Monday, May 25, 2009

Phil Fashion Week Update

Yey! Look what came in our mails..

Yes, we got our Philippine Fashion Week invites for the Premier D set (May 29, 9.30pm). Woot woot! Can't wait to dress up and attend. Guess, we'll just be seeing you there.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Restaurant Review: PepperLunch

As part of the Filipino culture, lunch usually consists of a viand or two, soup, and lots of rice. At PepperLunch, a restaurant chain from Japan, this is how meals are served. Focusing on serving 'food you can cook', the Japanese chef/owner of PepperLunch invented an electromagnetic plate that gets heated up to 260 degrees Celsius within a minute. This special plate lets you control how 'cooked' you want your food to be and it also keeps your food hot, up to the very last bite!

So why name the restaurant PepperLunch? It's because the choice cut of either pork, beef, chicken, or salmon which comes with flavors such as teriyaki, onion sauce, honey brown sauce and garlic soy sauce and the rice pilaf and vegetables served with it are all seasoned with a dash of freshly ground pepper.

The first time I tried PepperLunch with my family, I thought that it tasted like the usual Japanese meals we get from other Japanese-inspired fast food chains. Also, my dad didn't appreciate the fact that the meals were quite pricey for its level yet once you leave their place, you'd notice that the odor of the food has already stuck to your clothes. However, my sisters and I recently gave this restaurant a second try. Now it seems like we're craving for their teriyaki!

Since we already know how plenty an order is, the three of us ordered two meals and shared that. We got the Chicken Pepper Rice (Number 3), and the Teriyaki Pepper Chicken (Number 15). As you can see from the picture, I was pretty eager to mix the Chicken Pepper Rice because the sauce and flavoring was underneath the rice. I just didn't want the rice to get all the flavor (haha, excuses). I think Number 3 is aptly named as Pepper Rice because you'd really get peppercorn bits (just like in some kinds of Adobo), so a word of caution for those who aren't fond of the peppercorn. A little tip though, you could tell the waitress to lessen the amount of pepper upon ordering (they'll be more than happy to accommodate your request). The Teriyaki Pepper Chicken, on the other hand, is satisfying. I think this is what's making me want to return to PepperLunch as soon as possible.
The teriyaki-ness (if there is such a word) of it was just right, for me at least. I believe this is now my go-to restaurant for chicken teriyaki. Maybe this is now my comfort food (when it comes to chicken teriyaki). Hehehe.

This restaurant offers variations of their Steaks, Teriyaki, Combos, and their popular Pepper Rice. They also have desserts, coffee, soups, and salads. But, NJ noticed how they don't have meals for our vegetarian friends. Okay, they do have salad but looking at the salad's proportion, it isn't meant as a main course. I guess that's a recommendation for PepperLunch reps there, come up with a meal for the vegetarians. How about Tofu Pepper Rice or Tofu Pepper Teriyaki, right?

Anyway, if you're already salivating from all this food talk, why don't you visit them at The Concourse in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell or at Shangri-la Plaza (basement level).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Make your own Havs

Hey PK girls! It's almost that time again.. We're talking about the 2009 Make Your Own Havaianas at the Rockwell Tent. This would be held on May 28 up to June 1. So make sure to block those dates. The usual Top and Slim styles would be available. As for embellishments, you'd be able to use the glamorous Swarovski crystals and the hip Lifestyle Pins. What's new this year is the availability of Culture Pins which would showcase Filipino pride. You can choose among the truly Pinoy symbols such as our Flag, Tarsiers, or Vintas.

We hope we gave you a head start so you can let your creative juices flow early on and prepare your designs. Good luck and see you there!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hooray Charice!

It's so unbelievable how things work out for us mere humans under God's hands. Who would have thought a little girl from Laguna would be capturing America's hearts? Amaaazing!

Well, kudos to our Charice, her song "Note to God" is now No. 2 in Amazon's Downloads Bestsellers and Hot New Releases section, and No. 1 on the Movers and Shakers. Can you believe it has already overtaken Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face,” Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb,” Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” BeyoncĂ©’s “Halo,” and Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida?" So cool! It's also No. 9 in Itunes! And from his twitter, David Archuleta said that he actually downloaded Charice's song! WOW.

Good job girl! You're doing us proud!

I wonder when that episode will air here in the Flips...?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Winner

America has declared Kris Allen as their Idol!

I'm not denying that I'm not very happy with this. Hey, everyone has their own bets, right?

Congratulations Kris!

Philippine Fashion Week

We were just wondering... is there any way for us to get tickets for the Fashion Week? We really really REALLY wanna go.. Hay. Fashion angels, please help us. Hehe.

If you can get us in, we'd greatly appreciate it. ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrities online

I have tried my best to resist temptation.. I must not join Twitter for the very simple reason that I am bound to get addicted to it. Ever since High School, I have vowed never to try things that I'm more than 50% sure is bad for me and/or I would get addicted to. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I gave in to temptation and I was wrong. Yes, yes... I am now part of the Twitter World too. It's true, I am enjoying getting first hand information from Hollywood celebrities just like it would be if we were really friends. But more than using Twitter to follow the lives of celebrities I like, I am also a celebrity blog follower IN HIDING. Yup, you read that right. I have been a closet celebrity blog follower and I am now coming out. Haha. Because of that, I would like to share to you the two local celebrity blogs I really love reading.

1.Chico Garcia
He is part of the morning tandem I love listening to every morning. Aside from being a DJ, he is also a budding photographer. In his blog, he posts the radio entries of the Rushers in the Top Ten. Also, he posts pictures he took, his favorite youtube videos and his cute pets there. Whenever I'm having a bad or boring day, I check his site and my blues magically vanish.

I've been following this pretty chinita's career since the first time I saw her (a court side reporter at the UAAP). Although she's no longer active in the local TV scene, I still like finding out about her quirky life. I love reading her blog posts because I admire her relationship with her boyfriend, her travels, and her writing style. She and Atom, her boyfriend who is also a celebrity, are just so adorable together. They can be sweet to each other without being cheesy and still act goofy. In her blog, you can also see her fashion sense which is unwavering no matter where she goes to (whether it be somewhere hot such as Egypt or somewhere cold like China during Winter).

How about you, PK girls, do you also follow a celebrity's blog? Tell us who it is and why you follow their blog. We'd love to hear about it..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have you tried this? Cookies and Cream Hello Panda

I'm a self-confessed Hello Panda addict and my close friends know this addiction of mine. So when a friend saw this new Hello Panda flavor, she bought and gave me one.

My sister and I tried the 'Cookies and Cream' Hello Panda together. What I can say is I still love the Chocolate flavor better but hey, this still is Hello Panda. Hehe. The cookie itself is similar to the Double Choco Hello Panda. While the cream inside the cookie is surprisingly, pinkish. Upon eating a few pieces, I was a bit confused (and yeah, disappointed) because it tasted just like the Double Chocolate. But when I ate more and more, I began to taste something quite sour. The pinkish cream, as it turns out, tastes a bit like Strawberry cream. But don't worry, the sour taste isn't that strong. The primary taste you'd get is the cookie's (and cream's) sweetness.

If you're a fan of another Japanese product, Choco Baby, then you'd probably love this Hello Panda flavor too. But since I'm not a big lover of strawberries, I have to give this product a 6/10 rating. If you want to try this Hello Panda flavor, it is available in Duty Free and other specialty grocery stores. Tell us how you find the Cookies and Cream flavor, ayt?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Prince bald-ing?

I confess. I had a crush on Prince William and Harry when growing up. At the time of Princess D's death, I was all about the older Prince, William. I mean, who didn't fall for those incredible good boy look? Ugh! But in High school, Harry blossomed into this really hot dude and William, well... found Kate. So of course, I started to choose Harry over him! hihi :P

I haven't been hearing of any news of him these couple of years that it surprised me to see him again on TMZ with this headline:

"Is Prince William going bald?"

Well, they had pictures as proof:

Oh my! Whatever happened to that golden haired boy we (I) swooned over years ago?'

I'm scared he's losing all the hair too fast! I mean, he's only 25 for crying out loud! Of all the things he could inherit from his father, he had to inherit this!

Oh William, please, take a lot of flaxseeds! (Nyaaaah... @_@)

photo credits to: ; ; elaine landau ; ;

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Debbie Co for Ensembles collection

Ensembles has always been one of those "go to" brands my friends and I consider for all the times we had to wear corporate attire to school. The clothes are just screaming "corporate!" from all angles. Besides, they had this sexy silhouette, which makes it so appealing to young girls like us!

Well, S and I got invited to the launch of Debbie Co for Ensembles collection at The Row, Glorietta 5. We were so excited for it! However, because of the most unfortunate and unexpected events, S couldn't come and I ended up going alone. Huhu :(

Still, I'm very glad I did go to the event. It was so much fun! Knowing the history of something (or in this case, of the new collection) really makes you appreciate it more. For one, I was glad I got to meet Debbie Co herself. To tell you honestly, I thought Debbie Co was old. (Sorry, Ms. Debbie but I really didn't know you until the launch!) I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was very young AND beautiful!

(left: Debbie Co with Carmina Villaruel; right: me with Debbie Co. Sorry for the crappy photo. Will change it when I get the one from Ensembles' photographer)

(The event was hosted by Richard from ETC. As you can see from the crowd, it was a very intimate affair.)

I guess that you can say that her collection for Ensembles reflects who she is as a designer and what Ensembles is really about. The collection took inspiration from Japanese themes and that of the 60s era. True enough, you would see how the clothes are minimalist and structured but are of vibrant hues.

Pardon me for the crappy photos. I'm so not good at taking moving pictures. I'm just too slow!

I'm totally loving all the ruffles and waves! Very du jour indeed!

The jackets look so tailored yet feminine at the same time. Could totally imagine myself wearing that black one on the left!

I am so in love with that red skirt!

I think Debbie Co for Ensembles was a very good pairing. Debbie was able to give Ensembles a more youthful vibe. The colors were young and the designs were very modern. The collection totally redefines the idea of "corporate attire" if I say so myself. I mean, who wouldn't want to go to office wearing those? No more "teacher-like-uniforms"" for yuppies! This collection totally brings more class and chicness to the usually boring work attire. Good job Debbie Co!; Good job Ensembles!

To see the entire collection, check out their site:

Attention PK girls!

Hi girls! Before anything else, we would like to thank ALL of you for your support! We never imagined PK to become what it is right now. We owe everything to all of you! We never even thought anyone would care enough to read our posts. Hehe :)

Well, we've said this before but since no one really responded to it, we're trying it out again:
we're trying to create a blog list of certified PK girls!

So instead of you guys sending us pictures, we'll make it easier! Just drop by the tagboard, tell us you want to be part of the list and THEN make sure that our LOGO-slash-BANNER is present in your site when we visit it. It's that simple!

Tell us, are you really a certified PK girl? Then time to add your name on THE list! ;)

Discovering Guimaras' Shore

I've been dying to go swimming since summer began, but with all the rainfalls we've been experiencing, it's a miracle that the sun finally came out in time for our swimming trip!

I was pleasantly surprised with the place my mom picked for us to go swimming: Guimaras Island!

Guimaras is about 30 minutes away from Iloilo. Most know it for being the Mango capital of the country and I guess also that it was victim of a horrible oil spill a few years back. But did you know that Guimaras actually boasts of beautiful beaches? I bet not.

So let me introduce to you one of the Philippines' best kept beaches:

Isn't it just heavenly? The sand is pearly white and really, really soft. The water was really clear too! You don't even have to rent out snorkeling equipment to see the fishes underwater, you can simply look down! It was that clear!

I think the best thing about Guimaras is that it's not as congested as other beaches. When we went there, there were hardly any other people around. You strike the right balance of privacy and public appearance. Perfect for those who'll be wearing two-piece swimsuits for the first time!

So after checking out the beaches, try to explore the rest of the Island! Don't forget to buy some mangoes and drop by the Trappist Monastery for those spectacular Mango flavored products! (think: Mango ketchup, Mango Piaya, Mango Barquillos, Mango Baquiron, you name it, they got it!)

What are you waiting for PK girls? Next time you plan to go swimming in the South, give Guimaras' beaches a try. I'm sure you'll love it too!

PK Trivia: Did you know that Guimaras is actually one of Tim Yap's favorite relaxation spots? I hear he loves its beaches too! Now, doesn't that convince you to visit this teeny weeny Island Paradise? ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009

PK Guide: Iloilo's Food

Iloilo is a food tripper's paradise! Not only are the food delicious, they are also surprisingly cheap! Well, we've listed here three of the top places to check out when in Iloilo. You cannot and should not miss out on these!

Nes and Tat's
Nes and Tat's is a spin off from the original Tatoy's restaurant in Villa Beach. Since Villa Beach is a few miles from the city proper, you can opt to drop by Nes and Tat's near SM Iloilo to have a taste of the famous Tatoy's! (However, if you have time, do visit Tatoy's instead. Eating by the beach is so much cooler!)

Don't be fooled by other restos claiming to offer the original La Paz Batchoy. Deco's is the real deal! Hihi :P I was almost fooled by Ted's although I have to admit, their version of is good too. What to eat: Batchoy of course and don't miss out on the puto! I've never tasted anything like it! It was so soft and fluffy. Like eating tiny clouds :)

There's no Starbucks in Iloilo. I looked everywhere but found none. I was wondering the whole time where all the "cool kids" hung out. Glad that my Tita introduced me to her and her amigas' favorite hangout place: Dulgie's!

Dulgie's is a quiant cafe on La Salette Bldg. (aka food strip) near SM Delgado. It offers cakes and of course, coffee :) Aside from that, they also serve sandwiches and pasta. What makes this place great is that it was quaint but posh at the same time. It really is the place to hangout for the upper class.

There you go! So next time you find yourself in Iloilo, don't forget to drop by these great restaurants! I'm sure you'll love them!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Iloilo 101

I've just returned from a trip from my hometown, Iloilo. I've been so accustomed to everything Ilonggo that it surprised me how interesting Iloilo was for other people who heard about my trip! I realize it's actually because Iloilo doesn't really get a lot of what I call, "media mileage". It's not as popular as other destinations in the South. So today I'm going to give you a glimpse of Iloilo. Treat this not just as an introduction to the beautiful region but also as a guide to making the most out of your trip :)

Must see: Iloilo boasts of the most beautiful "old houses" in the country. What's interesting about them is that they are not only beautifully crafted but they are also surprisingly for the maharlika! Iloilo city itself is reminiscent of the Spanish era reflected in all the "rich people's" abodes and intricately designed churches. There are a lot of "authentic" mansions scattered all over the city, just open your eyes and take notice!
Must see highlights:
*Miag-ao church
*Jaro Cathedral
*St. Clement's church (supposedly miraculous! It's the one in the picture)
*Villa Beach
*Lopez Boat House
*Calle Real
* Jeepneys (they are so unique!)
*Nelly Garden in Jaro (an old white mansion nestled in a green lot. Incredibly grand!)

What to do: Tour the entire city! It's so small, you can tour it in less than a day! Afterwhich, you have to taste Ilonggo food! If you don't know yet, Iloilo is a city of great cuisine! There are a lot of interesting food to eat so I suggest you go ahead and try all of them!

Place to stay: There are a lot of hotels in Iloilo. It doesn't really matter if you stay at a grand hotel or not. A boutique hotel would be enough. It's cheap, but still offers good service. I'm also sure you would love the room service menu! I've never seen food rates that cheap! hihi :P

Essential: Sunblock! Yes, yes. It's an essential even if you're just touring the city. Because Iloilo is almost surrounded by salt water, it is much hotter in this province. So don't forget your sunblock!

What to taste: There are a lot of GREAT restaurants in Iloilo so I'm dedicating a separate post for that. But to summarize all the great food you MUST try in Iloilo, here's a list:

*Deco's original La Paz Batchoy
*Creme Horn
* De Ocampo's Barquillos
* Ibus (suman for Tagalogs)
* Dinuguan
* Tatoy's Seafood (at Villa beach)
* Chicken Inasal (my friend swears by the taste of this!)
* Pancit Molo
* Dulgie's sweets

What to bring home:
Iloilo is heaven for pack rats-slash-pasalubong junkies. But not everything being sold is bound to scream "Iloilo!" and not all are bound to taste good. Hehe :) So here's a list of what you should actually buy:

*Dried products at Central Market: dried squid, guinamos (bagoong), dried fish, hibi
* Ibus
* Panaderia de Molo bestsellers: Barquillos, Galletas, Kinihad, Butterscotch, Baquiron
* Creme Horn
* Flavored Piaya by the Trappist Monks
* Butong-butong
* Baye- baye along Sta. Barbara
* Ginamos (bagoong)

Bisaya basic: The ultimate Bisaya basic you have to know: Tig-pila ini? (How much is this?) hehe :P

Cool trivias:
*Iloilo's airport is one of the best airports in the entire Philippines. It is surprisingly really high end!
*There are a lot of Koreans in Iloilo. Weird, really. But then, we're experiencing the Korean invasion so maybe it isn't so peculiar

So there goes Iloilo 101! Now that you know a lot about this tiny place, why don't you try its sights and sounds? I'm sure you'll completely fall in love with its quintessential appeal and of course, the oh-so-distinct Ilonggo way of being and speaking "sweetly". Hihi :P

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PK book: The Time Traveller's Wife

This is the first time PK is going to recommend a book for you to read. This is going to be the beginning of our segment, "PK recommends".

What better way to begin this segment with the one book that has been engaging almost all our friends at present:

The Time Traveller's Wife is a unique love story between Clare and Henry. It's almost your stereotypical romance novel except that Henry time travels. Yes, you read that right: he time travels. He has a bizarre disease (which we don't know of now coz it would be only be discovered in the future) which lets him travel to a time from his past. He then becomes two separate beings where his future self can interact with people in the past or more specifically, those who hasn't met him yet. Such is the case with Clare and Henry. Henry is 36 and Clare is 5 when they first meet. Henry time travelled and met Clare when she was still young. They would meet at different dates, with Henry a different age. It's cute because Henry already knows that Clare would end up to be his wife. So the book basically revolves on how their bizarre love story unfolds-- and how on earth they are able to make their relationship work. Interesting right?

S can't get enough of this book and so do I! We're loving it! A big thank you to our classmate who recommended the book to us. Now, we're recommending it to you :) We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

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