Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A different christmas party

The first three weeks of a partyphile's December events calendar is surely booked by now. However, every Peppermint Kiss girl should make it a point to fit one of the most important Christmas parties this year. With clubs sprouting all over the metro, wouldn't it be a good change to spend some time at home with your girlfriends watching movies and chatting over cups of hot chocolate, bowls of popcorn and chips, and stacks of s'mores? To start off your movie marathon, I've listed several movie themes for you to choose from...

1.childish - there's a saying that you don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing. so we suggest that instead of heading to the thank-you-doctors, why not try watching sensible cartoons first? you'll never know what lessons on life you might get from the cartoons ;)

2. childhood romance - if you have friends who have fond memories about their childhood sweethearts, i suggest you remind them about it and watch these:

3. girly bonding - reminiscing about your friendship is also a nice thing to do. let these flicks help you remember:

4. latest fantasy film -want to watch the latest chick flick/fantasy flick releases? try these heartwarming movies:

5. screamfest -why not extend halloween? ;) if you're the type who doesn't get easily scared or surprised, then try observing your friends. which of them get talkative, which of them get speechless? which of them shouts the loudest, shouts first? :)

6. tearjerkers -dare each other to not cry! or stock up on kleenex!

7. christmas spirit -since it is christmas, it would only be proper to watch christmas themed movies such as:

now, whatever theme you choose, remember to have FUN! no matter where you are, you are with your friends. so go and enjoy their company ;) tah-tah!

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