wave! This advice is more for those people with seats a little far from the stage. Whenever the artist looks in your direction, grab that chance to wave at him! There's a big chance he'll wave back too! --and that's already a great story to tell your friends!

4: Don't be shy to sing and dance along to the songs! Even if no one is standing up nor singing loudly in your row or in your area for that matter, that shouldn't stop you from doing it! It's a concert for crying out loud! Just let loose and have fun! I tell you your favorite artist will greatly appreciate you more when he sees you singing and dancing along to his songs!

5: ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! Need we say more?

After the big event!

1: Don't leave the venue just yet! Not only will you be able to avoid the hoard of crowd leaving the venue, you would also have the chance to rub elbows with some stars! Sometimes artists after performing do not leave immediately, instead they let the crowd go first so not to risk being mugged. If they did leave early though, it's still okay because I tell you there would still be a lot of "other" stars left at the venue! Most celebrities tend to stay long after the concert is finished because they want to avoid the crowd. If you have already spotted a celebrity the moment you walked in a venue, try to take this chance at the end of the concert to approach him/her for a photograph!

2: Upload pictures. What better way to let the adrenaline rush keep flowing but looking at your snapshots. It wouldn't only remind you of how rockin' your experience was, it would also show the world how much fun you and your friends had.

3: Go online and comment on this article. Share your experience with us. Tell us if you have additional tips! Those would be greatly appreciated.

Have a rockin' concert experience PK girls!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mushy flicks part 3

...And we've finally come to the last week of our movie marathon! Sorry if it's a day late girls. We have been very busy plus we've also been down with colds these past few days (talk about being friends who share everything, ey?). Anyhow, here's our final list of movies to watch for this last week of the month of Love!

10 things I hate about you - Are you a fan of Shakespeare? Particularly like his story, the Taming of the Shrew? Well if yes, then this movie is for you! If no, it's still for you! haha!:) No, seriously, even if this film is based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, even non-shakespeare lovers would love this flick!

The story per se is not spectacular because as I said it's just an adaptation of the famed play by Shakespeare. If you are a fan of the play, you would easily see the Shakesperean references of the movie starting with the name of the two sisters in the film, Katarina and Bianca, which were obviously taken from the two sisters Katherine and Bianca from the original play. Very Shakepeare right? Well yes, very, very but you know I think its Shakepearean theme actually added to the appeal of the film. It was very romantic plus the scenes were laid out perfectly in true Shakespearean fashion.

Another one of the things that made this appeal to me (other than that the stars are actually teens) is the soundtrack of the film. The songs are soooo perfect for the scenes and the timing was flawless! A scene in point: Patrick(Heath Ledger) asks Kat (Julia Stiles) to the prom with their school band playing "can't take my eyes off you". Soooo sweet! lastly, if you're still not convinced, let me include here the famous poem Kat patterned from Shakespeare's sonnet 141 that she recited in class for Patrick:

I hate the way you're always right
I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh
even worse when you make me cry
I hate it that you're not around
and the fact that you didn't call
But mostly I hate the way I don 't hate you
not even close, not even a little bit, not even any at all.

My girl - My earliest memories of pining for Mackauley Culkin was when I saw this film. For a kid my age then, it was shocking beyond shocking to see two kids actually kiss! But you know, even if I didn't understand a thing then about relationships and all that, I absolutely adored this film!-- much more when I watched it again a good ten years after :)

Surprisingly, I didn't change at all! I still had that warm fuzzy feeling inside for the whole duration of the film. I still freaked out at the thought that Vada lived in a Funeral parlor and embarassingly, I still wanted to buy a mood ring right after I watched the flick! haha! :) The only thing that changed in me a decade after first seeing that movie is that after I watched it, I suddenly felt young again. (Oh no! Am I really getting older? nyay!) The plot was so sweet and so light and just so refreshingly young. This is one of those films that you wouldn't mind watching over and over because there's just no bad parts to it! You do have to prepare your hankies when you go watch this because I tell you, you would be crying bucket loads after it! But you know what, every tear you shed for this film would be so worth it!

Little manhattan - If you want to be reminded of the first time you felt love, then this is the flick for you! Honestly, the whole time I was watching this movie (which was only recently), I had that weird nostalgic feeling in my heart. I think it was because the plot was between tweens and it centered on the first time they felt love. So after the flick, I was trying to recall the first time I noticed the opposite sex and realized that I have noticed them since I was in pre-school. Talk about really early! haha! :) Yes, I had crushes early in my youth. I think I'm just a really appreciative person. :P

Well, if you'd like to be reminded of how it felt like when you had your first crush or your first love, then I tell you, this movie is truly perfect for you! It's even funny because the boy in the movie really had no idea what was happening to him. A funny line he said when he first felt love was, "why do I feel like there are butterflies in my heart?". See how he is so naive? It' so cute! It's even cuter because the first time he felt the downsides of love, he cried like a little baby! You should see him crying, it was so hilarious! It's even funnier because he's a boy and it's funny to think that the boys we pine for now cried like that too the first time they had their hearts broken. What happened to Mr. Tough guy, ey? lol!

Ultimately, I think what really makes this movie appealing is that it reminds us of the time when everything else was uncomplicated. I mean, we were once very young. Our days were longer and were filled with play, simple adventures, and silly activities. Love to us then was such a simple thing but now... well, I won't even start on that! haha! I say just watch it, okay? I'm telling you, you'd love it!-- and I'd bet my marc jacobs kitty flats on that!

So that's it girls! The last of our mushy flicks marathons! I hope you all had fun watching these flicks the entirety of February because I had! But if you were too busy or just couldn't get your hands on any of the movies, don't fret! You could always refer to these posts and watch the flicks some other time. :)

Here's to more movie marathons in the future PK girls!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Movie Review: Juno

we won't stop until somebody calls the cops
and even then we'll start again and just pretend that
nothing ever happened

Ack! What a catchy tune! I was able to watch Juno, an indie film, Monday last week. It had such an interesting plot that I watched it again with NJ.

Juno, a 16 year old High School student, does the 'deed' with her slightly dorky and passive boyfriend. Although they were both first-timers they managed to get pregnant. Since she is still too young, she decides to abort the baby BUT while waiting for the doctor, things happen. Let's just say that the rest of the story starts when that happens. She decides to keep the baby and put it up for adoption, instead.

While watching, we couldn't help but ask "Is it really that 'casual' for teens to get preggy in the states?" A good example is Jamie-Lynn Spears. Anyway, back to our story, Juno, her friend, boyfriend and parents react quite calmly about the news. Another thing we noticed was it seemed so convenient for pregnant women in the US to abort their babies. However, the straightforwardness and brutal honesty of Juno and of the other characters made the film more appealing.

Ellen Page did a great job in portraying Juno. She did a spot-on portrayal of an average, carefree teenager. Jennifer Garner is also excellent in this film. You'd get drawn to her "I-was-born-to-be-a-mother" character so easily.

If you are interested to watch Juno, I suggest that you go to the nearest cinema now and catch it. But please take our advice and watch it with an open mind. Although it has some vulgar language and scenes, they have a point, promise.

Another reason to watch this film? It's Oscar-nominated.
PK rating: 9/10

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why crushing is better than dating

No Boyfriend Since Birth Society. Tell me, who among you girls are members of this club? C'mon now, no need to be shy about it! There's nothing wrong with being single! Nothing wrong with waiting for "the one" too! So, I say again (louder this time) All you certified members of the NBSB Society, hollerrrr! Whut? Whut? I can't hear you! Hollerrr!

Feels much better doesn't it? There's really nothing better than having all your single girlfriends unite and have some good old fashioned bonding. Yes! Time to celebrate singlehood, time to celebrate liberation! Being single is fun!-- especially so when you're merely admiring a boy. Yes girls, I'm talking about crushing! And I am here to give you some reasons why I believe crushing is so much more better (and fun-ner) than dating!

  1. You can plot hallway routes that provide maximum exposure to his adorable face.
  2. Choosing an outfit for school takes on a whole new dimension.
  3. You fall asleep at night to the thought of him on his knees serenading you with a 98 degrees ballad (so old school!)
  4. 4. It's fun scribbling 'him + you = True Love Forever' in discrete places.
  5. 5. You break your own record running in PE class in order to "casually" keep pace with lover boy.
  6. 6. Your pals can help you analyze your crush's every move and signs that you're meant to be together.
  7. 7. That momentary skipping thing that your heart does when your cellphone beeps.
  8. 8. It's fun to cast yourself and the object of your affection as the stars of movies like 10 things I hate about you, Stardust and Enchanted.
  9. Every love song suddenly pertains to you.
  10. You never have to talk about your relationship: instead, you can create the perfect romance in your head.
  11. You don't have to learn about any of his nasty little habits like eating raw onions on everything.
  12. Instead of spending time wondering if his friends like you, you can spend your time deciding which of his friends you get along best and who would most likely vouch for you.
  13. The library suddenly becomes your favorite hang out when you find out that lover boy spends his time there.
  14. It's fun playing "stalker" as you check his friendster page and blog to know updates about him.
  15. You don't have to deal with each others' differences. Instead you can focus on even the littlest similarity with him as each one convinces you that you two are meant to be.
  16. You suddenly become interested in sports, rock music and books because you find out he likes them too.
  17. You go to his every game, every performance, every event, pretending to be his ever-supportive girlfriend. (hey, this adds major "ganda points!")
  18. Suddenly, wherever you go, you get giddy at the thought that he might be there too.

February is not just the love month! For some it is the Single Awareness Month too. But you know, being single doesn't really need to be negative all the time! It's actually fun being single! It's fun having crushes! It's fun being unattached but feeling attached if you know what I mean (hehe!) So again, all my ladies out there C'MON NOW, Hollerrrrr!

...Because we're fab and we know it! *wink!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mushy Flicks part 2

Hail the queen of romantic flicks! Hail Drew Barrymore! :) Yes! This girl really is queen of mushy, uber cheesy, chick flicks! It's like when hollywood needs a romantic movie, it calls on Drew for a fool-proof performance. She just never fails to charm her way into the audience's heart and make us all feel like we're actually in her character's shoes! Yes, that's the magic that is Drew Barrymore! :)

So in tribute to Drew and of course in continuation of our Mushy flicks weekend marathon, we have compiled here some of the best Drew Barrymore romantic flicks of all time! (err, just the ones we've actually seen that is)

1. Never been kissed - Tell me honestly, did you get your perfect foot-popping first kiss? Was your first kiss really like the one you imagined to have with that person you dreamed of getting it from? Well, some may say yes, some no (as for me, I remain mum about this because I haven't gotten it yet!) but bottomline is, everyone's first kiss is unforgettable!

So if you want to relive your fantasies of that perfect first kiss or just want to feel how it is to fall in love, then this flick is for you! Much more than showing love and being all mushy, this movie also shows the cliques and the ins and outs of falling in love in high school-- and we all know that the love we find in high school is very special!

2. Wedding singer - Know the song Grow old with you by Adam Sandler? Well this is the flick that made that song famous! Who would ever forget the look on Drew's face when Adam starts to serenade her in an airplane through the PA system? I mean, hey, that is like the best way to serenade a girl! Aside from that really sweet scene in the end, I am very sure you would love this movie especially if you're into musical-type of films as there are a lot of "musical" moments in the flick.

3. 50 First dates - The first time I saw this film, I cried really, really hard. I was so amazed by how patient and dedicated Adam was to Drew. I mean, hello?!? Tell me, would you really have the patience and dedication to constantly win over the love of your life everyday? Man, that would be tiring!

This movie also was the reason most girls started to look for their "penguins". It was said in the movie that when penguins look for their partners, they look long and hard and when they find him/her, it would be "the one". Awww... How sweet is that?

4. Music and lyrics - The first time I heard about this movie, I didn't fall in love with the plot immediately. It was too mediocre for me but after I watched it, it made me want to watch it again and again! It was simple, yes, but the story was just sweet and very realistic. I especially love this flick because I enjoy "musicals". The song "way back into love" is from this movie. It is already a great song as it is but I tell you, you would appreciate it more if you see the film too as it is in the film that the lyrics of that song was created.

5. Ever after - if you're into fairytales and if you have a soft spot for Cinderella, then you would love this film! Its story is like that of Cinderella complete with an evil stepmother and bitch stepsisters. Of course, it also had a prince and castle, much like the Disney orginal-- minus the unrealistic "magical" part. You should also take note of the dresses her especially the one used by Drew during the ball. The dresses are just spectacular! It would make you want to live during that period! --and you know, with the existence of Prince at that time, who wouldn't??

See now why Drew is the queen of romantic flicks? *bats eyelashes*

Have a great "Drew" weekend girlfriends! *wink!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sing me something sweet

! It's that time of year again! Yes, time for love, love, love, love! For some it may mean dates with their special someones or roses from that secret admirer but for those who aren't as lucky, this day may just be the ultimate, "single awareness day". But don't fret girlfriend! You don't have to have a special someone this valentine's to have fun! You can always enjoy being with your single self! So while you're doing that, I have compiled here a couple of love songs that would be the perfect background for you as you dream of that dashing prince of yours! (just imagine someone is actually dedicating these songs to you!)

1. From the heart by Another Level
From the heart
I'm giving you everything, everything
From the heart
I promise you that I'll be there
I'll be there to love you

2. Stick Around by Azure
Whenever you’re sad
Whenever you’re crying
I’ll be the one who wipes away your tears

3. Your guardian angel by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

I will never let you fall.
I'll stand up with you forever.
I'll be there for you through it all.
Even if saving you sends me to heaven.

4. You and me by Lifehouse

And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

5. That's when I'll stop loving you by N'sync

When winter comes in summer
When theres no more forever
Yeah, that's when I'll stop loving you

6. Cuida by Sugarfree

Kung ako lang ang masusunod
Aakuhin ko ang iyong pagod
'di ka na muling luluha
Lahat ng 'yong dinaldala, akin na
Kung akin lang ang mundo
Ibibigay ko siya sa iyo

7. Because I love you by Drop n' Harmony

Because I love you
Youre the flame that sets my soul on fire
That special girl I pray for every night
That pretty melody
That plays over and over again in my head
Cause I love you

8. When I think of you by Lee Ryan

It's a feeling that you get
When you know that something's true
When I think of love I think of you

9. Love will show you everything by Jennifer Love Hewitt

I love you
You love me
Take this gift and don't ask why
Cause if you will let me
I'll take what scares you
Hold it deep inside

10. Because of you by 98 degrees

You’re my sunshine after the rain
You’re the cure against my fear and my pain
‘Cause I’m losing my mind
When you’re not around
It’s all because of you

Enjoy the tracks girlfriend! They would be perfect background as you go sip hot chocolate and dream of your perfect romance! Happy Hearts' Day! xoxo - PK

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

sweets for your sweet (or you and your friends) this hearts day

My earliest memory of receiving a "sweet" Valentine's Day present is when I received my first humongous box of Ferrero Rocher. Yes, yes Ferrero is now a Valentine's Day chocolate staple. Did you know that last year, Ferrero's price increased when the week of Feb. 14 stepped in? That being said, we know that Ferrero is not the cheapest of the chocolates. You'd most probably leave a hole in your pockets if you plan to give all your friends a 3-piece set just to let them know you're sweet. This is why I came up with a back-up plan. There are a lot of other chocolate brands out there! Here's a list of some of the chocolates that are not too commercial, not too cheap and which your tastebuds would surely appreciate.

A disclaimer though, for those who could afford and want nothing but the best for their special someone or their friends, then...

1. FERRERO ROCHER the way to go! Just looking at its elegant and classy gold wrapper, you are assured of the delectable treat inside. I cannot stop imagining how crisp and crunchy that hazelnut exterior is. And when you bite it, surprise surprise! There's a ball of creamy soft milk chocolate inside. The interplay of textures and the nutty chocolate with the milk chocolate is just divine!

However, for those with a slightly tighter budget...why don't you try..

Of course, the classic Hershey's Milk Chocolate is still part of the list of the most comforting chocolate bars. However, since it is Valentine's you should go for the Hershey bar with an edge.

Yeah, I'm a bit addicted to anything with mint. Mint iced tea, peppermint mocha, Mint choco chip ice cream... So for girls who are also mint addicts, this chocolate is for you.

Some people say this is better than Ferrero Rocher because (1) it is harder to find (2) it is more chocolatey-er (3) you'd get the same smooth hazelnut praline taste (4)it is cheaper. I think what they mean is that it's like you're eating the inner core of a Ferrero. If you find one, go let your special someone try it right away. I tell you, this chocolate is simply divine!

Here's a slightly more expensive line of Swiss chocolates. Lindt offers pralines, chocolate bars, even golden chocolate easter bunnies. What makes this chocolate bar unique is its unusual flavor combinations. For example, they have flavors such as creme brulee, lemon tart and raspberry. Also, Lindt is thinner than most chocolate bars. You know, there really is something sensual about the feeling of subtly tasting chocolate.

Now here's something for those who have a really tight budget but still wants something 'worldly' for their loved one or friends.

Reese's are usually available in supermarkets making them easy to find. This chocolate is for the chocolate AND peanut butter lovers. Also, what's great about Reese's is that it's good even when it is just at room temperature (not chilled or refrigerated). Another good thing about the Reese's peanut butter cups is that one packet has 2 cups - making it good for sharing!

Twix are also found in supermarkets however it's usually seen in more 'high-end' supermarkets. If Reese's is for chocolate and PB lovers, Twix is for the caramel lovers! Twix chocolate is a butter cookie center with a caramel filling that is completely covered with milk chocolate. This is one chocolate that is better if served at room temperature because the refrigerated ones end up having rock hard caramel centers. So, if extreme sweetness and texture is what you're after, Twix is the way to go.

Toblerone is also easy to find. Almost all supermarkets have Toblerone. This chocolate is for nougat lovers. Nougat is the white bits you taste inside the bar. What's good about Toblerone is that it is great served at room temperature or refrigerated.

I have another tip for you PK girls...
Why don't you try buying chocolates at the specialty store..Here's a short list:
1. Truffles from France
2. Leonida's
3. Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar

So, come on girls..let's get our cute little butts to specialty stores or to supermarkets and get our hunnies or our girl friends some sweets. Don't forget to grab a few for yourself. Happy chocolate shopping ;)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Another gift-giving holiday

Valentine's is no longer just a day for lovers. It has also become the Single Awareness Day. To celebrate the event, both couples and groups of friends date each other and give each other sweet, heartbeat-stopping presents. I have listed several categories to help you decide which gifts to give your friends or special someone.

These are the usual gifts given during Valentine's. Some might say that these gifts are already 'rusty' but on the contrary, being traditional gives off a sense of elegance. It makes you feel the purity of the romance. If you're the conservative, traditional type I suggest you give your loved one something from this list:

1. Stuffed Toy
When I was in high school I've received numerous teddy bears and I distinctly remember that I'd get really happy (just like a child who receives a lollipop) to get one. No matter how tiny or huge the bear I get, I get giddy. The thought of being given a stuffed teddy bear, something that's supposed to represent the person whenever you need or want a hug, makes you feel like you're reliving your childhood. Ideally, you give your friends the smaller ones and you give your love the bigger ones.

2. Chocolates
Nothing tells your sweetie that they're the sweetest better than chocolates. Chocolates are said to contain an ingredient which makes you produce an enzyme that is similar to the enyzme produced by people who are in love. That being said, chocolates are wonderful gifts for your co-single friends, too. These would not only satisfy their sweet tooth, these would also let them get the feel of being in love!

3. Flowers
Flowers are usually given by guys who are courting the girls. However, as it is the Hearts day, why don't we PK girls turn the table and give our guy some flowers? I know, it's a bit risque but I'm sure they'd think it's sweet once they find a single blue rose on their bed. For the single girls who wish to give their friends flowers, go right ahead. Flowers have certain meanings, so why don't you try giving your friends a white carnation for good luck or red rosebuds which means pure and lovely?


Yes, expensive jewelry such as a Tiffany and Co. necklace means it's only meant for your special someone but if you're the artsy fartsy type, then why not make bracelets for your friends? Customized accessories are definitely appreciated by all.

5.Candlelight Dinner
I imagine eating dinner by the candlelight at a fancy restaurant with my loved one to be one of the most divine experiences to have. In the mean time, as I wait for my prince, I'd also love to eat a candlelit dinner with my loved oneS, my friends. Surely, that dinner would be loads of fun and we'd surely find things to make each and every one of us feel special and loved.

This type of gifts or treats are for the young couples, young-at-heart lovers, and youthful singles out there. These are out of the ordinary ideas but are still normal enough to do. If you think your friends or loved one would love to get an adventurous gift then check the list.

1. Out-of-town trip
Why don't you go on a road trip to Tagaytay, Laguna, or Subic? Single girls go with your single friends, hooked girls go with your corresponding partners. Explore the place you choose.

For the lovers: In Tagaytay, go to the Picnic Grove and while you're at it, secretly put little notes for your guy inside the picnic basket. In Laguna, why not go to Enchanted Kingdom, ride the Wheel of Fate and whisper sweet nothings to each other? And in Subic, I suggest you try one of the many trails or go to Ocean Adventure.

For the single and mingling: In Tagaytay, try horseback riding! In Laguna, try the Pansol Hot Springs. In Subic, check out the Zoobic Safari. Use this holiday to bond like Mighty Bond with your friends!

Most spas, like The Spa Jupiter Makati, have rooms for couples. Treat each other to a day full of spa services. This would not only get you two relaxed, this would also give you time to recollect on how lucky you are to have each other. However, if you wish to treat your single friends to a spa, try Nail Spa or Tips n' Toes. I have yet to try Nailicious' services. The last spa is a home-service one. If you wish to invite your friends over and have a spa day at your place, then call up Nailicious.

For couples who like to par-tay with other couples then bars like Embassy The Fort is the place to go to. If you and your single friends are up for some dancing and are looking for Valentine's day dance partners then bars are your thing.

It is the 21st century and in this century, friends could give their other girl friends underwear as gifts without being seen as someone who is too graphic or explicit. There are a lot of cute undies in the market nowadays. Bench, Top Shop, and Penshoppe are some stores that have cute undies you could give to your friends. For couples, however, fancier underwear (more commonly known as lingerie) could be given as gifts.

5. Concert
There are a lot of Valentine Concerts this year. If your loved one appreciates good music, then why not treat him/her to a Valentine Concert? If you and your friends are audiophiles then I suggest you date each other to a concert as well. Singing (as well as good food) is one surefire way to a person's heart, you know.

This hearts day why don't you try something really unexpected, something extraordinary? Here's some ideas if you've already tried the traditional and adventurous ones in the past.

Although this suggestion is more applicable to the lovers, we could still modify this so that it would apply to you and your friends. It would really touch a person's heart to be serenaded...old school style! I know this usually means your guy playing a guitar in his Barong but since PK girls are innovative, why not turn the table once again? Why don't you sing a sweet tune to your lover while you're playing a guitar. If you don't know how to play one, ask a friend who knows how to. If you can't find anyone to play the guitar for you, use your ipod and your speakers or your boombox! Now how to modify this for you and your girls? Why not go to a KTV such as Red Box (there's one in Greenbelt and in Trinoma) and dedicate a song for each friend? Now that would be adorable!

2. Cribs
Why don't you go to an orphanage or an advocacy agency? Cribs Philippines is an excellent example! Why cribs, you ask? Well simply because babies babies babies are love love love!! Don't you find love, joy and hope when you see infants laughing? I do!

Lovers would appreciate babies because some of them pretend the baby's theirs. Others would love this experience because babies are just simply charming! Singles would also appreciate this because they get to share a different kind of love, something more profound. A nurturing love the babies greatly need and deserve.

3. Skating
Since we are in a tropical country, we do not get the luxury of experiencing snow. If you wish to live your Koreanovela-slash- Serendipity dreams then head to SM Megamall or SM Mall of Asia for some skating action with your loves. Isn't it just enchanting to hold your loved one's hand while you go around the rink. Or, you and your friends could help each other out and learn how to properly skate.
Whoever you choose to go with, I'm pretty sure you'll have loads of fun! :)

I'm sure that there's the one thing (no matter how silly) your special someone or your friend keeps on saying that he/she "WANTS"... This might be hard because you'd have to think really well and really deep. Try to remember what he/she keeps on mentioning. For example, your loved one lost his Nike Lance Armstrong Livestrong baller band. It's been two months since he lost it and he still keeps on mentioning how much he misses it and how much he wants to have a new one, it's just not in his budget. *Ding ding ding!* Instant gift idea! Go ahead and buy him a new one! Before giving it to him, add a love letter so as to give it more oomph. Now go and see how your handsome guy turns into a cute little boy once he opens your present.

Remember, no matter what you do or what you give your love or your friends what would make it sweet as honey is the way you give it. The context of the present is what matters. Okie dokie? Okie dokie! Chop, chop girls...we gotta go shopping!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mushy flicks part 1

With February as the love month, it becomes the perfect time to indulge ourselves in everything sweet and cheesy! No one would find you weird because everyone's acting all mushy anyway! So we at PK have decided to dedicate the remaining weekends of February to love! We have compiled here a list of some of the greatest romantic movies you can watch during the weekends!

For this week, we listed some slightly old romantic flicks:

1. Serendipity - Aaahhh.. fate. Who has never been swept away by your charm? Dreaming of that perfect chance meeting with the love of your life is the dream of almost every girl. Admit it, even once in your life, you have believed in "the one" and fantasized of your perfect meeting with him, right? Well, Serendipity is a story about that! What started with a pair of gloves in bloomingdales led Jonathan (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) all around New York for a lovely night which they spent talking about themselves and subsequently falling in love. However, instead of traditionally exchanging numbers, they decided to test fate by not giving each other their contacts and instead wrote them in a book and a five dollar bill in the belief that if they're meant to find each other again, they will.

2. You've got Mail - Ever thought of finding love through the internet? Well, even if you haven't, this movie will surely make you give that thought a second chance!

Two business rivals begin to fall in love with each other after talking and exchanging messages online. This is very old school because they hate each other in real life but are acting like real lovers online. Who would have thought the internet would eventually lead two souls who professed their hate for each other in a pact of love? Proof that Cupid has turned high tech!

3. Sleepless in seattle - What if you turn on the television and suddenly see a guy and believe he is your soulmate? Would you go, leave your sweet, dependable, dull fiance in exchange for an adventure in the search of the man of your dreams? Well, that's what Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) in this movie did! Her action may be really surprising and somehow dumb in some ways but watching her follow her instinct and finding out she was right all along will make you believe and trust yourself more! This movie has a lot of awww moments in them as the lines and background music are really very sweet. Plus, shooting it in picturesque Seattle adds to its quintessential appeal.

4. Pretty woman - Yes, this is a love story!-- and a pretty romantic one too! Here, Julia Roberts plays a hooker who pretends to be Richard Gere's "girl" and companion as he stays in a luxurious hotel. Instead of making Julia perform "hooker" acts, he pays Julia to merely be his companion. In the process, we see Julia transfrom from a hooker into a glamorous and intelligent woman. This movie tells us that love sees beyond a person's imperfections. It sees the soul, not the body nor one's stature in life. The sweetest part of this movie comes when Richard Gere arrives at Julia's beat down apartment in a limousine with a rose in tow a la Prince Charming.

5. A walk in the clouds - Set in a Grape plantation, this movie screams romance in every way! A young woman heading back home meets up with a chocolate salesman. She is pregnant (but not married) and cannot bare to face her father. Paul (Keanu Reeves) then agrees to pretend to be his husband and goes home with her. He is welcomed to her world and the two gets to know each other better and eventually falls in love. The picturesque setting of the grape farm and the acting of the two makes this movie a very romantic flick and one that would make you dream of walking in a grape farm with the man of your dreams by your side. Yes, that stroll with your man would really be like a walk in the clouds. :)

6. City of angels - Have you found yourself singing Angel by Sarah Mclachlan or Iris by the goo goo dolls? Well if you have, do you know that these songs actually became famous because of the movie City of angels? Well, now you do! Iris was even a song the Goo goo dolls was commissioned to write especially for this flick!

Well, aside from the obvious great soundtrack of the film, this movie also gets its appeal from the quintessential and brilliant combination of fantasy and reality. It tells the story of impossible turned possible love between a mortal and an angel. Moving, romantic and a total tearjerker, this flick really is one of the best romance movies of all time!

7. While you were sleeping - Sometimes the one you think is right for you might not be the one you'll end up with. Yes, sometimes, it is the wrongs that lead us to Mr. Right-- that is exactly the core message of this film.

Sandra Bullock pines after a man she sees everyday in the train station and when one day that man met an accident, she immediately grabbed the chance and came to his rescue. At the hospital, she told the aids that she was his girlfriend just so they could permit her in with him. That little lie of hers ballooned after Peter's (Peter Gallagher) family assumed her to be Peter's true girlfriend. The problem escalated after they found out that Peter got amnesia too!

The story is entangled with a lot of funny twists which is so typical in a Sandra Bullock flick but what makes this movie romantic is not the things that happened between Sandra and Peter but with Sandra and Peter's brother Jack (Bill Pullman)! (confusing, ey?) While Peter was in ICU, Sandra and Jack got to know each other better and fell in love giving meaning to Sandra's answer to Peter when he asked "when did you fall in love with Jack?" and answered, "while you were sleeping". The movie is great mix of comedy, realism, drama and of course good old fashioned l-o-v-e!

There you go girls! A variety of films to give you a lot of "kilig" moments this weekend as we all prepare for that day of hearts and kisses!

Six more days 'til Valentines! ♥

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