Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cat-y eyes

I know my eyes make me look like a cat. I even found myself asking a friend once why people always call me muning, pusa, etc. cause I don't really get it and she answered that it's because of my eyes. Well, just recently I learned how to put make up and one of the things I enjoyed putting on is liquid eyeliner.

In the past I steered clear of liquid eyeliner (and make up in general) cause it's really tricky but I told myself that since I'm already 25, I have to learn how to put make up on which started this weird obsession with lining my eyes!
It took a few months of practice (I started putting eye liner on since January) and I think finally, I'm getting the hang of it! I like it most when I have to put on "night" make up cause I can get crazy with my liner. I have to keep it thinner and subtler for day time.

To be honest, putting liquid eyeliner is still very hard for me because my eyelids are not assymetrical. My left eye actually has a tendency to be a monolid which makes putting on topliner very hard cause I have to put more on my left than my right. I have recently discovered eyelid tape though but more on that in my next post!

For now, let me share with you my "weapons" of choice:
I remember it was Sophia who I asked what liquid eyeliner brand is good. I keep forgetting though which of the two brands she said it was but from my experience, these two has been the best ones to use.
I've heard a lot about the Fashion 21 liquid eyeliner from other friends and some make up artists. They swear by it and after using it myself, I realize now why it's an amazing product. First, it has a soft brush tip which makes application really easy. The feeling is like when you're painting. I love that it is very flexible and allows me to make smooth even lines. Second, it is very cheap! You can get a small tube for as low as Php60.00! Third, its staying power is beyond words! I cannot rave about this product enough! What I hate most about other liquid eyeliners is that they break off as the day progresses leaving you with raccoon eyes. The one from Fashion 21 however has really good staying power. The line stays perfect and you wouldn't even need to retouch for a night out!

This one is my go-to liner. It's from In2It and it has a felt tip which makes it easier to use especially for beginners and those who have shaky hands (like me). Because it has a felt tip, you can adjust how thin or thick you want your lines to be. Like the Fashion 21 liner, its best quality is its staying power. Even in weird weather conditions, it doesn't fail you. It doesn't smudge or break off into pieces. It just stays there. The nice thing about it also is that it comes easily with just a cotton ball dipped in water!
The one on the left is from In2It and the right is Fashion 21. As you can see, the one from In2It can create very thin lines. You can adjust it depending on how thick or thin you want to be. The right one however is a bit thicker. The one in the picture is the thinnest I could get the liner. It is however a nice liner to use for night outs or when you want to really go all out with your eyes. This is actually the one I used for the pictures above.

I keep these two for the main reason that the lines do not break off. I use the one from In2It on regular days for my day make up and the one from Fashion 21 for night outs :) I love these two products and after trying so many other brands that didn't work, I am highly recommending these to you! Here's to pretty cat-y eyes!

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