Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh wow, luau!

A few weeks ago, I went to Boracay for work. Haha, I know that sounds ironic but seriously we went there for work but we also had lots of fun.

During our 'party night', our theme was a luau. Just wanted to share what I wore..
Maxi dress || thrifted
Slippers || Havaianas
Necklace || Boracay

From maxi dress to mini dress. I just did a little magic, rolled the bottom part and knotted it and... voila! I'm ready to party! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some of my favorite things

*cue song*
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, 
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things!

Sharing with you some pictures I have on my phone, which basically represents some of my favorite things :)
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Casual cool on a weekday

It felt nice typing 'casual cool' and 'weekday' in one statement. When you're part of the corporate world, those two phrases don't usually go together. Hehe. Anyway, just wanted to share with you what I wore to our late lunch at Pamana Restaurant.
'Available for Study Dates' Hello Kitty Sweater || Forever 21
Black loafers || Shoebox & Me
Shades || Tiffany & Co

Nothing too trendy... just something really casual and laidback... perfect for the mood and the view...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pre-Christmas lunch at Pamana Restaurant Tagaytay

A few days before Christmas, we were in Tagaytay for a wedding. On our second day there, my sisters and I slept through lunch. So when we woke up we were really hungry. I decided to take them to Pamana Restaurant for late lunch.

Pamana Restaurant is owned by the Ongpaucos (Heart Evangelista's family). They also own other restaurants such as Barrio Fiesta and World Topps. As its name implies, this restaurant focuses on all the recipes that were handed down to the family by their great grandmother, relatives and really close friends.

When we arrived at Pamana, we were the only customers there due to two facts: it was 3 in the afternoon and it was a weekday. The scene was a far cry from how the place usually looks like during lunch;  most tables are usually already reserved. I'm not complaining though because us being the only customers there meant that they'd be able to cook our meals in no time. Haha.
At first, my youngest sister and I didn't want to order this. Good thing our other sister insisted. We couldn't stop on munching on the crispy bagnet and fresh veggies even when the other viands arrived!
Pamana's Three-Way Adobo
Who doesn't love adobo? My sisters and I couldn't decide which of the three was most delicious.
Angus Ribeye Bistek Tagalog
This was a bit too salty for our taste but that's not something an extra cup of rice could fix. :))
L-R: Adobong Kangkong and Chicken Inasal
These were our additional orders. The Adobong Kangkong was so-so but the inasal was splendid! The chicken was tender and flavorful. 
After the main course, we were still hungry so we decided to order some dessert..
Native hot chocolate
(Prepared infront of you)
Bibingka + Hot Chocolate = Match made in food heaven!
I love the combination of the cheesy, salty bibingka and the sweet hot chocolate
Hmm..what could this be? 
Puto bumbong: my sister liked this but she wasn't able to finish this dish because she was so full 
Banana split with homemade mango, chocolate and ube ice cream
Tagaytay is a good place to go food tripping. The place offers a lot of affordable (and not-so-affordable) restaurants to try. But if you and your date/guests wish to try great tasting Filipino food at an affordable price then head to Pamana Restaurant at Aguinaldo Highway (near The Boutique Bed&Breakfast), Tagaytay City. Enjoy!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Caramelly pink

...and my brown obsession extends 'til Christmas! Here's what I wore to Christmas lunch with the family in Tagaytay:

I actually didn't intend to look all girly on Christmas day. I, however, wanted to wear Christmas colors but because most of my "loud" colored ensembles are of the body-hugging type so I chose to forego those for fear of exposing all my newly gained layers of belly fat (hehe)
Then I remembered I had a tutu, and Christmas is the most perfect occasion to take it out (again) for a spin!
Paired it with my faux leather jacket just to offset all the girlyness and I'm off to go!

Hope you guys had a beautiful Christmas! As my mantra for 2011 goes: Live to inspire!-- let's continue to shine on as inspirations for more people through 2012 and onwards!

Jacket - Forever 21
Tutu - Gingersnaps
Wedges - Charles & Keith
Bag - Oleg Cassini
Belt - Celine

Sunday, December 25, 2011


A few weeks ago, I obsessed over finding the perfect lip gloss. I was tired of how lipsticks dry my lips and how unpleasant some brands taste. I checked out practically every single make up store to find the perfect lipgloss but apparently, finding that one that best suits you is like finding a life partner: the search is hard!

But like love stories, as long as you keep trying, you will eventually find the right one-- and boy did I find my perfect match:

Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal Balm in Sangria (PhP1,150.00)
I went to the Beauty Bar to buy O-gloss because I thought "okay, fine, I'll settle for lip plumper-slash-gloss instead" but instead of getting O-gloss, I discovered Smashbox' Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal Balm. I tell you, the first swipe was remarkable! It was truly like finding the right guy for you-- it just felt right. 

The gloss has two sides. You apply the lip stain first before topping it with balm. I like the consistency of the lip stain because it's not too "watery" like other lip stains. Also, it doesn't run and because it has thick tip, you can line your lips easily with it just like usual lip liners.

 After putting the lip stain, you top it off with lip balm. Voila! Perfect lips! Yehey! (haha)

The best part about it is even if the color looks so striking at first, it doesn't feel thick at all. You'd even forget you're wearing lipgloss co'z it feels so natural. Also, don't be alarmed at the color, it gradually lightens into a natural reddish tint after a while :)

If you follow me on twitter, you'd probably seen me tweet about getting the wrong shade of lipgloss. Well, that's true. Even if I am in love with Smashbox' lipgloss, I actually got the wrong shade. I'm wearing Sangria in the pictures but the color I first fell in love with is Guava. That was the was the color I tried on at the store but for some reason the word "sangria" stuck to me so I bought the wrong one. Tsk! With that said, I am looking forward to finishing off this tube and getting myself a new one SOON!

 Still, hooray for the beautiful color!
 I'm ready for my kiss now :P

*Smashbox is available at all Beauty Bar outlets
For more information and to check out the shades, check out their website here

Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I want for Christmas new year's day :P

Sharing with you one of my favorite The Hurts song:

I knooooow, it's kind of weird! But because the lyrics is so unexpected, it became really, really memorable!

Hope everyone is having an amazing time so far. We're so sorry for the lack of posts, we've been so busy! Here's to having the most memorable Christmas ever!--hope you're not wishing for "new year's day" ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Make it affogato

Quick post. Just had to share with you this tip for coffee drinkers who are bored of the usual coffee-creamer-sugar combination:

Turn any boring cup of coffee into a cafe-worthy concoction by adding a scoop of ice cream, affogato-style.
Instead of creamer and sugar, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Believe me, it is so much better than whipped cream!

For the one above, I used cookies and cream flavored ice cream which made the coffee so much more interesting! If you've tasted Starbucks' Java Chip Frappuccino, then you'd be able to imagine what this one tastes like.

Don't worry, you can experiment with whatever ice cream flavor you fancy. Some suggestions include chocolate and coffee flavor. I have yet to try using cheese but I'm really tempted to try it next time. Lol! :)

Cheers to coffee-filled mornings to jump start a beautiful day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not just spaghetti

I hardly have any memories of eating at the Old Spaghetti House. I think I've only dined there around 2 to 3 times. Of those, none have been remarkable enough for me to remember. Last weekend's trip to the restaurant however has just put the Old Spaghetti House in my "memorable" list of restaurants and I'll tell you why:

Lo and behold, Old Spaghetti House's ultra amazing ratatouille pizza:

My golly it is so yummyyyyy! I've only encountered very few white sauced pizza in my life and none of 'em has been memorable enough so The Old Spaghetti House has no competition in this category! I just love how simple and delicious it is. The pizza itself is freshly baked and the crust is super thin. It's top with mozzarella cheese and vegetables stewed in tomato sauce (it's ratatouille, remember?) It's that simple and yet it is so tasty!

Funny how what got me hooked on The Old Spaghetti house is their pizza and not their pasta, when in fact that's what they're famous for. Well, maybe it's just because they have few vegetarian pasta options and I already have really HIGH standards when in comes to my Putanesca so the pizza appealed to me more. Guess now you can say that the Old Spaghetti House offers more than pasta, they have the BEST ratatouille pizza too!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Theobroma, my chocolate choice

Most of my friends know I'm not a fan of chocolate. Unless it's really, really good chocolate, you can bet I'd refuse it or give it away. It's not that I don't like the taste, I just have no preference for it.

There are, however, a few chocolate exceptions that makes me rethink my "dislike" for it, and one of them is Theobroma's dark chocolate ice cream:

One scoop costs Php80.00 You can choose to put it in a cup or in a waffle cone
  It is soooooo good! It is the only chocolate ice cream that I appreciate and actually find myself craving once in a while. Maybe because it's Belgian and we all know how special Belgian chocolate is but whatever the reason, you should really try it co'z I'm telling you, it is top class!

There are many flavors to choose from but I only get the dark chocolate. You can, however, ask the sales girl/boy to give you free tastes of the other flavors. But since Theobroma specializes in chocolate, I highly suggest you stick to the chocolate range.

Oh all the sweetness that the season brings! Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday brew all year long

It's no secret that I luuuuurve coffee. And it's no longer just about the taste. I love it because it's the one thing that makes me happy when I'm really, really sad.

My favorite time to get coffee is at night. There's something so perfect about enjoying a cup of coffee after a long day at work without the pressure of having to do something else afterwards. Most times, I get away with this little habit of mine. No matter how tired I am, I make it a point to drop by a coffee shop before heading home just to please my longing heart but there are days when I'm too tired to do just that.

Well, to make my life easier and to also make me feel like Christmas everyday, I got myself a bag of Starbucks' Christmas Expresso Blend :)

I actually intended to get the "red" Christmas Blend but the Starbucks branch I went to ran out of it already. The Barista however told me that the Expresso Roast is tastier than the other one. In fact, this is what they use for their Christmas drinks. The best part about buying it is that the Christmas Blend is now on sale! From 500php, each bag now costs only 350php!

So, how is it? Let my connector ring answer it for me:
Happy holidays, everyone!

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