Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hot under the rain, Cool under the sun!

In a country with only two seasons, we are really excited about the fact that there are more and more tropical country-friendly and fashionable footwear available for us to use. One ingenious footwear every Peppermintkiss girl should know is the PLUEYS.

Finally, we now have fashionable rain boots! Yes, you read it right, rain boots! Their name is a clever word play of the French word for rain which is 'pluie'. Plueys are made from durable natural rubber, are softly lined for your comfort, and feature sturdy treaded soles. These rain boots has taken the US and UK by storm! Now it's time for Manila to have a blast with the Plueys.

Interested? Why don't you girls go and check out their sites and

Surely you'd find one that fits your personality. If you order online (their multiply site), a pair which comes with a fashionable tote goes for 1,900php. While the kids Plueys would go for 950php a pair.

It is possible for the Plueys to take the center stage with you this coming year. What with the ever changing weather here. Besides, us peppermint girls would surely find a place to wear this funky footwear. Even if it's not raining, your Plueys could also be worn in the beach or while giving your precious pups a bath.

My choices among the Plueys are the Lotsa Dots, Origami Me and Sugarplum. But I'm quite positive that NJ would love to have a pair of Puppy Love.

How about you? Which ones do you prefer, which ones are you planning to buy, and which ones do you already own?

Another footwear that is not only loved by metro girls but is also exceptional is well-known already. The Havaianas line is the hottest flip flops brand in the Philippine fashion scene nowadays. So before the year of the rat enters, we would like to show you one of the lines of the Havaianas 2008 models. The Havaianas Slim line's tagline says it all. "Gold, silver, and other treasures. Watch out for cute guys, they'll try to get your phone number." The 2007 Havs slim models are in those exciting shades (gold, silver, etc.). However, the 2008 models designs are more attention-grabbing, and crazy yet it still possesses elegance and sophistication.

Want to own these? Check out All Flip Flops in Mall of Asia or Glorietta 2, Rustan's Department Stores, Nail Spa Shangri-la, and Chocolate Clothing Co.

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