Thursday, December 1, 2011

Facial-mole sister

I was watching KC Concepcion's interview at The Buzz when I found myself getting fascinated by three moles on her face. I was staring at them when I realized why they looked so familiar: because I have the same moles in (almost) the exact location!

See? Big difference is that I have mine on the right side of my cheek, while hers are on the left. I am so excited about this because those three moles are my favorite, especially since in Chinese feng shui, they're located in positions 12, 21, and 25 which are all very good locations for moles.

If you want to know what your facial mole reveals about you, check out this link
I'm a big sucker for feng shui and the like just because I believe that our lives are predestined. Except for the little things, what we end up becoming has been decided for us since birth. As they say, "it's in the stars". Still, it does not mean that we should be idle in our efforts, we must be reminded that in order for us to fulfill our destiny, it is essential for us to become the best form of ourselves first.

Here's to living a meaningful and purpose driven life! *cheers!


  1. I have 7, 15, 19, 20, 24. Well that doesn't include mole locations that are not in the graph. Haha. This is cool! :D

  2. The more different are among them, in my point of view, Very well written and certainly a pleasure to get into a blog

    From Creativity Has no Limit


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