Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mushy flicks part 1

With February as the love month, it becomes the perfect time to indulge ourselves in everything sweet and cheesy! No one would find you weird because everyone's acting all mushy anyway! So we at PK have decided to dedicate the remaining weekends of February to love! We have compiled here a list of some of the greatest romantic movies you can watch during the weekends!

For this week, we listed some slightly old romantic flicks:

1. Serendipity - Aaahhh.. fate. Who has never been swept away by your charm? Dreaming of that perfect chance meeting with the love of your life is the dream of almost every girl. Admit it, even once in your life, you have believed in "the one" and fantasized of your perfect meeting with him, right? Well, Serendipity is a story about that! What started with a pair of gloves in bloomingdales led Jonathan (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) all around New York for a lovely night which they spent talking about themselves and subsequently falling in love. However, instead of traditionally exchanging numbers, they decided to test fate by not giving each other their contacts and instead wrote them in a book and a five dollar bill in the belief that if they're meant to find each other again, they will.

2. You've got Mail - Ever thought of finding love through the internet? Well, even if you haven't, this movie will surely make you give that thought a second chance!

Two business rivals begin to fall in love with each other after talking and exchanging messages online. This is very old school because they hate each other in real life but are acting like real lovers online. Who would have thought the internet would eventually lead two souls who professed their hate for each other in a pact of love? Proof that Cupid has turned high tech!

3. Sleepless in seattle - What if you turn on the television and suddenly see a guy and believe he is your soulmate? Would you go, leave your sweet, dependable, dull fiance in exchange for an adventure in the search of the man of your dreams? Well, that's what Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) in this movie did! Her action may be really surprising and somehow dumb in some ways but watching her follow her instinct and finding out she was right all along will make you believe and trust yourself more! This movie has a lot of awww moments in them as the lines and background music are really very sweet. Plus, shooting it in picturesque Seattle adds to its quintessential appeal.

4. Pretty woman - Yes, this is a love story!-- and a pretty romantic one too! Here, Julia Roberts plays a hooker who pretends to be Richard Gere's "girl" and companion as he stays in a luxurious hotel. Instead of making Julia perform "hooker" acts, he pays Julia to merely be his companion. In the process, we see Julia transfrom from a hooker into a glamorous and intelligent woman. This movie tells us that love sees beyond a person's imperfections. It sees the soul, not the body nor one's stature in life. The sweetest part of this movie comes when Richard Gere arrives at Julia's beat down apartment in a limousine with a rose in tow a la Prince Charming.

5. A walk in the clouds - Set in a Grape plantation, this movie screams romance in every way! A young woman heading back home meets up with a chocolate salesman. She is pregnant (but not married) and cannot bare to face her father. Paul (Keanu Reeves) then agrees to pretend to be his husband and goes home with her. He is welcomed to her world and the two gets to know each other better and eventually falls in love. The picturesque setting of the grape farm and the acting of the two makes this movie a very romantic flick and one that would make you dream of walking in a grape farm with the man of your dreams by your side. Yes, that stroll with your man would really be like a walk in the clouds. :)

6. City of angels - Have you found yourself singing Angel by Sarah Mclachlan or Iris by the goo goo dolls? Well if you have, do you know that these songs actually became famous because of the movie City of angels? Well, now you do! Iris was even a song the Goo goo dolls was commissioned to write especially for this flick!

Well, aside from the obvious great soundtrack of the film, this movie also gets its appeal from the quintessential and brilliant combination of fantasy and reality. It tells the story of impossible turned possible love between a mortal and an angel. Moving, romantic and a total tearjerker, this flick really is one of the best romance movies of all time!

7. While you were sleeping - Sometimes the one you think is right for you might not be the one you'll end up with. Yes, sometimes, it is the wrongs that lead us to Mr. Right-- that is exactly the core message of this film.

Sandra Bullock pines after a man she sees everyday in the train station and when one day that man met an accident, she immediately grabbed the chance and came to his rescue. At the hospital, she told the aids that she was his girlfriend just so they could permit her in with him. That little lie of hers ballooned after Peter's (Peter Gallagher) family assumed her to be Peter's true girlfriend. The problem escalated after they found out that Peter got amnesia too!

The story is entangled with a lot of funny twists which is so typical in a Sandra Bullock flick but what makes this movie romantic is not the things that happened between Sandra and Peter but with Sandra and Peter's brother Jack (Bill Pullman)! (confusing, ey?) While Peter was in ICU, Sandra and Jack got to know each other better and fell in love giving meaning to Sandra's answer to Peter when he asked "when did you fall in love with Jack?" and answered, "while you were sleeping". The movie is great mix of comedy, realism, drama and of course good old fashioned l-o-v-e!

There you go girls! A variety of films to give you a lot of "kilig" moments this weekend as we all prepare for that day of hearts and kisses!

Six more days 'til Valentines! ♥


  1. all the movies you listed are my faves! haha. but pretty woman is on the top of my list! :)

  2. really? that's so cool! these movies are the first batch of the weekend mushy flicks marathon we'll be having, let's see if you have any more favorites on our upcoming lists :)


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