Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If you need to cram

...do it well!

We've all been guilty of this-- y'know, last minute studying. It's quite natural now to see students put off studying for an exam until the very last minute because of one, they're too busy or two, they just don't feel like it. Whatever the reason, you end up cramming for that test. Well, no use regretting now much more putting blame elsewhere. It's better to use that little time you have wisely and cram the right way!

disclaimer: We at peppermintkiss have compiled some tips that would help you in cramming. We still of course do not encourage you to cram because it is the hardest ever and nothing good ever comes out of it. So, read on, but keep in mind that these tips should only be used in emergency cases. Besides, it girls are smart and smart girls prepare ahead. :)

1. Start by creating a timetable. Most of us do not like the idea of time tables because everything seems so precise and timed. However, if you're already cramming, setting deadlines for yourself is very important as you cannot afford to waste a single minute! Try to stick to your timetable so that you would be able to study everything you need to study. It doesn't matter if you're not yet finished with one part of lesson and your time is up already. Go to the next topic! It's better to know all the fundamentals rather than not knowing some lessons because you chose to finish other topics. You can always return and read them again once you're done with the ones in your timetable.

2. If you need to read a thick book, think of it as a magazine. You don't have time anymore to read everything written in the book. You have to be able to pick out important details immediately. How do you that? Read the book like you're reading a magazine. When you read a magazine, you tend to immediately gravitate towards topics of your interest. Same goes with a book. The reason you "notice" that topic is because it looks interesting which may subsequently mean, it is an important thing to know! If you don't think it's important, skip it!

3. If you really don't have time to read a thick book, go for the summary! Chapter summaries are saviors! They give you the highlight of the chapters so if you really do not have time to skim the chapter, this is the next best thing!

4. Try to write down important key words in a separate paper. It doesn't matter if you include the definitions or not, just write down the concepts. If you have been listening to your teachers, you don't really need to have the definitions beside the words themselves. Their meaning will come naturally to you. Just have the list ready and reread it to yourself before the exam.

5. For multiple choice questions, practice elimination. You're already lucky you're given choices here so choose wisely! The best thing to do is eliminate the ones you do not think is the answer first so you'd be left with lesser options to choose from, increasing your chances of getting a correct answer.

6. Study up to the last minute. Although it has been said that it's not advised to study a few minutes before the exam, if you're cramming, that saying does not apply! Read and reread until you're asked to keep your stuff already. Just make sure not to panic as it is really nervousness which makes you forget.

7. Try to keep your cool. Take a couple of deep breaths and drink water before sitting in that exam chair. Having a relaxed mind before the exam helps you in retaining more information in your short term memory and would also help you concentrate in the test.

8. Read carefully everything. Sometimes the answers to some questions can be found in the question themselves or in another part of the exam. Read everything carefully so you'd know exactly what is needed from you so if you do have to guess, your guess would still fall within the category of the expected answer.

9. Believe you're a smartass! Believe you can answer the test even if you didn't get to study enough for it. Sometimes, it is this disposition of yours which could alter the result of the exam. It would push you to make intelligent guesses which might be correct! I have personally tried this in an essay exam and although I didn't know the exact terms being asked from me, I got an above average grade because I still answered it and twisted my answers making them sound really logical. Ha! :)

10. Pray, pray, pray!-- that you may have a retentive memory and recall all the things you have actually studied. You cannot afford to forget the things you have studied because that would mean disaster! Pray that you may retain your little knowledge and that they may be enough to secure you a passing grade.

Well, Good luck to you PK girl! Remember, it is not advisable to cram so avoid it as much as you can, okay?

p.s. If you have other cramming tips, just comment back :)


  1. just a like in the magazines... but much better! LOVE PK! more more~~`

  2. awww...thank you annyeong! :) it is girls like you who fuel us to keep doing what we're doing. thank you for the support!


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