Monday, February 11, 2008

Another gift-giving holiday

Valentine's is no longer just a day for lovers. It has also become the Single Awareness Day. To celebrate the event, both couples and groups of friends date each other and give each other sweet, heartbeat-stopping presents. I have listed several categories to help you decide which gifts to give your friends or special someone.

These are the usual gifts given during Valentine's. Some might say that these gifts are already 'rusty' but on the contrary, being traditional gives off a sense of elegance. It makes you feel the purity of the romance. If you're the conservative, traditional type I suggest you give your loved one something from this list:

1. Stuffed Toy
When I was in high school I've received numerous teddy bears and I distinctly remember that I'd get really happy (just like a child who receives a lollipop) to get one. No matter how tiny or huge the bear I get, I get giddy. The thought of being given a stuffed teddy bear, something that's supposed to represent the person whenever you need or want a hug, makes you feel like you're reliving your childhood. Ideally, you give your friends the smaller ones and you give your love the bigger ones.

2. Chocolates
Nothing tells your sweetie that they're the sweetest better than chocolates. Chocolates are said to contain an ingredient which makes you produce an enzyme that is similar to the enyzme produced by people who are in love. That being said, chocolates are wonderful gifts for your co-single friends, too. These would not only satisfy their sweet tooth, these would also let them get the feel of being in love!

3. Flowers
Flowers are usually given by guys who are courting the girls. However, as it is the Hearts day, why don't we PK girls turn the table and give our guy some flowers? I know, it's a bit risque but I'm sure they'd think it's sweet once they find a single blue rose on their bed. For the single girls who wish to give their friends flowers, go right ahead. Flowers have certain meanings, so why don't you try giving your friends a white carnation for good luck or red rosebuds which means pure and lovely?


Yes, expensive jewelry such as a Tiffany and Co. necklace means it's only meant for your special someone but if you're the artsy fartsy type, then why not make bracelets for your friends? Customized accessories are definitely appreciated by all.

5.Candlelight Dinner
I imagine eating dinner by the candlelight at a fancy restaurant with my loved one to be one of the most divine experiences to have. In the mean time, as I wait for my prince, I'd also love to eat a candlelit dinner with my loved oneS, my friends. Surely, that dinner would be loads of fun and we'd surely find things to make each and every one of us feel special and loved.

This type of gifts or treats are for the young couples, young-at-heart lovers, and youthful singles out there. These are out of the ordinary ideas but are still normal enough to do. If you think your friends or loved one would love to get an adventurous gift then check the list.

1. Out-of-town trip
Why don't you go on a road trip to Tagaytay, Laguna, or Subic? Single girls go with your single friends, hooked girls go with your corresponding partners. Explore the place you choose.

For the lovers: In Tagaytay, go to the Picnic Grove and while you're at it, secretly put little notes for your guy inside the picnic basket. In Laguna, why not go to Enchanted Kingdom, ride the Wheel of Fate and whisper sweet nothings to each other? And in Subic, I suggest you try one of the many trails or go to Ocean Adventure.

For the single and mingling: In Tagaytay, try horseback riding! In Laguna, try the Pansol Hot Springs. In Subic, check out the Zoobic Safari. Use this holiday to bond like Mighty Bond with your friends!

Most spas, like The Spa Jupiter Makati, have rooms for couples. Treat each other to a day full of spa services. This would not only get you two relaxed, this would also give you time to recollect on how lucky you are to have each other. However, if you wish to treat your single friends to a spa, try Nail Spa or Tips n' Toes. I have yet to try Nailicious' services. The last spa is a home-service one. If you wish to invite your friends over and have a spa day at your place, then call up Nailicious.

For couples who like to par-tay with other couples then bars like Embassy The Fort is the place to go to. If you and your single friends are up for some dancing and are looking for Valentine's day dance partners then bars are your thing.

It is the 21st century and in this century, friends could give their other girl friends underwear as gifts without being seen as someone who is too graphic or explicit. There are a lot of cute undies in the market nowadays. Bench, Top Shop, and Penshoppe are some stores that have cute undies you could give to your friends. For couples, however, fancier underwear (more commonly known as lingerie) could be given as gifts.

5. Concert
There are a lot of Valentine Concerts this year. If your loved one appreciates good music, then why not treat him/her to a Valentine Concert? If you and your friends are audiophiles then I suggest you date each other to a concert as well. Singing (as well as good food) is one surefire way to a person's heart, you know.

This hearts day why don't you try something really unexpected, something extraordinary? Here's some ideas if you've already tried the traditional and adventurous ones in the past.

Although this suggestion is more applicable to the lovers, we could still modify this so that it would apply to you and your friends. It would really touch a person's heart to be serenaded...old school style! I know this usually means your guy playing a guitar in his Barong but since PK girls are innovative, why not turn the table once again? Why don't you sing a sweet tune to your lover while you're playing a guitar. If you don't know how to play one, ask a friend who knows how to. If you can't find anyone to play the guitar for you, use your ipod and your speakers or your boombox! Now how to modify this for you and your girls? Why not go to a KTV such as Red Box (there's one in Greenbelt and in Trinoma) and dedicate a song for each friend? Now that would be adorable!

2. Cribs
Why don't you go to an orphanage or an advocacy agency? Cribs Philippines is an excellent example! Why cribs, you ask? Well simply because babies babies babies are love love love!! Don't you find love, joy and hope when you see infants laughing? I do!

Lovers would appreciate babies because some of them pretend the baby's theirs. Others would love this experience because babies are just simply charming! Singles would also appreciate this because they get to share a different kind of love, something more profound. A nurturing love the babies greatly need and deserve.

3. Skating
Since we are in a tropical country, we do not get the luxury of experiencing snow. If you wish to live your Koreanovela-slash- Serendipity dreams then head to SM Megamall or SM Mall of Asia for some skating action with your loves. Isn't it just enchanting to hold your loved one's hand while you go around the rink. Or, you and your friends could help each other out and learn how to properly skate.
Whoever you choose to go with, I'm pretty sure you'll have loads of fun! :)

I'm sure that there's the one thing (no matter how silly) your special someone or your friend keeps on saying that he/she "WANTS"... This might be hard because you'd have to think really well and really deep. Try to remember what he/she keeps on mentioning. For example, your loved one lost his Nike Lance Armstrong Livestrong baller band. It's been two months since he lost it and he still keeps on mentioning how much he misses it and how much he wants to have a new one, it's just not in his budget. *Ding ding ding!* Instant gift idea! Go ahead and buy him a new one! Before giving it to him, add a love letter so as to give it more oomph. Now go and see how your handsome guy turns into a cute little boy once he opens your present.

Remember, no matter what you do or what you give your love or your friends what would make it sweet as honey is the way you give it. The context of the present is what matters. Okie dokie? Okie dokie! Chop, chop girls...we gotta go shopping!

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