Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Are you an it girl?

You should be since you're reading this blog. I mean, this is afterall, the ultimate it girl's online guide, right? *wink! Well, hooray to you it girl! But before you go on celebrating, there is still one very important thing that an it girl should have-- and no, that is not make-up. It's more of the thing to keep us, it girls, organized and aid us in remembering all the coolest sales and parties all year round-- the Belle de Jour Planner!

Properly called, 'Belle de Jour' which in French translates to It Girl, this planner is 2008's first must-have item! Aside from being the ultimate girls' planner, it also boasts of a wide array of discount coupons from top brands such as Bayo, Red Box, All Flip Flops, and Crustasia, among others. Fab, right?

Well, me and S already have ours and so I've provided you the real low-down for the power planner:

Let's start with the cover: wonderful design! It's quite weird though that it's not glossy. It's smooth but shine-free. Because of that, I'm scared that it might get scratch marks once I use it. Still, it gets high thumbs up for the really "it girl" look it gives.

The articles are a really cool thing to add to the planner. It gives you tips on various things. My favorite as of the moment being the one on how to change a tire. It actually features a lot of things from how to be independent to how to find your prince. Each article is found at the start of each month so you're sure to learn something new every 30-31 days. Cool, ey?

Aside from the articles, one of the very, very unique things about the planner are its sections on menstruation, budget, travel, goals, picture page and birthday guides. I really love the part for the menstruation tracker because I track my period by encircling dates on my calendar (which by the way is displayed in my room for everyone to see! ack!). Aside from the the place where you can indicate the date you had your period, there is also a space you can fill where you could jot down anything and everything you experience when you feel like you're about to have your period. I was telling S about this and how it's a good thing because sometimes we say we're grumpy when we're about to get our period but in reality, we're actually very happy the day we get it. See how we could be wrong?

Well, here's a sample page from the planner. Honestly, I don't like that it's not lined like the Starbucks planner but I like how it has big space for all my little escapades and appointments. Each page also has a cute little line above which aims to boost your confidence. Each week also has a section where you can put the urgent tasks, important stuff, treats you want to enjoy, and errands to run. It's cool that you are able to see all your tasks for the week and also how you're given leeway to treat yourself too each week.

Finally, the coupons! These little things are one of the reasons S and I got our planners back in October-- yes, the discounts! I mean, who wouldn't want to get stuff a little bit cheaper right? Well, the coupons did not fail us! They had everything for your every whim-- clothes, makeup, food, gimmicks, spas, you name it! They're very cool because the coupons appeals to different kinds of girls with different wants and needs. =)

And finally, the one very special surprise that made my eyes sparkle-- the page marker! I was incredibly pleased when I saw how cute the page markers were. They all had little items attached to them like small slippers, notebooks, and puppies like mine!

Overall, I am very happy with my Belle de Jour planner. I can't wait for 2008 so I can fill it up already. I am actually already stacking up on pictures to be printed so I can paste mine in the photo space of the planner-- yeah, what a way to make it feel so personalised!

So, to all you it girls who didn't get the chance to order their planners beforehand, don't fret too much, you could still check if they are still available in their website or you could go visit the following stores. Just make sure to call ahead to check if they're available already.

Crossings: The Ramp
The Podium (Ortigas), Shangri-La Mall (Pasig), TriNoma Mall (Quezon City).

Sonja’s Cupcakes
Serendra Piazza, Fort Bonifacio Makati.

National Bookstore: Selected branches
Quezon City (Dec 17): TriNoma Mall, Katipunan Ave., SM City North EDSA
Quezon Ave. Ortigas (Dec 16): Shangri-la Plaza, SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria
Makati/Taguig (Dec 16): Glorietta, Rockwell, Market! Market!
Alabang (Dec 17): New Alabang Commercial Center
Manila (Dec 16): SM Mall of Asia
Provincial (TBA): SM Cebu, SM Iloilo, Gaisano Mall Davao, SM City Davao

Powerbooks Specialty Store: Limited copies in selected branches
Makati (Dec 16): Greenbelt, Glorietta
Ortigas (Dec 16): Megamall, Shangri-la
Alabang (Dec 17): Alabang Town Center
Manila (Dec 16): SM Mall of Asia
Quezon City (Dec 17): TriNoma Mall

Each power planner costs P548

So goodluck girls! Hope you all could get your hands on the powerplanners because again, you're not an It Girl if you don't own one. Ha!

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