Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sexy Coffee!

Coffee ain't a man's drink anymore. It has suddenly turned more feminine. Sexier. Naughtier.

Yes girls! That's the image Delifrance is trying to create for their new line of coffees which unbelievably contain alcohol! *gasp!* Alcohol in our coffee? Hmm... that's something I didn't imagine possible! But yeah, Delifrance did the unthinkable and came up with that unlikely combination! It's now up to us girls to find out if that combi actually works or not! -- and Delifrance has made that easier for us by giving away free coffee!

Yes, yes, free coffee! From March 3-7 at 5-7pm, Delifrance is giving away free "spiked coffees" to their dining in customers. The only thing you need to do is give the barista the password when he asks for it. The password being... *drumroll please*, "naughty with my coffee". Oooohh.. cool line! It actually makes me want to go there just to say the password more than tasting the spiked treats. Haha! Baaaad.

Anyway, S and I are huge coffee drinkers so news like this excites us! We are already very excited to try our these new treats! The only thing hindering us from getting these glorious cups of caffeine is the time. 5-7 pm at Delifrance? Hmm... let's see.

Schedule of FREE spiked coffee:
March 3: Mayan Passion Kahlua
March 4: Irish Kiss Baileys Iced
March 5: Sputnik Vodka Expresso
March 6: Mayan Passion Kahlua Iced
March 7: Irish Kiss Baileys

This promo is available at ALL Delifrance branches in the Metro. For the full list, check out their site at:

Update us if you get to try it okay? We'll do too if we get our hands on one of those interesting cups of caffeine ;)

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