Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pre-Christmas lunch at Pamana Restaurant Tagaytay

A few days before Christmas, we were in Tagaytay for a wedding. On our second day there, my sisters and I slept through lunch. So when we woke up we were really hungry. I decided to take them to Pamana Restaurant for late lunch.

Pamana Restaurant is owned by the Ongpaucos (Heart Evangelista's family). They also own other restaurants such as Barrio Fiesta and World Topps. As its name implies, this restaurant focuses on all the recipes that were handed down to the family by their great grandmother, relatives and really close friends.

When we arrived at Pamana, we were the only customers there due to two facts: it was 3 in the afternoon and it was a weekday. The scene was a far cry from how the place usually looks like during lunch;  most tables are usually already reserved. I'm not complaining though because us being the only customers there meant that they'd be able to cook our meals in no time. Haha.
At first, my youngest sister and I didn't want to order this. Good thing our other sister insisted. We couldn't stop on munching on the crispy bagnet and fresh veggies even when the other viands arrived!
Pamana's Three-Way Adobo
Who doesn't love adobo? My sisters and I couldn't decide which of the three was most delicious.
Angus Ribeye Bistek Tagalog
This was a bit too salty for our taste but that's not something an extra cup of rice could fix. :))
L-R: Adobong Kangkong and Chicken Inasal
These were our additional orders. The Adobong Kangkong was so-so but the inasal was splendid! The chicken was tender and flavorful. 
After the main course, we were still hungry so we decided to order some dessert..
Native hot chocolate
(Prepared infront of you)
Bibingka + Hot Chocolate = Match made in food heaven!
I love the combination of the cheesy, salty bibingka and the sweet hot chocolate
Hmm..what could this be? 
Puto bumbong: my sister liked this but she wasn't able to finish this dish because she was so full 
Banana split with homemade mango, chocolate and ube ice cream
Tagaytay is a good place to go food tripping. The place offers a lot of affordable (and not-so-affordable) restaurants to try. But if you and your date/guests wish to try great tasting Filipino food at an affordable price then head to Pamana Restaurant at Aguinaldo Highway (near The Boutique Bed&Breakfast), Tagaytay City. Enjoy!

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