Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 fashion forecast

Every fashion-savvy girl knows what to look forward to fashion-wise for every season and year. Well, even if you don't really pay that much attention to trends, we at Peppermintkiss would still love to give you a glimpse of what we believe would be very hot come 2008!

50's fashion
If you like the outfits worn during the '50s, then 2008 is for you! This year, we would be seeing more and more 50's inspired outfits especially baggy dresses that fall below or just above the knee. Yes, no more form-fitting outfits in '08, baby doll baggy dresses are the fad!

We would also be seeing more and more corsage inspired dresses (note the shape of the tube top) which was already seen in early 2007 in Hollywood on stars like Nicole Richie pre-pregnancy of course. Also note that the colors are more toned down this year as emphasis on the classic look is being made with plays on black, white, gray and yellow hues.

Hollywood would be seen donning more and more of these in 2008. However, Manila fashion would still be limited to its less "vintage" sister, the trouser shorts and capri pants. Start loading up on these short garments as anything showing a little bit of leg is the in thing this season (hence, the dresses)
LeggingsDon't keep your leggings away just yet as we would still be seeing a lot of them coime 2008. The trend however is to wear long leggings that cover the entire leg or colored or fishnet stockings.

Flats would still reign supreme in '08 with more and more designs leaning towards the classics (black, with gold buckles/ribbons). The classic black flat is the must-have shoe for this season as the other pieces of clothing would look perfect with this type of shoe.
BootsYes, you read it right. Boots. They are another of this year's it items as more and more celebs are wearing their winter boots in the summer. Try limiting yourself to ankle boots though as not to look silly in the Manila heat. Also remember, that it's all about not over-doing it. Go for flat boots as boots with heels don't reall spell e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y wear if I say so myself.

Ethno- inspired thingamobs
We would be seeing more ethno-designed thingies this year ranging from clay bracelets to geometric necklaces and huge glass rings. Polymer clay products are very in this year so if you can get your hands on cheap clay bracelets this holiday season, do so as they will be very big come 2008 and we all know how expensive these little pieces are.
Animal piecesAnything with animals is in this season. May it be a shirt with a cat design, or a piece of jewelry with a chicken or something would be cool this season. We would be seeing more prints in animal designs plus more "jungle" inspired objects. Cat silhouettes would be very common and owls and dog prints would also be seen. So for now, keep your cartoon shirts and take out your Ms. Piggy shirt from way back as Ms. Piggy and her animal friends would be making waves this year.

Sporty chicThe sporty look would still be seen today with less punky-ness and more class. Think: patent leather jackets with white trouser shorts. Or even wearing ballers-slash-silicone bracelets are cute this year. Just make sure they're not too loose, try to find ones which fits your wrist perfectly. Also, wearing dog tags are still in this year and goes very well with the sporty chic look. Again, don't over-do it and pair it with less manly pieces.
Well, that's it for our 2008 fashion forecast! These are some of the things we believe would be very cool this coming year so if I were you, I'll try to keep some of my xmas money to buy the next in things while stores are still in sale. Go, go Peppermintkiss girls!


  1. wow. the fashion scene will be terrific :D

  2. yes, it will! I can't wait for 08 fashion. This is going to be a fun year in terms of fashion for all of us :)


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